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Over the years I have done blogs here on WordPress that do with politics and more. Every now and then I decide that I have to do something for myself and my writing process and to try to get my stories out there. Well normally I post them on people’s FaceBook pages to see and now I am told I am angering some people by doing so. So I guess that will have to stop. I am not out to anger anyone. I am only out to offer my written works for people to read so I can make a few bucks is all. Sorry if I have offended some people or disturbed you in any way. My Apologies to all who I have bothered!

I Do have an Author’s Page of My Own on for all my E-books I have written and created. Here is the link folks:

Please feel free to give them a look and leave any reviews or thoughts, please.

I have attached the Links to my last three below; I hope you will give them a shot!





Ms. Amazings Battle

Four Star Review-What a treasure!
ByVicki Goodwinon January 8, 2017
This book tells the struggles of real life husband and wife as they face Miss amazing’s battle with love and strength and open-mindedness. It is a strong story of how one woman can be everything for her family. An intelligent and fiercely independent woman that has been battling for a long time and is not yet willing to give up that fight.
Sweet devotion from her husband is obvious in this book. It made me proud for them that they found such a love and devotion to one another. It is not all sweetness and light, there are hard fights before the main battle even begins. It is worth reading and I wrote this review with my heart sad but filled with the love these two have for each other.

Ms. Amazing's Battle - Kindle edition by William McCurrach. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

Ms. Amazing’s Battle – Kindle edition by William McCurrach. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

Prosecute Trump, Impeach Him Now!

As Trump decides to take his vacation in New Jersey, the world awaits action on Health Care, North Korea, the Russian Probe, and so much more! why the hell, did Americans vote for Donald Trump anyway. He is one old bag of hot air who will never accomplish a damn thing as President during his term. He has no knowledge of how to write a law or bill to get through Congress and his ideas suck. No one needs a damn wall between us and Mexico and we can all care less about it.

He sends out tweets asking to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the people of the Democratic Party when in fact, he should be arrested and prosecuted for colluding with Russia, not only for the election but for years, while laundering, their money for them! It’s sad indeed, that America is stuck with a worthless man as it’s President. Who ever heard of a President in the first 6 months of his first term, campaigning, for reelection when he has never done a damn thing yet? Sad indeed! I watch each day as he claims he is creating jobs, if so where the hell are they? They don’t exist folks, he is lying and any job growth that there is is due to Obama.

President Trump was dumb enough to go before the Boy Scouts of America and give a political speech to children, that’s just sad folks! I wonder if Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell realize how much damage Trump is doing to their Republican Party now? If they don’t they will very soon, for even die hard Republicans are shaking their heads and walking away from the party and the President. Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump period, and they will definitely not ask him to help them win reelection, if they want to get back in or get elected. It’s a sad thing indeed to watch, our President fumbling, bumbling and acting foolish each day he’s in office and not accomplishing one damn thing, sad, sad, sad.

As the Russia Investigations continue on, Manafort, Stone, Trump Jr., Kushner, all will either tell the truth before Congress when called or they will end up in jail. sadly, that’s how the law works in this land Mr. President, and you were the one stupid enough to let you son get involved in the Russia mess, in your name. So if Manafort, Stone, Kushner and Trump Jr. go to jail will you be happy them Mr Trump? For the way the investigation is going, it will happen, for they will try to lie to protect you and they will go up in flames and into orange jumpsuits because of you! I am sure each who will testify will do what your son-in-law did bring lawyers, but lawyers can’t save anyone from facts, when people lie!

Have you no shame Mr. Trump, you will let your own son and son-in-law go to prison for you when they lie won’t you? It’s sad, but it can be seen coming and you should think twice and Resign the Office while you can to save them. Your short time in office so far has brought nothing but shame to the Office and the Country. you should get out now, before your impeached and humiliated and disgraced.  In my opinion Mr. Trump, you now rate as the most corrupt President in American History, even Richard Nixon is less corrupt then you. Nixon’s crimes were no where near as serious as yours are now and he resigned. Watergate, Mr. trump was an all american crime, by an American President, yours involves Russians and the Russian Government, who are enemies or the United States period. Sad , sad, sad ! I hope those who voted for you now realize they did in fact, elect a Russian Puppet to the Presidency of The United States

You can cry Witch Hunt all you want and try to distract from the facts, but the facts shall win out, you and your team colluded with the Russians to win the Presidency and you got it, but all of the facts are now coming out. I f you have any American Patriotic Spirit at all left in you Sir, Resign for the good of the country and the american people. End it no and on your way out pardon your Son, Son-IN -Law and take them with you. Have you no morals or ethics, Mr. trump or will you let your own son and son-in-law and your daughter go down in flames with you?



MY Writing, Stories and Blogs, Read!

June 10th, 2017, Saturday is here folks, welcome to the weekend edition.

