Two realities in America!

Seems to me, as a citizen of America, I have concerns regarding realities, being presented to the American People. One reality is that America is losing its status as the world’s leader in peace, defense, and manufacturing as well as economy and social issues. The Other reality is Trumps where he believes all is ok and America is great and there are massive job gains and his popularity is great. The facts in the world and America are not the same as in Trump’s Reality folks, he has his own world, believe me. He is laughed at by leaders of other nations for his pulling us out of deals and agreements he had no business ending on America’s part. The truth is sad ladies and Gentlemen of America, this man, Donald J. Trump has no business in politics and he is definitely not a Commander in Chief, nor is he a real President. He has no idea of the trouble and turmoil his speeches and actions are doing to the country we love. It is sad he was ever elected, and he is creepy, narcissistic a liar, and a bullshit artist too. It is sad, he believes that both sides were wrong in Charlottesville, and it is even sadder he supports white nationalist and Nazis in their right to free speech and destruction of the Democracy we live in today. Listen, Mr. Trump as Number 45 you have a right to defend and protect and guide the United States, not throw it to the wolves and embarrass and humiliate it. Wake the hell up! You are destroying the country on social levels with your lack of education about America History, Rights, Laws, and truths. It’s sad indeed!

As 2017 moves on the calls will now come to remove you from Office and I agree with those calls one hundred percent. From the day you were sworn in as President, you have accomplished absolutely nothing worth while in now eight months in office.  All you do is sign Executive Orders and Directives, half of which are illegal and worthless thrown out by the courts. Sad is what you are! You have spent more American Money protecting you and your family and traveling to your resorts and homes and going golfing than any other President in History already, breaking the budget of the Secret Service, is not the way to go. What happened to the great deal maker you were supposed to be, it’s easy to see to all Americans who watch, you are no deal maker, you’re a phony period. You don’t even understand American History at all, nor do you have any concept of time and eras long passed.  Sadly, you defame and insult the memories and reputations of men who were Presidents before you, who helped created the country we live in. Were you brave enough to lead the first Revolutionary Army that won our Independence like Washington, were you the Writer of the Declaration of Independence, and the man who expanded the country westward, no you weren’t. Did you live in America’s beginnings, and still create the nation we live in and guide it to fruition, no you weren’t and could never be.  You could never compare to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or even Nixon who was

What happened to the great deal maker you were supposed to be, it’s easy to see to all Americans who watch, you are no deal maker, you’re a phony period. You don’t even understand American History at all, nor do you have any concept of time and eras long passed.  Sadly, you defame and insult the memories and reputations of men who were Presidents before you, who helped created the country we live in. Were you brave enough to lead the first Revolutionary Army that won our Independence like Washington, were you the Writer of the Declaration of Independence, and the man who expanded the country westward, no you weren’t. Did you live in America’s beginnings, and still create the nation we live in and guide it to fruition, no you weren’t and could never be.  You could never compare to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or even Nixon who was corrupt yes but still a believer in America. Sadly, Mr. Trump you should not be called President in my eyes and you should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of Washington. DC on a rail.

Afganistan Plan?/ Navy Ship Mishaps and Disasters !

The smartest plan for all Americans regarding the middle east countries and the wars going on there is to pull out. Preserve our firepower and personnel for future wars that can happen if we are attacked at home or overseas.  Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, and all the other countries allowing Al Queada, and other organizations to take over their countries and operate within and from them will then have to deal with them on their own. Americans tire of fighting wars that are not our own and paying billions to preserve those without the will to preserve themselves. Why do we do it, is the real question folks, why bother to send our weapons and troops and pay the cost of defending other people’s countries who do not care about us or our defense.?

The United States has been fighting wars across the earth forever it seems, and we shouldn’t be doing it period we have our own concerns here at home. We need Jobs for our citizens, we need healthcare for our citizens, we need protection at home against terrorism, both home-grown and from abroad. Sadly, our President and our Congress is sitting on their hands and taking no action on any of it except for sanctions. They don’t work, folks!

