Collusion, crimes against America,and More!

As December 2017 rolls on toward 2018 at a fast rate at least for me, I wonder how much longer before Congress wakes up and file impeachment charges against Trump! He lies daily to the American people he is connected to Russians and his whole campaign was run by and for russia not American Interest. trump won the Presidency using information from the Russians against Hillary Clinton it is now a fact. Please don’t come back and say we have no proof now the trail now leads right to him through his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. I said it earlier in another blog, Trump they are coming for you soon enough, Tax Plan victory or not your corrupt and improper and not qualified to be President.

The evidence of Trump and his staff colluding with the Russians to win the Presidency is growing each day as more people get looked at and indicted by the Special Prosecutor. Sadly, Americans didn’t listen when they voted this man into office, you were all warned not to vote for him by Hillary Clinton more than once. The foolish anger that elected Trump was a sad display by Americans who voted for him regardless of all his faults and problems that were exposed anyway. Angry Americans voted for Trump because they were mad at Hillary Rodham Clinton and called her a criminal, the fact is this, no matter what Hillary Clinton did, it wasn’t a crime against the American People but Trump has committed offenses that are. Congress needs to look further in his Obstruction of Justice, in hiding and trying to stop Flynn from being charged by Comey. Comey’s firing, the firing of Sally Yates, and so much more, the Trump Tower meeting between Russians and Trump people in Trump Tower. So many things point directly to Putin having affected our 2016 Presidential Election, it is sad folks.

Trump has us on the verge of World War 3 starting over North Korea, and it’s missile program. Calling names of leaders of other nations for a U.S. President is just plain wrong and he should be told so. I know General Kelly his Chief of Staff in the White House is all still military in manner and actions and yes a loyal man, but there comes a time when even Generals must stand up to their Commander and Chief and tell him he is wrong.  Loyalty Mr. Kelly can only go so far, especially when, the man you loyal to is destroying the status and position and operation of his own country.

Rex Tillerson was correct in calling Trump a moron, Trump also has mental and narcissistic problems a faulty personality that should have disqualified him for the office he holds currently before he got in. It was support for Trump or his plans for the country that elected him, it was Russia collusion, money, and in the end the anger of the American People at Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sadly, Americans who are now , lower class or middle class will suffer for that vote in more ways than one. Trump has plans to attack Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid as welfare programs and destroy them, leaving many people helpless in their old age and with no coverage medically.  he cares not about the average American folks, just look at the tax breaks he just gave his billionaire buddies and cronies. They don’t need the money, the American People who are middle class and below do.

Americans need to form a force, all Americans, should gather and march on Congress and The White House, and protest and demand this man be removed from office by Impeachment or the 25th Amendment!  Call your Congressman or Woman, your Senator, tell them they must react to the criminal acts of Trump now and stop him from further destroying the America we all love. He is on a path of destruction unprecedented in American History and he is the first President to be accused of collusion. he is also the first President I call a traitor and I believe he should be removed from office at the least or as Americans did in the 1700’s when this country was formed, hung to die as a traitor to his own country!

I am not one to do anything other than express, my opinion as a person and blogger, but I have a right to my opinion like everyone else. I do not encourage violence, but I do encourage activism and movement and laws and  advocate the protection of our country as an American veteran who is disabled trying to protect and serve. I did my service, I didn’t get exemptions for bone spurs Mr. Trump like you, I didn’t run away from serving I ran to it and did so for 16 years. So when I say you are the Worst President in American History I fully believe it. I was Born in 1956 under Eisenhower and have seen many Presidents come and go in my lifetime and I am a person who studies American History, no President has ever been so bad. Sadly, we may be stuck with you till 2020, if we are, I am sure there will be plenty of Americans in Congress and in the population that will oppose you and your action in Washington, DC.

You once said you wanted to be put up on Mount Rushmore, well Mr. Trump you should be put up on a most wanted poster on a Post Office Wall, and prosecuted as soon as possible.



Destiny and Fate!

Hello, Old Friend,

Shall I ever see you again?

Destiny and fate don’t you see, brought you into my life.

Destiny made you his when you should have been mine, but that is the way of destiny and time.

