Happy Easter Sunday To All !

Happy Easter to Everyone, even if you don’t believe have a Great Sunday!

As we grow, we find one we love and care for. As we get together, we interlace with one another and become like one. One must be strong when the other grows weaker, and let the weaker draw from the stronger to survive longer. Thus, in the end, the weaker survives draining the stronger, so when the weaker is gone, all the stronger has left is the memories and inner thoughts and beliefs of their own to carry on! But, we don’t mind for we are here for the ones we love, not for ourselves!

Easter Weekend Begins/ Happy Easter

As Easter Weekend begins we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for all mankind. We must remember the last part of that line folks, for, under the Roman Catholic version, it means what it says all people, race, color, age, or nationality has no part in it, all are accepted.  While I do not attend church myself, it does not make me any less of a believer in Christ and God, and it can never change that in me, for we all have a supreme being over us somewhere, who determines how long we live and why. Someone or thing controls it all, I have bounced from religion to Darwin and so many other ideas like aliens bringing us here. In the end, I even thought of us like the ants below our feet, building ant hills to survive, but always being watched by someone above us. In the end, it is all a preference isn’t it folks as to what you believe in? I was given a choice as a child, at age 12, you want to attend the church go ahead, if you don’t you don’t have to, I choose not to.  My reasons are many, but among them are the hypocritical happenings in the church today, they preach one thing and don’t hold to it. They preach certain things I can never believe in and wouldn’t no matter what. Plus the church has all make Priest, and no females allowed, and the Priest are moved from parish to parish to protect them from molesting children and hidden that way. I totally disagree with it period. So, I will not ever enter a Church even when I die, I will be buried at sea by The United States Navy or Buried in the ground by them, it fits me better. So as Easter approaches and we all get forgiven for the sins of our lives, I offer all a Book of 25 pages long on Amazon.com for $2.99 a copy. It tells the tale of a Church, a Priest and children and a Detective who solves the problem because he has no choice. In the end, it concerns some reasons why I will never go to Church in my life and have given it up and until the church learns to fix the problems, I believe in one thing God Hears and Sees Everything, Everywhere so I will pray in my bed before sleep each night, period. The book I wrote is called: The Fall of Saint Anns: Father Baldwin No More, if interested it can be found on Amazon.com-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y4PW5N6

And on Kobo Books also-https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-fall-of-saint-ann-s-father-baldwin-no-more

Please Feel free to Enjoy it and let me know what you think by leaving a Review or comment on Either site.


The Fall of Saint Ann’s: Father Baldwin No More!

I wrote a story on the Church and why basically I don’t attend one and never will again, I don’t see the point of attending one. I know it sounds crazy to some who are die hard Catholic religious fanatics or attendees but for me, it is how I feel.

I remember when I was a child forced to go to church by my mother and how I hated it. The standing, kneeling and never understanding what was being said. The inability as a child to follow what was being said or what was going on drove me crazy. Then as I grew older I found, I couldn’t understand why we had to go to a church to pray, when the bible itself says, God is everywhere and hears all. So I drifted out of the church, for not one but many reasons, as time went on I made my Communion and Confirmation because my mother demanded it, but once that was done I was out of there and never returned. why, is probably the question you have for me, right? Well, I will tell you here, if you will read and listen.

The Church is hypocritical, two-faced and filled with lies in my book. Its Priests are limited to males when women can preach just as well.  IT’s Priest are Pedophiles wearing robes who molest children and get away with it for years and years, The Church hides these pedophiles and moves them from location to location to protect them and the church itself, it is sad to watch. I have so many objections to the church that you couldn’t pay me to enter one these days.

I wrote new story folks, about a church, a priest and children and a Detective and more. I called it The Fall of Saint Ann’s: Father Baldwin no more! I hope some will read it and tell me what they think on the amazon page; here is the link:

To President Donald J. Trump

I have been alive since 1956, the first President I remember is John F. Kennedy since then I have now been thru them all up to the current one Trump. Sadly, I can honestly say, none of the prior Presidents, I have lived thru in my life, have been so selfish, and ignorant as Donald J. Trump, nor were they ever so foolish as to want to mess with Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Veteran’s Disabilities. Currently, I pray Mr. Trump will not mess with these areas either unless he will give increases to us Veterans in our Disability payments. To dock us or lower or payments, would hurt the Veterans so much, we would not be able to survive and would need to go to food stamps and help with living places and so much more. The Price of staying alive in America raises each day it seems, gas, oil, food, clothing, medical expenses and more, what are we to do to survive, after we have given our time to our country and our health too? I guess what I am saying, the Veterans of America served our country well and came out with Honorable Discharges, injuries nor disabled or not, we did our jobs for our country. don’t we deserve to be cared for and watched out for and provided for? I believe we do, and I am not begging for it, but I am suggesting, if you want take from someone Mr. Trump take from those who are rich like yourself, not the poor like we are, please!

