It’s Time, Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

President Trump and his Press Secretaries have a problem, Trump has no problem with it so his Press Secretaries do in the end. Sean Spicer Resigned and quit and everyone who knows politics, understands why, he was nothing more than a parrot head for Trump, and got so confused he started making mistakes and tripped himself up.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be ashamed of herself for parroting Trump’s words on the Porter case and others. She comes out defending her boss when she knows he is wrong in all ways. SPicer did the same till h couldn’t anymore, it is why he left, now Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing the same. I feel sorry for her mother and father who have to sit home and listen to their daughter lie her ass off to the American Public to keep her job as Press Secretary. I know, she is the first female Press Secretary in history and she believes it is a great advancement for women for her to be, but, does she want to keep lying to the American Public for Trump’s whole term? Does she realize Americans know she is parroting  only what Trump tells her to say, and that she is being heard lying to all Americans on a daily basis?

Mr. Huckabee, her father is an honorable man and he ran for the Presidency wanting to help the American people, and now his daughter is being used as nothing more than a puppet head for Trump, it’s sad for him, his wife and family I am sure. Sarah needs to get up and look in the mirror and have a discussion with herself, and tell herself she can’t keep up the facade of lies for Trump. She is embarrassing herself to Americans  of all races, colors and sexes. I hear women everyday on the streets and in the offices and stores and one the streets say it daily, That Sarah Huckabee Sanders has no pride all she does is say what he wants her to and she looks like a fool doing it. Women and men in America, stop and think what is coming out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders mouth daily and just shake their heads at the fact she is dumb enough to say them. Listen Sarah please, stop making yourself look like an idiot and unfeeling woman, don’t parrot all Trump says and don’t sit there and ruin the rest of your life for this bigoted, prejudiced, discriminating, egotistical, melogomanicial, narcissistic, man. You are giving new meaning to the blind following the blind, don’t you see that?

I am sorry to say this but here is the bottom line for you Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you made Press Secretary not on your own accord, you got the permission because Spicer quit and you were next in line. When you finish your stint as Press Secretary and parroting Trump’s words you do know no one is going to want to hire a puppet and woman who lies to the American People?  No one is going to want to hire a woman with no empathy, or caring for other women who are abused, I hope you realize before it is too late, that by working for President Trump and paroting his words and feelings you are destroying your own life and future each day you do so.

It took Sean Spicer a short period of time to get out,and I am sure if you talk to him her will tell you, all about how he couldn’t continue to lie to America and he figured out that his life was about to be  like the wreck of the Titanic and he was sinking in the lies and bullshit. You will also Sarah, do yourself a favor get out, for the rest of your life will not be about being loyal to Trump, he won’t hire you once it’s over in the White House and you will have to live the rest of your life also. It will lead to you being an outcast and unable to get another job and soiling your name and your family name also, think of what your father is going to have to go thru explaining to Americans and Friends how how his daughter, lied to the American Public just to keep her job and be loyal to a bigot! Sadly, History will record it clearly and for all to see Sarah, it’s on public television world wide for all to see and recorded for prosperity and history each time you walk to the podium and parrot his words. Your father Mike Huckabee is an honorable man, whose reputation is great, don’t diminish it for him, your mother and now yourself, get out Sarah, refuse to keep parroting Trump’s words, tell the truth and leave.



Trump Denies Equal Release of Documents/ Fire Ryan/ Mcconnell Now!

Donald Trump has denied the Democrats Response to the Nunes Memo of his Republican Party! He denied it’s release saying is is for safety of the United States for Security reasons, that crap. What he denied it for is simple folks he doesn’t want the Democratic Memo out because it will refute everything the Republican memo said and will have the proof in it, for the American People to see.

The Nunes Memo does not and will never vindicate Trump in the charges against him for Obstruction of Justice or Collusion. It can’t vindicate a guilty man, doesn’t the American People see it yet?