Destiny and fate don’t you see, took you away from me, how were we to know what could and could not be, for you see we can’t control our destiny.

I would wander the earth looking for a replacement for thee, but of course, I would only find the destiny, that fate allowed for me.

Fate would have you marry him and I leave you behind even when I knew it was a sin, for you to be with him. Destiny and fate does, not care if the feelings are not spoken yet they be shared, for destiny and fate are what controls you and me! Of this, the world knows it to be no lie. For destiny and fate tells no lie nor does it ever give a reason why!

Yes, Destiny and fate don’t you see, are what took you and the love I have for you from me, destinyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and fateeeeeeeeeeeeeee you see.

Our childhood days are long gone and far away, we watched each other almost every day, we stared at one another from afar and when we came close, we didn’t go that far. We were like two comets in the night, so close noticing one another but not aligned just right. Our course parallel, and not touching just right, yes like two comets in the night.

I remembered your face, your smile, your style and your joy, through all my pains and my life and knew then something was not right. But Destiny and fate had both you and me, and we know now that life does not lie. We are driven by forces we can not control, and it matters not what we feel in our soul. Destiny and Fate will always have control!

Destiny is what we have no choice in doing, it doesn’t matter what others may see, we saw what it was and destiny and fate took it all from you and me.

You dream of a long lasting love, my dream of it being with you as I saw it from above, the memory of you made me continue on and came back even after we both had marriages all done. We never touched hands, we never made love, but we understood in our hearts, what destiny and fate gave us from above.

Believe me, dear, believe me now, if I knew then what I know now, the differences it would have made,, ah but Destiny and fate control us day by day.  I can look back and wish for different things, a different life and different wedding rings, I can look back and have memories of what we could have become or could have been, Yet destiny and fate you see is what really controlled you and me,

Destiny and fate, yes destiny and fate, by the time you figure it out it, is too late.

That’s destiny and fate!




2017 Rolls Forward and Changes Come!

Changes are coming to America, the old brick and mortar stores are disappearing, lack of sales, expenses of renting space in malls, make it so. Slowly they are disappearing folks, K-mart the discount king of stores recently cut back big time, J.C Pennies is in trouble, Macy”s a one time king of retail stores is struggling, Toys R Us is currently in bankruptcy folks. The king of the sales/ retail team is quickly becoming warehouses, Amazon and the Internet. The lifestyle of going to malls and store to store for Christmas is quickly changing to hit the internet, buy it there and ya get it delivered to your doorstep and cheaper and usually they will have it thanks to Amazon and others like it. IT usually arrives in good shape and saves you the problem with fighting over it in a brick and mortar store.

Yet we will soon run into new problem folks, as Congress and politicians now will decide whether to tax your internet usage and price the internet out of range for the average American. DOn’t let them take the internet away from us all folks. don’t let them add taxes to the usage of the world wide web folks. We already pay cable companies for internet usage folks, do we need it priced and taxed higher so we can no longer afford it? The U.S. government and others believe that they can tax us out of existence folks don’t let them do it.

Trump’s new tax plan will increase the riches for the rich and upper-class and leave the rest of America to forage on our own to struggle, paying more each year. Does he care, no he doesn’t, it’s easy when your rich isn’t it, you can pay for whatever you want and get it? Sadly the American people who struggle each day to survive and eat and live will be the ones paying more and the rich like Trump will get richer by paying less. This country is becoming an elitist state an sadly those who don’t have it, will never get it will we? There are no more mom and pop stores folks, there will be no more brick and mortar stores and there certainly will not be any more jobs for Americans to live on, our politicians, care not for the people they represent, they do care for what benefits them only.

With Thanksgiving out of the way and the Christmas Season coming upon us all, Americans will struggle to have a Christmas Season this year. Many will be forced to buy less for their children and family members, the tables will not be filled with the normal abundance of food and goodies folks, neither will the bottoms of Christmas Trees be surrounded by many gifts. If nothing else folks, there is one thing our Government or President cannot take from us all, that is family, hang on tight to it folks, for they will become and will always be the one thing keeping us going.