Today I am gonna do something I haven’t in a while, show you some links to little stories and bookI i have written.  I do so, knowing ahead of time that few care what I write or say, but, I do it to try to get opinions or reviews on what I have done.

I hope some will like them: my Amazon authors Page lists most of what I have written. John Henry’s Tale by me can be found here! Amazing’s On Going Battle Bill’s Tales Vengeance My Writing Style and Views Fall of Saint Ann’s, Father Baldwin No More House at the Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets The JFK Truth

Each book or article I wrote is a different perspective on events and life in general, I try to tell what I see and see, and give my opinions on Blogs here and on Political Storm.  All can be found through the links here above, Political Storm link is here if you like politics- or if yu would like to post a blog yourself-

Thanks for reading folks and remember you do learn something with each item, article, book or magazine or newspaper you read, Reading is vital to education and entertainment, Support it Please!





Second Life A Virtual World ?

As a Disabled American Veteran, who suffers from sixty percent disability due to spinal injuries, that occurred while in service I get bored, And the easiest thing for many in my shape or shapes worse than that, is the internet with its access to chat programs and games and so much more. I speak of Second Life the Virtual World for a reason, it is made by Linden Labs. on the West Coast of America and maintained and operated on servers they hold control of at all times. While it is entertaining to create to create your own world and your own character and looks and more in, it is also a money drainer for many people with its gambling sims.

The Gambling Sims surround a game they call Greedy, which also holds individual games called solos too, which are created by members who pay special fees to operate them on certain sims. IT is all a part of the entertainment or draw for the Second Life Platform and is used to pay for its operation. To show what I mean, as to the cost or expense a disabled person escaping the real world into second life’s virtual world, I will use Greedy as an example.

Second Life uses an exchange rate for dollars or cash or credit of money, to exchange them for lindens in the virtual world. Each Linden is worth a certain amount in the game world that Second Life promotes and operates. Yes, Linden Labs, and their Second Life program is making money hand over hand with these gambling games that attract so many. The game is set up with twenty-four boards in a square set up each board contains six blocks with avatars of dice on them that rotate when you click a button. The object is to match certain numbers in certain ways so you get higher points. .You win if you go over ten thousand points, and beat everyone else in the game to the finish. If you go out at ten thousand points and win, you get an option to roll for more points, and if you can then reach twelve thousand five hundred points you win bonus linden and gather more points toward a tournament each Sunday. Now to understand why I saw Linden Labs and it’s Gambling Sim Owners are taking people for money, I will show you how they do it, and how the program works in favor of the Sims owner who gets a percentage in the game.

Yes, Linden Labs is charging these Sim Owners who run these games, for licenses to run them, and the game owner also takes a percentage per game played. For Example, once the fees are paid to make the game legal in Linden Labs Cooperate ways, they get their money up front or you don’t run the game sims. Second, the Game owner takes a percentage of the profit of each board played. Each player must pay one hundred lindens to participate. Now 100 lindens are not worth too much in real money, but at the rate of approximately 20 minutes per game, the money can go fast and furious and I am talking about the cheapest one they run. Yet you must buy or earn these lindens in Second Life as I have said, many put their credit cards into the game to make these linden purchases on a regular basis just to keep playing the games. These are lonely people who are without real life partners or ones with partners they don’t like or are escaping from reality and the real world, ok! They come here spending days at a time hiding, from their real life as much as they can to handle the loneliness of their real lives.  In the end, just like in real life they get angry when you call them on anything that disturbs their games, how much they make from them or anything else. The anger is from their frustration with you when you realize how you are being used, and taken for money in this so called Virtual World.

Many of the Second Life Members believe it is their life, and they act as if it is a real part of their lives when it is virtual folks. The reason they get so caught up in the virtual world is simple, Second Life, Creators Linden Labs made it an addicting experience and they take advantage of the disabled, lonely and unhappy so they can make money Period. The sad part is this for those who have just enough money to enter this Virtual World and who are capable of doing nothing more, they are being drained by a company and platform that is taking full advantage of it all to full their pockets only. For Approximately 8.37 cents American, you get 2000 Lindens, do the math now and you will get the exchange rate and see what I mean, the Lindens go fast at 100 lindens per greedy game.  Now The Owner of the Sims and the Game Creators in Second Life have a deal of 100 lindens per game to play, say they get 8 players at the table at a time. That’s 8 hundred lindens sitting in a pot, but they only pay out a part of that part, they keep the rest making a decent cut for sure percentage wise. Every 300 they get playing they pay out only 195 to the winner, do the math ok, they are eating profits at the expense of disabled, ill, or lonely individuals and taking advantage of those less fortunate in the world. In truth, it is all a profit scheme for Second Life, The Gaming Sim owners and the game creators. Sad huh!