The United States Navy now has problems, and the biggest problem they have is depending on technical gear to do what sailors used to do themselves. It’s called going too far with advances and not relying on the sailors themselves. Look Outs are the answer to prevent accidents like those that have happened. I served in the United States Navy, I loved the Navy and I believe it is the best in the world, but, it has pushed too far into reliance on equipment and technical devices and is hurting itself trying to prove they work. The fact is there is no answer or replacement for man power and man’s decision-making process. It is the men and women of the Navy and our military overall, who win wars not the technical devices that give increase our dependence on them. Sadly, they make the men and women of the Armed Forces less aware of their surroundings, so that these accidents causing damages to ships and the loss of Sailors happen. It’s called lackadaisicalness, its like a kid sitting in front of a computer playing games, they get lazy. The equipment should only be used at proper times and in the proper manner. I was a Boiler Technician in the Navy when the Navy began to computerize their systems, things got worse. The sailors who know it best are the Engineers who operated the old steam driven plants, we were driven to learn more about our systems, and to operate them in accordance with the written instructions and we had to run drills constantly for the crew to stay alert, at all times. When things aboard ship get too complacent and easy, sailors let down their guards and wham accidents happen.  We were not allowed to do that when I served in the Navy, we had our minds focused on the job at hand and did not relax because it was made clear to us by the steam and oil and machinery around us, we had to be alert to stay alive. I served with some of the best sailors in history in my mind aboard a destroyer, a DDG, an Oiler, and an LPD, all had to be alert at all times to keep the plants running and readiness at 100 percent or as close as possible. There was no excuse given when a plant went down, we were responsible and we had to face Captain’s Mast if it was our fault. It was a different era than today and sadly today’s young men and women don’t get it or the importance of it all. When you grow up learning how to fix your home, or car yourself and you went outside to play and explore and there was no electronic gaming, is when America was at its best and so was it’s Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines. we don’t need to depend on technical equipment and electronics to guide a ship at sea 24/7, we relied on sailors and it worked. Back up and do it again and try a different approach get away from the electronics and technical stuff, men and woman are the best way to focus on things and get them done correctly. Listen to what I am saying, President Trump, The Secretary of the Navy and the Defense Secretary, do a inspect and check ifthey are following the correct procedures and operation manual and EOCs and EOPs aboard the ships. Find out why there were no look-outs manning the wings of the bridges and put them back there where they belong. You need to revert to Seaman, and Fireman status’s and levels and retrain not only the sailors but the Officers over them, for the Officers I saw as I was leaving the Navy were incompetent and lazy also. Get the Sailors off their asses and back on the job correctly, by making them work once more. Sadly, The Navy and America have lost too many sailors to these problems, and too many families are getting notices of losses that should have never happened to them.



The Eclipse of The Sun and Trump too.

Today is the Eclipse of a lifetime and it is beautiful to see on TV and I am sure in person, Each moment of it is a lifetime experience for all, for all involved, the whole 2;30 seconds it does last over you. So I hope all who see it do, so safely with the correct instruments or glasses to protect their vision and eyes.

It is also a day of political numbers dropping for President Donald Trump and the decision he is about to make on Afganistan and our American troops, add or subtract, will eclipse his Presidency too.  On one hand the more troops he sends in the worse for wear on the American People. and the soldiers who must follow his orders to go. Sadly, Trump believes as his Generals do, that the more troops in Afganistan we put there will stop more damage in the world. My question is why, do we really care as the American public want to keep sending our sons and daughters to fight for a country that does not give two shits about us? You T\tell me, folks, is it worth a mass load of more body bags coming home to their parents in the near future to try to rescue a country/nation and its people who have no worry or care or want about us or our being there? I think not and I believe as an American Disabled American Veteran who served his country for 16 years, that we have expended enough money and manpower already over there. It is time, in my opinion, to bring our weapons, our military might and our people home and let Afganistan fix their own country and government. We can’t continue to police the world or control its development on our own without assistance from any other country. It is costing America far too much. folks, I hope Trump has the guts to say enough is enough and to pull out of Afganistan and bring our people home alive. I pray that people will understand, America can not continue to carry the cross and bear the weight of what other countries can or can not do on their own, we are not a global police force. We support peace yes, we support democracy yes. we believe in freedom and stopping terrorism, but we are not a one army global peace force or police force.  Tell the United Nations to send its troops in and control and fix it we have enough problems of our own. It is time America starts pulling back from these missions to save the world and others start taking over, they should start stepping up right now!

The last thing for today’s blog folks as far as politics. Donald Trump is not presidential material and we all know it by his speeches and actions during the last 8 months. His mouth and actions since being sworn in prove he is incapable and incompetent and narcissist too. It is sad that so many American’s who were in the Electoral College voted him in, above the public’s votes. He is not a President but a bigot and racist and foolish and unable to make decisions that will improve our country. I just hope the Generals who are telling him to put more troops in Afganistan, are smart enough to have a plan to get us out too.