He Colluded with the Russians in many ways, during his run to the Presidency. He took money from them, he told them where to run the ads in The Democratic Blue Belt, at the cost of millions upon millions. How else would the Russians know what districts, cities, towns or states to target with their facebook, twitter and google ads? You tell me! Millions of Russian Rubles were spent by the Russians and Putin to get their puppet in the White House and they won. Sadly, so many Americans were foolish enough to buy the bullshit, and here we have the worst President in American History in Office Today!

Let’s get to the bottom of the Investigation into the Russian Involvement right here and now. Why would the Russians even bother to spend so much money to get one man elected unless they were getting something out of it? You tell me?

He avoids saying anything bad or indifferent about Russia or Putin and will not enforce or increase the sanctions against them, why is that folks, you tell me?

Next, we face his Obstruction of Justice. He Fired Comey, Yates, and more to stop and stall the Investigations. He stands in the way and threatens Mueller and the whole Russian Investigation and blocks it at every turn he can. He threatens The man who appointed Mueller in Rodstein, and rants and yell about the man publically. he attacks the FBI and his own Director he put in place? Come on, isn’t it quite obvious he is Obstructing justice here?

He has no Empathy for women victims assault and abused by predators and he doesn’t even mention the women, but defends the men, come on? Yet Congress both Houses are in republican hands and he still can’t pass a bill, law or even handle a budget on his own. He has zero accomplishments in hand in over a year in office, except for getting the Government shut down twice in less then one month. He talks shit about building a wall we never will need, and Immigration yet he wants to throw out the DACA People what the hell is wrong with this man? He has no care except for himself and his rich cronies! He passes a Tax Bill that makes the rich, richer and gives them tax breaks they shouldn’t have and buries poor and middle class citizens under tons of debt, by killing Obama Care in every way he can. Sad! Then Speaker Ryan comes out and brags about one woman getting a 1.50 cent an hour raise that will pay for her cable bill for a year, come on!

I ask this of the American People, come November 2018, revolt, fight back, dump the Republicans who support DOnald Trump right on their asses in the streets and elect Democrats to their seats. Let’s take back Congress and freeze Trump’s as to a dead stop before he can do anymore damage to the country and us.The best revenge the American People can get is to force out the Republican Supporters of DOnald Trump from Congress, both Houses, Senate and House. Vote them out folks for if you don’t the end result will be you will pay more taxes, the economy will fail and you will be left broke and with no health coverage at all! It’s here already, wake the hell up America, Trump doesn’t give two shits about the poor, the middle class or the needy, he cares about lining his own pockets that’s all.

Congress and the Senate must get Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Bannon, in front of them and force them to talk by supeneos now, or jail their asses immediately! THis has gone far enough, call your Congressman or Senator or both, tell them it is time these people associated wit Donald Trump and Trump himself face the American people’s justice and get removed from office and important positions. Forty People in The White House with no security clearances are running around handling top secret paperwork of the American people with clearances come on wake up folks. Do the math, use common sense, get Ryan and MCconnell out of office and pressure them to stand up for what is right or get the hell out of the way and let the American People fight back!








Life is Not Wishful Thinking !

Life is not wishful thinking, it is not waiting for something to happen by itself, for nothing changes or moves unless a moveable forces moves it to start it in motion. Scientific fact proves an object will not move or change without some outside influence, and that includes people, items, materials and even chemicals will lay dormant unless an outside forces applies pressure. The only question really is what kind of pressure is needed to move things in the direction needed by the individual person or force in question. We all life is the same wherever we come from, and no matter what color, race, religion or anything else we may be. Energy is needed to move things in the right direction for reasons we needed them to.

Relationships happen for the same reason and other reasons too. What attracts two people to one another, what makes it work between them and then doesn’t between others? I will tell many what I have learned over my 62 years of life now, and see if you the people, can get the gist of what I am saying.

