Mark My Words

I like many Americans last night did not watch President Trump’s State of The Union Address, because to me it is not the state of the people’s union her was elected to further and protect that he was speaking about, but his own Union with his billionaire and millionaire friends out there. He has no intention of helping the middle or lower class with his tax breaks or plans for immigration, or his wanting to slash Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid thats for sure.

His way of protecting America is to build a wall on our southern border to keep out Mexicans, who we haven’t needed a wall against in over 213 years now. He Angers and attacks the North Korean President constantly, antagonizing him in any way he can, and trying to intimidate him. Then he turns around and won’t increase sanctions against Russia or putin and his People, after they messed with out democratic system and voting rights and worked overtime with money and efforts to elect his ass President. It’s a sad state of affairs that the American People have to put up with an uneducated idiot for President who is bought and paid for by Putin and Russia and refuses to admit he did any wrong. He colluded with Russia there can be no doubt folks, you want to know how to know, simple, answer the following question for me, how did Russia know where to place their ads to affect the Democratic Blue Belt in the North East? Who told them where to place the ads on the internet in Twitter, facebook and Google that they did if not The Trump People? You tell me ok?

Sadly, Americans voted for this man and he didn’t win the popular vote mind you, against a female candidate like Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton would never have colluded with Russia or avoided putting sanctions on them for messing with our election. She has more intelligence in one pinky then Trump does in his whole being, and the people spoke with the popular vote on that matter. He and his Russian cohorts and money paid off member sof the Electoral College to get in office. It’s a sad time in America, when a President only has approval numbers in the high 30’s to 40 range in his first year in office.Sadly that is what we are facing Americans, a President not wanted in England or Europe by our allies. Never In my 62 years of life have I seen or heard of such a President.

BUt I digress because I thought I wouldn’t be doing a political blog again, I was gonna give them up, but Trump is such an asshole that by the end of today, a day after his so called State of The Union he will be right back on Twitter with his stupidity I am sure. It is a sad day in America when an American President has approval ratings so low and tries to always take credit for what his precessadesor has done. Trump is not creating jobs folks as he promised, jobs are dropping like flies, believe me, look them up. The African Americans are not gaining jobs folks, not really, give it another six months and I predict the following will happen, 1) The Black Unemployment rate will jump upwards, The Job market will fall and the stock market will head south. Just watch and you will see what I am talking about, he promised much but can’t produce a damn thing, he is flying by the seat of his pants right now and living off of what Obama accomplished till it runs out. Mark my Words!





Linden Lab’s Second Life Online Game

Virtual reality systems and headgear are expensive to buy and many give people motion sickness. Then you have online Virtual World such as Second Life, where you create a profile, and then create an Avatar, and you can roam the different sims and have fun meeting others doing the same. There is Music, Concerts and stores, adventures in other countries, and so much more from the quiet places to explore to the sexual filled adventures too. Second Life has taken people to places to explore the world, yes even cooking, shopping, creating and sex. IT is really an amazing platform, put together on servers, that allows the user to build and create whatever they wish to, to attract others to play with them.

Some basic facts though are this, you need a job or  way to pay for avatar bodies and heads and clothes in Second Life, most I know do one of the following: 1) Create and sell clothes or items people want in Second Life, through the Marketplace or Stores of their own they create. 2) Dance on poles or in clubs for lindens 3) Host Games approved in Second Life, or 4) DJ Music for events held in clubs in Second Life. THis way you can gather lindens and improve your avatar and clothing and buy items made by other sin Second Life like MotorCycles, Boats, cars, homes or pay for a sim of your own you can rent or buy. Second Life allows those who are injured, handicapped or mentally unstable a place to play and feel at home also. For you don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs, or Miss Perfect in this world online, you just have to be you, no one really cares. That is the idea of Second Life, but the most important thing about Second Life to remember for all who play in it or if you want to say on it, is this, Second Life is a play world folks, please remember, never destroy your real life over a Second LIfe Adventure. Your family, your children, your marriages, and real life relationships are more important period.

Many tend to get lost in Second Life and take it too serious, because they have run into someone they find attractive or fun in an area they are looking for. Remember, it’sa game folks, a platform for fun, adventure and yes for some romance and sex too, but it’s not real. Don’t put your  real life on hold for a Second Life Adventure or Second lIfe Romance or anything in Second Life. It is just like people playing X_box, or playstation, or any other gaming platform, a game.

I have heard women crying over losing someone in Second Life, men fighting over women in Second Life, who they have no idea who they really are. Listen closely folks, the avatars you see in Second Life, are not the same as the real person behind them. Always remember when playing in Second LIfe there are real people behind the avatars, some taking it alot more serious then you might, for they have small or no real life relationships to go back to, don’t be a fool and ruin your real life for an imaginary Second Life one ok!