The missile attack on Syria is a concern of mine as a Disabled veteran also. You, Mr. Trump, attacked Syria with missiles, to stop the use of chemical warfare by their own government. I agree with the attack and the reasons for doing so for humanitarian reasons. The requiem in Syria has no right to use chemical weapons period I agree fully,  so if you do so again please explain it to Congress first and get their ok too.  While the attack may slow down the dispersion of chemical attacks in Syria will it stop the current leader from killing his own people? I doubt it, Mr. President, so if you do it again, how about finding Assad and dropping missiles on his head to end the mess in Syria and start the rebuilding and recovery? I don’t have your advisors Mr. President and I do not know all that you do, but I do know this, Assad has been killing his own for over 6 years I think it is the time he stopped, even if force if the only way to end it! That said Mr. President, you still face the crisis in North Korea, that needs to be settled. I have an idea Mr. President, a Naval Blockade of North Korea’s coast for starters, followed by maxed out sanctions and if a launch occurs we knock them out of the sky and then launch out own missiles at the location theirs were launched from, taking out the silos and missiles left, destroying their nuke building program on their land. We can’t allow the North Koreans to threaten Japan and other countries in the region or the USA. It’s your decision Mr. President not mine.

Last but not least Mr. President, just because your half-assed try at Health Care failed, does not mean you just stop and let Obama care blow up! You are now the President you have the responsibility to fix it or replace it with something that really works for all Americans, period. Abandoning, health care because you failed once is bullshit and denying you will fix it is bullshit, get a bipartisan panel together let them work it out and hand you a package to review and make sure your instruction to them is affordable for all, and available for all, with cost controls on everything, including prescriptions. No messing with Social Security, or Medicare or Medicaid allowed, period. Americans deserve a better effort out of all of Congress and you Mr. President lets see you prove you’re a great negotiator! Get it done!






Syria gets Attacked/ North Korea may be next! Stretching us!

President Trump launched an attack on Syria using tomahawks to take out the airport used to dispense the gas attacks killing thousands. In doing so, he sent a warning to not only Syria’s President but also to Russia and Putin. It was more or less a double warning against using the chemicals attacks and telling Russia we shall do as we have to stop it all. Whether the Russians and Putin understand it fully or not, it has been done and Trump is firm in his stance on this, use chemical weapons and we will attack again.

From the day President Trump took office, I knew he was going to take us into some military operation in either Syria or North Korea. He chooses Syria, but he may have no choice in North Korea, in the end. For the; North Koreans continue to test the making of nukes and launching them into the Japanese ocean space. I believe if they continue they are threatening all around them and the United States. I suggest Trump do a coastal blockade of North Korea and raise all sanctions to maximum, then place three or four missile destroyers off their coast in free waters and if the missile launches continue, launch on the sites they come from and take them out period.  Someone must stop the North Koreans from attaining nuke status, if we don’t, with or without China’s help, they will launch on someone commit mass murder without reason. Sad isn’t it? 

es We should also pull the hell out of Iraq, Afganistan and other mid-east countries that don’t really need or appreciate our presence there. We have done all we really can in these countries and it is time for us to leave them to clean up the rest on their own. As we now know, America can not protect and help the whole damn world, we only have so many resources, let’s use them where we can really help and stop using them on people who don’t give one damn bit about us. I hope President Trump is now learning that being President means making decisions and backing them and doing so in the right way.

Does America have enough Balls ?

Do Americans now have enough balls to stand up and admit they made the wrong choice in the 2016 Presidential Election, or are they still in denial or disbelief? After almost 80 days of a Trump administration and no real progress made on Healthcare, the Border Wall and other promises like tax reform and all the lies we have gotten out of Trump and his people, isn’t it time to admit the truth America?

You can’t run a nation as big and powerful as the United States of America on Presidential Directives! You need also to learn compromise, how to write bills and present them so they are acceptable not only to your own party but all parties.You need to learn hot air talk against nations doing things to kill children and creating nukes and firing them, does not work! On the other hand, America doesn’t need a new war either so how about embargos against North Korea and increased Sanctions and then bomb runs against Syria’s President himself, targeting where ever he is until we get his ass. If we take him out all of the chemical war stops as does the persecution of the Syrian People by him.

I have watched Trump since his raising of his hand to get into office, and he has completed absolutely nothing worthwhile or passed one bill to Congress and it is almost 80 days into his administrations, why is that? I will tell you why he has no-one capable of writing a bill in his administration and no one smart enough to create a full health care program either. The smartest thing Trump has done so far is removing Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. He never belonged there and he is a destructive personality period, his idea is to tear down the government and rebuild it from scratch, well that is bullshit.