Lets start at a young teeenage and see for instance what I am referring to. Do you remember that first person you were attracted to and needed to be in their life, to satisfy a need in your own. It doesn’t matter if your straight, gay, male, female it all adds up the same, we grow attracted to someone at a point in our teens. It becomes not only a physical attraction but an emotional one too, doesn’t it? The two seem interlocked and you can bet it always will be, for mankind was made that way folks, it’s not our fault, but what is our fault is how we all react to the needs we face at this point.

Do you remember your first attraction to another person and why it happened? Was it physical or mental or emotional? What drew you to the person? many of us don’t remember what did it,some of will just say, it just happens, it does but for reasons we as humans do not fully understand. We have physical attractions, we have mental attractions and yes even emotional attractions and any of us are unaware of these three forces working in our minds, hearts and bodies, because we are too young in our teens to figured it all out. So we let them take over and lead us to where we think they should take us. Other get cautious and hold back, while other rush in, and it is usually the later that gets hurt. For we are young, innocent and just letting the emotions of the moment make us rush in, and we get burned by the situation because it is all new and different to us and the exploring stage. It’s natural folks, but knowing when to pursue it all and when to pull back makes us also who we are everyday, in life from that point on.

I choose to pull back from my first attraction, because I was scared of it all and had no idea why I was even looking at them, so I choose a distance. Some were kissing and groping one another at a lot younger age than I ever even thought about it. I remember seeing it happening in elementary school for many and I just watched and stayed to myself. I wandered thinking of other things kids think of none of it was attraction or sex for sure, that wouldn’t happen to me till my sophomore year in High School. I didn’t really notice it until the summer before my second year of High School and when I did notice it I still  had no idea how to handle it or what to say of do. I was lost believe me. I know it sounds silly and why am I mentioning all of this, here is the answer we all go through it, yet for each of us, no matter male or female, it is not at the same time, it’s in the same age ranges mostly but not the same exact times so it can’t be pinpointed can it.

Here’s the thing for all to understand since we all go through it, we have regrets later on, because we didn’t do a thing about that first one or one of the first ones we believe we should have. We end up holding on to the memory of the one we didn’t get involved with or pursue because we felt awkward over it. I know I went through it too, but I also know that first attraction to that first girl ever went away and it is now many decades later. It made my choices in life as to finding partners,  different then most. For in the back of my mind and heart she was the one all other shad to measure up to.

I never asked a woman out until I was 24 years old and she became my first wife that didn’t last because of unseen circumstances not controlled by me. The point being this I didn’t know how to pursue the opposite sex, because I was more scared then attracted. Does that make sense to anyone? I saw many females that were pretty, sexy and attractive to me, but, I did not chase them or approach them, why I didn’t have a father to show me how or to instruct me in anyway. I fumbled through it all for many years. Even my first wife was not my choice she was introduced to me but a woman who I found fun and attractive but couldn’t have. and I went out with her as a favor to the girl I couldn’t have.

Before I would actually ask another woman out I was 35 years old and she was 16 years my senior. And I married her after 7 years of living together. I have been with hr now 25 years and never ever thought of leaving her or giving up on what we have. At least with her I am the one who started it and asked her to dance and asked her out. So, I choose her, and for me that was big, and it made my doing so vital to me.

Ok I know what your thinking I am ugly, I am stupid or awkward right, wrong, I am cautious and intelligent have a college degree and a disabled Veteran now who served his country for 16 years. I have been married now twice, the first time lasted 12 years and produced two daughters, the second is still ongoing at the 25 year mark. I stand five feet eight, 200 lbs. brown hair and eyes and speak well and write well. I am not the best looking man in the world but I am far from ugly or homely. So why did it all take so long, well it’s easy folks, when growing up there are those kids who are accepted by everyone and happy go lucky, I was an introvert who read books and ran through the woods exploring nature. I was no sports hero, I read comic books and dreamed of being superheroes, I didn’t care what others did, I wasn’t raised the way normal kids were. I was the black sheep of my family and when I couldn’t find a way to survive in my own family I went to other families and was basically guided by other parents, it was like a surrogate situation, just they didn’t know they were doing it. So I found a way to survive through others and with their help, GOD BLESS Them for being there for me! SO when people tell me I a different from them and easy to get along with, there is a reason, for I had to find a way to survive and be me, and I did through open communication with others, if not for the open communication, I would never have made it to today.