People build sims in Second Life for Musical Clubs, Sex Clubs, Stores, Theme Parks or virtually exploring countries. I have seen Paris, England, Spain, Barcelona and other countries rebuilt in Second life to explore. Ships, cars, motorcycles, racing tracks and so much more.The fun part is making them and showing them off if your into the programing and building tactics and styles in the program. It is all an adventure and for fun folks, please, please listen to me, as absorbing, and addictive as Second lIfe can be don’t get so caught up in it that it ruins your real life, family, marriage, relationship or it makes you ignore your spouse,boyfriend, girlfriend, children or health. I like Second Life for the music it’s clubs, and it’s adventures I openly admit that, but I also, stop immediately when real life, is needs attention, don’t stop real life and hide in Second Life folks, if you do, you are staring down a road of depressions, misery, pain, hurt and who knows where that can lead you too, some may even commit suicide over it. It’s sad to see and hear, but it does happen, whether Linden Labs know sit or cares well that is something I can not say.

Second Life is an adventure game, made for fun, please don’t take it so seriously that you forget there is a real world when you shut down your computer! Be Careful, and don’t wear your heart, and soul on your sleeve in Second Life, take care. Reality is what counts not an imaginary world where anyone can be anything or anyone they want, reality is the most important thing for all who live, remember that Please!


Education Talk and Lessons

As we age we learn lessons in life, sometimes the hard way sometimes the easy way, but there are lessons to be learned for all of us. I went through my lessons as I grew in Grammar School and High School days and learned a few things few still don’t get in their older ages.

One, know when to stay out of others business, mind your own and no matter what someone else does, don’t go along with them. They can lead you astray and into trouble especially when your young so stay in the boundaries of what your parents are teaching you at home. I say this because I have seen where the basic teaching of a family were ignored or rebelled against and I have seen children end up locked away, or become drugs addicts and worse. Listen kids, I know it’s rough to be under the thumb of parents and have to live by their rules, but do yourself a favor listen to those rules, your parents taught them to you for good reason.

Teenage years, really start in the final two years of Grammar School when you hit 13 and continue until you reach 18 and hit the world as a full you. They can be the most dangerous years of your life, so many temptations are put in front of you and how you choose to try or ignore them is vital to making adulthood and living a life of normalcy in society.  Make good choices, don’t cross the legal line, don’t go to drugs, if you depressed, shunned by other kids, put down, or anything else talk to your parents seek help, don’t let bullies, determine your life for you, fight back the smart way.  Don’t fall in with the crowd that wants to be cool and try drugs or alcohol kids, because it will ruin your life fast. Please heed my warning and your parents should be telling you this too, for it is vital to making your life and you worth something in a society that is quick to judge those who make mistakes. So Please don’t go the wrong roads, stay in school, finish High School, get an education and while your at at go for College be the best you you can. Education will always be a part of your life  is you let it be.

I know these lessons and things because I lived them and overcame them, You shouldn’t do what I did so I warn you here and now don’t. I made the mistake of letting others distract me from my education and lost my way and dropped out of High School in my Junior year. I had to overcome, because jobs were not there for high school dropouts, so I did what I had to to survive, I joined the Military, after I had to go back and get GED Diploma. Wasn’t easy at all but I did it because I needed to and you will too if you drop out, so don’t!

Thanks to Military Experience and lessons I overcame and ended up back in College at 40 years old and got an Associates Degree which led me to Management Jobs and decent money. SO believe me when I say this, stay in School kids, life will kick your ass and hurt you without a degree or education, even with one it is rough. Life doesn’t care about you or me folks, it is what you work to make it, if you want a decent one, get an Education Period!



Experience counts, don’t rush in!

I listened to many people over the years of my life starting with my parents of course like everyone I know has theirs. yet in the end wa sittheir advice that set me on the path that made me, me? No sorry it wasn’t while they did do the primary job of raising me to a point, they failed in different areas like all parents do, so what does a kid do to get the truth and find what he or she is missing at home, they do what I did and find surrogate parents they use to help them along in life.

What are surrogate parents right is what many may ask, they are the parents of others who who kinda of adopt as a second parents to guide you along in your development. There are times when, you have to grow and learn and find what you can not get at home from your own parents from someone different, it is what made me , me really. I had many surrogate parents over my teenage years, some who were very good for me and told truth, others that bullshitted me and made me learn the hard way and still others who didn’t realize they were surrogates to me, and maybe did the best job of all.