Preserve don’t Destroy, or the Reminders will be gone!

Certain things get me angry or upset in life, but none more than this controversy over Confederate Statues in America. Look, I know that the South succeeded from the North and the Civil War happened. It happened not over Freedom for the Slaves folks it happened over Economic differences between the two sides. It was well into the war when Abraham Lincoln declared it a War for the Emancipation of The Slaves, thus freeing the African Americans from the bonds that held them to slave owners.

The statues being destroyed and torn down of General Robert E. Lee, StoneWall Jackson and others who fought on the Confederate side is wrong for many reasons, some historic is just the top of the subject.  They are historic statues folks of men who fought for what they believed in at the time of the war and they were heroes to many in the South and should be transferred and saved in Museums not destroyed. I won’t go where Donald trump went, tearing down of statues of Washington, Jefferson or any other President prior to Abraham Lincoln, is stupid. Washington, Jefferson both were born in an era when slavery was the norm of the southern part of America, and both have historical significance to Americans everywhere. Both men Washington and Jefferson freed the slaves they had when they died and both have a personal part in creating the country we live in. One was our First General and fought for the freedoms we all gained when we won the revolutionary war and gained independence. Washington was the first General who led the way then made vital decisions in office limiting terms of the Presidency, and Jefferson god bless his soul and heart he wrote and produced the Declaration of Independence we live under and both were members of the Constitutional Congress that produced it. Let’s be realistic when we talk tearing down monuments and statues, not stupidity.  we would tear down Lincoln.s Monument or Martin Luther King Jr.s, or any other statues or monuments that represented an African American who stood up for freedom and peace, why would we do so to great Americans who led the way. I know I will hear how they had slaves and they were wrong and no one is arguing that point, what I argue is simply the fact that they did more to create America than others and they represented the dream that became America and it was before Americans even thought of freeing their slaves when both Washington and Jefferson released their slaves on their death beds. So think of this folks, do we condemn Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks or any other African American for mistakes they did in a five-year, part of their lives. Then why should we condemn those who fought for the South and tear down the monuments and statues to those who fought for what they believed in their time?  I ask this my fellow Americans, why do we the people have the right to condemn those who in the past did what they believed was right in their era? And One More question for all,, Is it right to destroy historic figurines and memories of people we don’t fully understand and can never live in their shoes when they mean something to the people who study and admire them?  American History is as Diverse as the people who live in America and all should be saved and preserved so we don’t repeat the mistakes of those before us, you don’t want the statues in your streets to see for all, then move then to museums and preserve them there, not destroy them. we will lose so much of our history in the destruction of these monuments and statues, and what happened in the 1860s, in American will happen again, because of stupidity, anger, and foolishness, let’s not start a new Civil War or destroy what reminds us not to do it again.!

Statues being torn down! No Stop!

I believe every American has a right to object to statues, they think represent people they think were evil, or against certain things. Yet Mr. Trump, Number 45 is going too far off the tracks in calling  Washington, and Jefferson evil, or calling for their images to be pulled down I am sorry I disagree 45 big time!

Here is, the difference folks, George Washington is a Patriot and the Leader of the Revolutionary Army and First President of The United States, yes he had slaves for so did most rich Americans in his era. Let’s not forget his forging ahead and fighting the war that made America a country that it is today. Let’s not forget he was America’sFirst President who set the tone for the government and helped create the three branches we have. Yes he had slaves, and in the end, when he died he released his slaves into freedom, so he was ahead of his time He believed all belonged free and he fought so this country could be formed and created. You tear down statues of Washington you are tearing down national history and forgetting where this country came from.

Thomas Jefferson served as a creator and founder of the country we all lived in and was a President and did fantastic things like expanding the country land , wise, and writing the Constitution we all live by. The era was different in their days and the world was too and America was a struggling nation they led through it;s rough beginnings. To say you want to tear down their statues, is stupid, Mr. Trump or to compare them to Robert E. Lee is stupid.  Yet for a History Lesson for you, I will tell you this, you want to group all together there are some common factors among them. All were well read, all were a Patriots to the cause they believed in and for your information Robert E. Lee, StoneWall Jackson, Jefferson Davis all were patriots before they became Confederates.