Excuses. Avoidances, and Lies

Donald J. Trump has spent a lifetime, using excuses for things that happen on his watch, and avoiding any questions about it all and then out right lying to his suppliers for building purposes as a builder, and now as President of The United States.

Until the American Public and the media stop him he will continue to do it. The facts don’t match anything her says about the Russia Probe, the collusion, the Obstruction of Justice, or anything else, including the Nunes Memo.

Now the Markets are falling like bricks from the sky, and he is talking how great he is for the economy, where?  His tax Plan didn’t help the poor like me, it didn’t help the middle class any, but it did help his billionaire and millionaire friends and himself. He is a sad, lying con man, just like P.T. Barnum was for his circus all those years. Yet, there are Trump supporters out there who believe in this lying, excuse giving, avoider, who even beat the draft by dodging it twice with an excuse of bone spurs in his feet. What a sad individual he really is, he is screwing porn stars, while his wife works on getting him elected and then paying one off to the tune of 130,000 dollars through his lawyer. No wonder Melania wouldn’t go with him overseas, she is probably so pissed off to find out he is chasing a porn star around a room in his tidy whities as married to her. Sad excuse for a man, a sad leader who is lost and has no idea what he is doing and he is dragging America down faster than any President in History has ever thought to do.

He is an excessive liar in all areas, The FBI did it’s job and always has, he doesn’t like the truth so he changes it and points at everyone else. LIke a kid in kindergarten, blame someone else when it goes wrong not me. I am surprised he isn’t crying for mommy or daddy all the time, yet! He wants to distract and avoid the facts of his son and his campaign manager and his son in law, meeting with russians in Trump Tower. He can’t it’s a fact.

He says he didn’t Obstruct Justice at all, he fire James Comey because of the Russia Investigation and admitted it on television for all to see and told the russians in the Oval Office about it too on public TV.  He used russian money, to win the election and their help period,  how else would the Russians know to target the key states, cities and towns and districts of The Democratic Blue belt with their ads on FaceBook, Twitter, Google and more? Russia wouldn’t know where the damn blue belt was unless his people told them. It’s collusion folks, believe me.

Obstruction is proven beyond compare, even better then it was in Watergate with Nixon. Trump fired Comey, Yates,  and others to stop the damn investigation and failed to so far. Now he is targeting The FBI, headed by a man he appointed, and the Assistant Prosecutor he gave a job to the started the investigation. If he fires him and MUeller he thinks he will stop the whole Russia Investigation and make it disappear, truth is Trump it won’t. It will cause a firestorm in congress and in the public that will come get you at a faster rate. Your stupid, you run your mouth, your people run theirs and it is all coming back to bite ya in the ass soon enough.

You said you though you belonged on Mount Rushmore, you belong in a jail cell actually. You deserve what Nixon got, banishment from politics and the world and taken from office and sent home.


Super Bowl Results! Congratulations Eagles!

As the Eagles get ready for the biggest celebration in their hometown, a reminder for the fans, don’t destroy the freedom city and it’s valuable treasures please. We love Philadelphia and all Eagles fans have a right to celebrate their teams first SUper Bowl Victory, but the city is filled with historic items that mean a lot to America, so celebrate safely and don’t destroy history or the city so many love.