The last word for me today, Stop tweeting bullshit Trump, you have better things to do than looking at your God Damn Cell PHONE all day and tweeting lies to the American Media. And why the hell would you protect and defend Bill O’Rielly, who is a sexist and woman hater, maybe because you are close to the same? I don’t know for sure, but I do know this, O’Rielly should be removed from Television and FOX Network period. While FOX Network has a right to back any party they wish, politically, they should not back a sexist and leave him on air, making bucks off of his ass.

Grow up Mr. Trump, face reality, you were elected with help of the Russian people and Putin, but, you are now the American President and belong to the American People, not the Russians. It’s time to act like it, and prosecute all who had any contact with the Russians during the election and if you had contact admit it and step down and resign.Sadly, we are about to face, a second Nixon watergate type affair that can destroy the country and Democracy as a whole, don’t make it happen, avoid it. stop blaming Clinton, Obama or anyone else, you’re in the Oval Office, take charge damn it and make it work.


Watching Trump and the World!

April 2017 is now underway and it seems to me, the weather changes around us all proved Climate Change is real. That said and done, let’s move on to what I am seeing from the Trump Administration and President Trump as moves toward war in two areas.

First and foremost  Trump refuses to come out right and say anything about Syria, where millions die, under the rule of Assad. So, here is what I say to President Trump, either shit or get the hell off the pot! The Syrian people are going through genocide at a great rate and slowly dying off as their President remains in power and happy sitting on his throne so to say. If you can’t help the Syrian People Mr. Trump than shut the hell up about them and send financial and medical aid the best you can.

President Trump you talk a good war and you give many warnings, but, North Korea is laughing at you and daring you to do something about their march to nuclear missiles and power, will you do anything and if so what? As japan and it’s neighbors watch North Korea continues to test and launch their missiles into the sea just outside Japans coast and is causing fear and disruption in the whole region and world. So, what can be done in North Korea and to them to stop it all?  Embargoes and sanctions don’t seem to work, talking to their dictator leader is making no progress, asking the Russians and Chinese for help is going nowhere! So, what is next, I remind you, Mr. Trump, we have already had a war in Korea and we left it behind never settling it or winning it! If you enter a war with Nort Korea, Mr. Trump will it be the same quagmire we had before or do you have a new plan, that will end it quickly and fully and make peace there? If not Mr. Trump as a Disable American Veteran, Honorably Discharged after 16 years service, I respectfully tell you now, don’t go there. My Father served in the Korean War last time and believe me, he is not here to say this, he lived with no thanks from America for fighting it and PTSD and more. Don’t make American Military personnel fight a war they can’t win, and come home not to be welcomed home and thanked again. It was sad for our involvement in Korea and Vietnam both, so please if you go in or take military action, make sure you know what the fuck your doing? We the American people do not want to fight wars, we can’t win, nor do we wish to be in a battle that is endless. Wake the hell up now Mr. Trump and know this, the Military has to follow orders, unless it is an unlawful order, and you better know what you’re  doing. The American people are already upset over the Russian connections to your party and your team.

Your’re failed attempt to repeal Obama Care was funny to watch, knowing you and the Republican Party never even took a shot at actually writing a bill for it. All you did was strip some things from it that were expensive and that you didn’t want to have paid for from it and repackage it. Tell us, Mr. Trump, can you write a real law or bill that can become law, saving the elderly costs, protecting all Americans and providing coverage for all, at affordable prices under real price controls for prescriptions and everything else? I think not, for it seems all you wish to do is attack the previous President and his administration instead of concentrating on doing something yourself, other than Presidental directives! And the Directives to control immigration by way of bans of certain countries and races is always illegal and will always be illegal unless it is done correctly, and worded correctly, to be protecting the American people from danger and attack.

I want you and the World and the American people to know I am not doing Trump bashing on my blog, not really, but I am showing concerns about actions, reactions, lies and illegal actions by Mr. Trump and his Administration so far, for his time in office.

One last comment here before I end. it is directed at Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is now the talking head of Trumps administration. Mr. Spicer, when you started ou were so secure and sure of yourself and seemed to know what you were saying and believing, now you are like a shakey leaf in the autumn breeze, shaking, stumbling, and unsure of yourself or your answers to the world and news. I have a little advice Mr. Spicer, I know you believe you hold the most coveted position as the Press Secretary of the President, but you are destroying your own reputation in the media world and the public period. If I were you, to preserve your own reputation and your own sanity, you should resign and let Trump find a new talking monkey, to make a fool out of. Thank You, An American Disabled Veteran!