Guidance and help comes in many forms in life as your growing up and many don’t realize they are doing so when they are. Some parents stop raising their own children and let them run and do as they please and these children become animals in a  world and hurt others, because they are ignored at home. I could have been one of those children really for I was put away by my parents for two years on the grounds I was emotionally unstable. I wonder if they realized at any point, since they were the ones responsible for raising me, they were also the ones who caused the emotional instability they put me away for. Yep, they never thought twice about it, i know because i came home in the end and learned to ignore and avoid them and go to other homes to find what I needed without being wrecked. In the end I out did both my parents, I became a man who served his country for 16 years and a disabled veteran, and I became a man with a Degree and a Manager for Hotels. I also became a writer and wrote many poems, short stories and blogs, I love music so I also became a Disc Jockey on the Internet.

I became an Uncle to kids of my friends, and have lifetime friends of over 40 years now.  I am married twice now, the first marriage did not end due to me, it was her and her father who did that one. I didn’t and couldn’t solve her problem for her, by staying so I left, making a mistake and leaving my two daughters with her. I have never said I wa sperfect, but over the years, I worked hard at getting back to my daughters to let them know e and vice versa. I also met all my grandchildren and have two extra grandchildren through my second marriage. So I think I have done ok in my life, I have outlived the time my parents spent on this planet, my real father died at 55, my mother and stepfather died at 60 and 59 respectfully all cancer victims.

My second wife is a cancer victim twice over and a survivor and so am I at 62 now. Yet in the end the experiences one lives through is what makes you who you are most of all, ever forget that folks. If you are at a crossroads or a point in life where a major decision is upon you, and you are unsure of what to do, stop, think about all you have been through and then make you decision, if your still a little ify on the matter, then return to the ones you trust most to discuss it and then decide, never rush in.

In The end remember what a wise man said once, Only Fools Rush IN, don’t!



A Change is Coming!

I am now 62 years old and I think I have lived a decent life in many ways, yet I have made many mistakes and taken some wrong turns, yet ended up in a good place today. I am getting older each day and night and feeling my humanity and mortality catching up with me in many ways.

I have used this blog many times to speak out on Politics, Lifestyles, The NFL Football Games and League. I have used it to write poems, stories and more and always enjoyed what I do. I use  Second Life also and talk about it in my blogs as well as Twitter, Skype, Facebook and other Social Media Applications. Yet, I am growing older and learning as i do, that, how you use these applications and how you live your life is what many need to learn about.

I can do the old what came first speech here about the chicken or the egg, but for my purposes, I believe we need to start when a child is born and go from there. Need I remind all adults at this point, the child you are bringing into the world did not ask to be born, nor is it in control of the environment you bring it into. The environment is provided by you as the parents and the child has no choice, we are helpless at birth, and as young children and we all  depend on the parents that raise us to do it correctly so we can have a future that is worth something. Parents need to realize that the birth of a child is not only a gift, it is a major responsibility. What that helpless child learns depends on you, it depends on your actions, your reactions, your words and you treatment of it and all around it, to learn to survive in society in the world. Don’t makes mistakes with that child by screaming, fighting, arguing, or being violent around it.

Teach your children from the day they are born to accept others, be respectful of others, not to lie, cheat or steal, not to be physically or mentally abusive. Feed them properly show them how to clean themselves, how to have decent oral hygiene and take care of themselves. Then teach them communication, make sure the language you show them and teach them works to convey ideas, thoughts and  feelings they have properly. make sure they can control their own emotions and know how to react when shown emotions too. all of these things are vital to a child’s well being and their growing up to fit into society as a whole.

Advice for those parents who can not handle a child ,is here also for all to see, please listen to me. If you have a child who is handicapped, emotionally damaged, Autistic or has any disability at all, seek help, and find it for them and yourself please, for the frustrations of not being able to handle it will cause you to abuse the child, don’t do it please!

As I grow older, I would like to think, I can help others overcome problems they have in some matter, means or way, so i will be turning this Blog into an Advice Blog, from now on and taking questions if you wish to ask them. As I do so, I want to make sure anyone who may ask me a question will understand, I am not a Doctor of any kind, and I can only advise you from a personal stand point of what I have lived through ok. So if you ask me a question and ask for advise, and I don’t believe I can help you because a Doctor should be helping you, I will tell you so. I will not cross the line into medical advice, be it mental or physical. You have to see a real Medical specialist for those things just as I have to.

That said  and done and over with for now, let me say this, life has many crossroads and different avenues and ways it can go, the choices you make in it are vital for you, your children, your relationship and your overall well being and life. If you have a question for me please feel free to reply and ask it hereon the Blog site as a comment/question.