Congrats to the Eagles and their Owners and Coaches. The game was entertaining, fast moving and great to watch. The back and forth in the fourth quarter and the fact the Patriots came back to lead by one point made it  a game to watch for sure. The Eagles deserve the victory and the party they will be having for sure as they bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

I am a New Englander, and I know how hard the Patriots tried to win this game, they never gave up till the final buzzer. Tom Brady put on a performance and a half and the Patriots showed why they were last years Champions. BUt this year belongs to The Eagles and their QuarterBack Nick Foles put on a performance not expected in a big game from a backup Quarterback. The defense got to Brady when they needed to, to stop his passes from zipping down the field and taking the game.

I am actually a Vikings fan myself, my wife is the Patriots Fan in my house and I was shocked by the Vikings being beaten so well by the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. But I accept it, and hope they will be back next year to battle for another shot at it all. Sadly, destiny was not with my Vikings, but the Eagles did prove that any team can win it all.

Not to change the subject, but the Major League Baseball Season will be next in my book. Now, on this one I have a point to make, my dad was a big Boston Red Sox  Fan all his life and never got to see them break the Ruth Curse but I did. I screamed during their first victory and World Series Title and each time after. I had never been to Fenway Park and in 2013 I got there after having a cancer scare that took a lobe and one third of my right lung, thanks to my baby sister an dher boyfriend who got us tickets. So, I know what it’s like to see a Franchise/ Team win a Championship after no Titles for a long time.

Again Congratulations , to The Philadelphia Eagles, you deserve it all, your team put on a stellar performance against the Champions of 2017 and won it all! The banners will fly in Philadelphia and the parades will be great.



Cancer Battles Continue!

Around the world, millions of people suffer from Cancers of different forms, and names but all know it can mean their death is it is not faced head on and fought with powerful methods and drugs. Each day, millions go through chemo, and radiation and take powerful experimental drugs to survive and prolong their lives, as cancer ravages them. This battle against Cancer has been active now for some much time it if generations thick and killed so many it is sad to even look at the death toll numbers. Sadly, unknown to many and not realized by many is the fact of how the fight is being done. For some many generations of humankind, mankind has been using animals to test drugs and procedures, and machines on, the point is always to preserve human life and kill cancer as a deadly disease, yet so many animals have lost their lives to the research to stop cancer and other diseases that their death toll far surpasses the human deaths from cancer.

It is a Moral and Ethical dilemma that has persisted through generation after generation of mankind.  How do you test cancer drugs and treatments if not on animals, is there a answer to this question, I wish I knew, but I don’t. I know the following from my own perspective and the life i have lived now til I am 62 and a cancer survivor myself.

My family and those I love or have loved all suffer from this deadly disease called cancer in someway. As far back as 1972, I can remember cancers attack on my family when my grandfather died of it,  prostate cancer got him. A Year or so later, I found a girlfriend I had in High School had it and it was ovarian cancer, I used to sit with her when I could in a Hospital as she awaited treatments.

Time would pass, but cancer would not from my life, it next hit my real father in 1984, lung cancer got him. I went to his wake and funeral  at the time. I didn’t know him well, because he and mom divorced when I was nine months old. Yet, they was cancer raising it’s head once again in my family, now on my father’s side, years after it had hit, my mother’s father. Little did i know what was coming soon, each step it seemed was bringing it closer to me, and it is no lie is was coming.

1990 came, and my Divorce begin as I left my wife in PA. and returned home to Connecticut to find my stepfather a cancer ridden man, slowly dying from it, at home. He would go on to die from lung cancer in October of 1990. Once we buried dad, we then had to face mom’s illness and problems. In june of 1990, while dad was dying, we the children were called to a Hospital Meeting room where a Doctor sat without mother and told us she was dying of lung cancer also. We watched her slowly wither away and die in a bedroom in my sister’s home, October 1991, one year and one day after her husband. Both parents were gone for me and a step-father at this point and cancer had taken a huge bite out of my family.

But ladies and gentlemen cancer was not done with me or my life it would strike again in 2006, striking my second wife, and unknown to me it also hit my first wife in the 1990s, both breast cancer. My first wife survived it and so did my second after chemo and radiation treatments as I sat by my second wife in a hospital in Danbury, Connecticut for each treatment. We would have a decade or so after that of relative peace except for her cancer check-ups of course.  Then cancer decided it still wasn’t done in my life.

2013, August, I walked in to see my Primary Physician at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven. Connecticut. She asked about any history of cancer in my family so I told her, and I was ushered into a  survey of cancer families they were doing and ran through a Pet Scan. I came home feeling fine and thinking nothing of it, until my phone rang and My Doctor told me, Sir you have lung cancer, you need to come down and see our Cancer Specialist. So I made an appointment and on September 4th, 2014, I was on a stretcher in the Operating Room, where a Doctor who is a cancer specialist, removed a lobe and one third of my right lung. I went on to recover from it, no chemo or radiation needed, and on September 16th, 2013, I wa sin Fenway Park, watching my Red Sox beat the Yankees. I had survived cancer and my baby sister an dher boyfriends took me to see the Red Sox for the first time in my life, due to my recovering and surviving as a gift.

Yet, Cancer is a stubborn son of a bitch for sure, and in 2016, January it rang the bell again, this time, it was my wife again. Her Breast cancer we had been fighting and which had gone into recession, came back, this time it was in her bones. We are still fighting now to keep her alive, and she has 75,000 dollars in grants for medicines she needs to take to hold the cancer back. Each day is an adventure just to see if she will wake up each day, second to see how well she will be when she does. I watch her constantly, since she is 16 years my senior and has been my life since 1992. Each day I pray she will wake up and be ok for another day, how long can a 77 year old woman with bone cancer survive on new cancer meds, that even her Doctor says won’t last forever. The drugs are indeed strong and knock the energy out of her each day, as she pops the pills as directed and we carry-on. How long she can keep going is sometimes a question I am afraid to face, yet she keeps going so far and it is now 2018 Feb.

As we fight the cancer that has invaded our lives, we had a discussion last night that was interesting. As we were getting ready to go to bed we had a discussion on the scientific advances in the fight against cancer. We found us agreeing on the fact advances have been made in leaps and bounds in the battle and fight, yet, we also had the animal factor in mind. As cancer survivors we appreciate the new drugs and treatments and the advances in the fight of course, but we are both disgusted but the treatment and use of innocent animals in this fight. The Moral and ethical dilemma of do we really need to kill animals to advance the fight still or not? As two Cancer survivors now ourselves, we hate to hear of the things done to poor innocent animals in the name of advancements. Yet, as we discussed the animal’s being used for testing is what got us this far in the treatments of cancer. It is like a catch 22 isn’t it folks?

Now that, they are finding new ways to advance the treatments and medications without using animals, we as a couple both believe, they should do so from now on without harming animals. So there ya have a guided tour through my family history of cancer, there may be more I do not know of, but that’s it for now!

If you can, I ask you fight Cancer with US. Give to The American Cancer Association and fight Cancer the deadliest killer on earth. Help eradicate it folks, every penny, nickle, dime, quarter, half-dollar or dollar you can spare, please, before it finds it’s way into your family chain and it’s too late!



Trump The Second Benedict Arnold!

February 2018 has arrived folks, and we have heard all the bullshit in Trump’s first State Of The Union and it has flown by with no one really listening or paying attention to much in it. That is the way speeches go, when the public your talking to knows your so full of shit you have no idea what is really happening in  the world around you. Trump is now just a figure in a silly animation living in the White House, his lips and mouth move and people listen for about the length of a cartoon speech and then we move on, for we know it is not reality coming out of him anymore.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, are doing nothing to help the American People or their own President do anything to help us. You want to do something correct for America, elect a new Congress, dump the useless Senators and Congressmen and women, who blindly follow Trump and do what he does which is accomplish nothing and make plenty of noise to get attention.  Each day they have a chance to improve America and all they do is sit and spin their wheels protecting a President who has no empathy for anyone, doesn’t care about his country, colluded with the Russians and has committed Obstruction of Justice on countless times. In American History Impeachment Procedures were brought against Presidents for far less than anything Trump has done. Yet Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnell, and other Republicans stand up and defend a man who is not all there running the most powerful nation on the earth. Sadly, Trump sits in the Oval Office of the White House with his fingers an inch from the Nuke Button that can destroy us all. and we are Americans not looking and all it takes is one mood change for him to push the button and wipe out half it’s population. Sad isn’t it.