I can say this for those out there confused about who they are, I  am not a Doctor but a man who has lived a decent life and experienced many things. If I can help you I will, it’s doesn’t matter to me if you are straight, gay, bi-sexual, or anything else.  If you live in a lifestyle of BDSm, or D/s or another and need advice I may be able to help you. I will advise on the basis only of my own personal life and what I have survived and lived and overcome, to get to my 62 year old self. The best advice I have for all out there is this. be yourself, enjoy life, do what makes you happy and don’t bother chasing anyone else for anything, be yourself and someone will find you doing what you like best. Don’t change os rearrange, or try to be what you are not, be you and live well and what is fate and destiny will find you!


Age/ Super Bowl/ Second Life/ Final Say

Ok, now I am beginning to feel a lil old, lol will be 62 in a few days, on the 25th. Yet I don’t feel it except when I get sick or ill. So is probably a good sign for me.  Age is a matter of spirit methinks, ya only feel old if ya let the mind waste away and don’t move or do anything physically. Just my opinion is all! It’s all in the spirit and energy of the day and life itself.

Well the Super Bowl is now set Patriots and Eagles! I know many will say the Eagles have no shot, Brady and The Patriots are too much right? Well, they said the same of Atlanta and Minnesota too and look what happened to them! I do tire of the same team winning every year in the NFL, I am a New England  person living in Connecticut and don’t get me wrong, I think the Patriots are great, but it is boring when you know the outcome every year isn’t it? Besides I know I will never have enough money to attend a game anyway so I watch like everyone else on TV.

Next subject I have many friends online in a program called Second Life many are in the dating mode and single, or searching for kinky partners so to say. They explore Adult Sites in Second Life and elsewhere, such as Bondage,com, and more. All seeking more than what they have in their current lives or relationships and just trying to find a match. I have some advice for all of them these days, be yourself, have fun, enjoy life and do what you do, and in real life and in Second Life you will find a match somewhere, be yourself is all!

As 2018 rolls along and I get older I understand many different kind of people and their lifestyles, for over my lifetime I have lived some of them. Yet let me make this clear there is a time and place for everything, including fun and games sexually. It is up to each adult to make sure, they know what they are doing and they are not taking chances with their own well being or the well being of anyone else, be mature, be an adult and do what you want, just be careful and don’t wreck your real life relationships over silly online ones. ok!







Super Bowl/ Government Shut Down/ Republicans are at Fault!

Well I suck at predicting Super Bowl teams that’s for sure. Congratulations to the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles for making it to the Superbowl. It should make an interesting contest is both teams play up to their potential. Both have good offenses and defences too. Brady gives the advantage to New England with his experience at winning Super Bowls and playoff games. The Eagles will be the underdog one more time, trying to overcome an impossible foe to beat easily at least. I wish both teams the best in it, and was sad to see Minnesota play so lousy. I never thought the Vikings would just lay down and die like they did, obviously they were not the team I thought they were or could be, sadly as one of their biggest fans since i was a child. But the fates have control, not I, and yes I am not a great predictor of football game outcomes.

Next is what I call the Trump Shutdown of our American Government. As many Americans who served their country are now finding, new claims against the Military And Government are being denied now. Social Security checks for the elderly and unhealthy are going through, but may be stopped if this shutdown goes on too long. Many Americans and those wanting to be Americans under Daca are about to be deported for no reason other than the President doesn’t care about saving them, it’s sad indeed. As the American Government is at a stand still, the rest of the world barrel ahead watching us look like fools. Sad isn’t it, we have an American President who is like a spoiled child who wants what he wants and that’s it, screw anyone else~ Sad very Sad!

He used Russian money and help to win the Presidency, ignores American laws and colluded with Russia and he gets away with it, because Congress, both sides, Senate and House are scared of him and taking him on to remove him from office. Americans are chickens especially our representatives in the house and Senate, you would think after all Trump put us through in the last year, they would finally stand up to him! yet, they are scared of him and take no action, allowing him to shut down the Government over illegal immigration and a stupid wall no one needs. The Daca participants who came here to get citizenship and work for  their future, are now being shipped out at a rate of over a thousand per day. Sad isn’t it? Answer me this Mr. Trump what did these Daca people do to you or America, that you want them gone so badly?

As that continues now and Trump claims an economy that really is not his, but is the result of Obama’s Presidency, we have to wonder just what the hell the Golfer in The White House is doing other than watching Fox News and MSNBC.  He is taking trips to his country clubs and golf courses at American Expense and doing nothing but golfing his life away!. It’s a sad time for all America as the worst President ever elected messes up the country and the world by isolating America from it, it is sad as hell.

I have one thing to say to the Republicans, You own the Senate Majority, The House Majority and The Speaker position and the White House, yet you can’t get one damn thing done like pass a budget all  I can say is, Your One Sad Political Party you GOPers.