The Russian Connection is strong to Trump no doubt about it, so strong in fact he refuses to hit them with greater sanctions, for their meddling in our election in 2016. Trump is bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians, they pour billions into his election and the facts are the facts. I won’t get into details, but you tell me who told the Russians to pour money into the blue belt states during the election and you have your answer as to collusion. Dig deeper into the Trump Family fortune and finances and you will find connections to Russia, through real estate, banking and loans, and hidden accounts. Sadly Congress and The Republican Party refuses to acknowledge it, so the American People will suffer for them allowing it to happen.

Trump promised jobs, well ya got jobs for a short period of time, but now they are leaving again. Layoffs will begin to some major corporations in 2018. The Black Unemployment rate will rise once more as wil unemployment in general soon enough, the Stock Market will come down soon enough also costing millions of Americans their life savings as it heads towards a new crash to rival the big one in the 1920s’ Trump will brag about creating jobs and boosting the markets, but it will fail in the end. For in truth he is not responsible for any job growth or market growth, they are indeed the results of the Obama Administration. Yet Trump will coast on his predecessors coattails as long as it keeps going along. for he is not a deal maker, he is a destroyer in fact. He should lay in bed at night, clasp his hands over his chest and thank the lord, he followed Obama as President.

No Bill or Law worth a shit has passed or been presented to Congress in the past over a year. Trump hasn’t created anything worth passing or able to make it through Congress, yet he has the balls to lie to the American People about all the great things he has accomplished since his election. Not a one adds up to anything period really and just because you appoint a Republican Justice to the Supreme Court is nothing to brag about. Any Republican President could have done the same thing, look at George W. Bush.

Trump will be Impeached, for the American System can not stand a megalomaniac personality, without empathy, and narcissist tendencies.  Sadly he brags about his high IQ, which he may have, but in the end many brilliant men and women, with higher IQs have come before him and failed also and he is failing also. Me thinks this he brags about his high IQ, and in the end never uses it for anything good except to line his own wallet. He is all about improving Trump’s wallet and his friends too, not about helping Americans who are poor or middle class. I can go through a long list of his mistakes and failures and worthless causes but why, we all already know them, and it is sad. The evidence building in the Special Prosecutors office is enough to prove Obstruction of Justice on at least three counts , plus Collusion with the Russians. The Prosecution of Manafort, Gates, Popodoupulous, and next will be Bannon and Stone I am sure. No way will Trump sit down with MUeller and answer his questions, his lawyers are not stupid and would never let him publically and underoath hang himself.

I submit the following for all Americans to consider, Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary War Traitor, he was tried and convicted and forced to live the remainder of his life in England shunned by even the english he gave the information to, till his death, a traitor to America.  I submit that DOnald J, Trump is a racist, and a prejudiced son of a bitch, and a traitor to America also. he colluded with Russia, he is bought by Putin and Russians,  he stands in the Oval Office and brags to the Russians about removing Comey to them in clear sight of the American Press and no one does a damn thing. This is a sad occasion in America and as America, starts toward it’s mid term 2018 elections I remind the American people, that Trump has indeed Obstructed Justice and is controlling  or trying to control the investigation Robert Mueller was assigned to do. He has threatened to fire Mueller, Rosentien, and manipulated the Justice Department every day with tails and threats to stop the Investigation. Trump is a traitor to America. to our Democracy and should be carried out of Washington tarred and feathered on a pole!