History 45, shows Robert E, Lee was an American General who graduated West Point like Grant his opponent in The Civil War which was not originally fought just to free the slaves but over political and economic issues in the America we all love. I ask you this, would you like to be banned and torn down over a five year period in your life, because you fought on the wrong side in the Civil War? I doubt it because it was a period of time that lasted 5 years. What about the rest of their lives that they dedicated to the country as politicians, representatives and so much more. doesn’t that count? If it doesn’t then you really are a fool. America was created as a nation of freedoms that no other country or nation in the world had ever seen or heard of before. Yes, America made mistakes, and the biggest was bringing human beings here to use as slaves against their will. Let me remind you though of the1880s when the slaves were declared free to go and do and act as they pleased, by Abraham Lincoln a Republican President with moral, ethical and personal ideas and feelings from watching slaves be mistreated and used. He made the CIvil War, which started as I stated over other issues into a fight for the freedom of the slaves and their release. America finally did the right thing and gave that freedom to them and that ended in the right way.

There has been and will never be a place in the world for white supremacy, Nazis, or people who hate people for their nationality, skin color or anything else, you don’t like someone for some reason avoid them don’t deny them their right to live just as free as you and me period all deserve freedom and the same rights. I care not about nationality, color, race or where you come from and I defend the right to not like someone or something as much as anyone else, but I don’t and will never discriminate, or be a bigot like you are. Leave the statues alone, in all cases, if you ask me, it should be illegal to tear them down and destroy them. I don’t care what you believe as an individual about the people they represent, if people are as ignorant as you 45, then no monuments or statues will litter America’s lands. the statues were put up because the people they represent meant something to America, the people it represents and the freedoms we all have, leave them be. You 45 are a bigot, a narcissist personality and a fool for you know not, even your own countries history or reasons for being. On top of this I will say this, if people do not know the full history of the person in the statue, then put up plaques explaining who the person was and why the statue was created and gave the full life history of the person, not just that they had slaves, how about telling what they did to create, defend and represent their country and why the statues were built in the first place. One more thing I wish to add here, and I know it may someday anger and piss off African Americans, statues were built for Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and other African Americans, in America who did great things on a social basis for their people and America in general, but I remind you, if you tear down statues from Americans who were presidents senators and politicians, then someday people will call for the statues, of your respected and loved people to be torn down too. Protect all of them for they show the diversity of the country and its heritage. Teach don’t tear down!


Number 45, should be Removed!

Many will say I am crazy, or I don’t know what I am talking about, but, like all Americans who know their rights, I speak out about what I see. I have been alive since 1956, born under a President who led the nation in a proper way. I went from Ike to Kennedy, to Johnson, to Nixon, onward to today under Trump and sadly all I can say is this is the worst President I have seen in my entire life, President Donald J. Trump!

No President is as prejudice, discriminating, ugly when it comes to respecting others whether Females, Blacks, Hispanics,  or anyone one else. This man has no moral compass, no ethical compass, and certainly does not have the ability to lead or bring together the American People. Again he opens his mouth and garbage comes out and it is becoming a constant from him, he believes in his White Supremacist bullshit, he is gonna let these Nazis roam our country spouting their hateful words and that’s how he is. For he believes in the same stuff these people spouted, White Power, knock down the Jews, beat on the colored of all kinds, he is one sick man Number 45.

He spouts shit he has no business spouting, like his statements on tearing down Statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both are Founding Fathers of America as a country and would chew him up and spit him out if they were alive. It was a different world back then and all who live today understand that. Yes, they had slaves all their lives each of them, but the country was young, inexperienced and ignorant at the time. They dealt with issues that went to the foundations of our Constitution and our Bills Of Rights. Then as time went on Mr. Trump a man, came along you may know of him, his name was Abraham Lincoln, he had a war called the Civil War fought during his time in office and made the decision to free all men and make us all equal no matter the color of our skin, he freed the slaves, do you remember that? You need to go back to school and get some history lessons, not only on American History but on social history too. Sadly, being a white supremacist, a racist bastard,, and a Nazi Supporter, it doesn’t matter to you does it. The 1860s were a long time ago, Mr. Trump and since those days America and the African Americans and those of us who care, have been working to make equality a major part of our world. I defended my country for 16 years as an American Veteran who is now disabled, I served side by side with all colors, races, and ethnic backgrounds, all doing the same thing, defending the country we all love. We all had morals and ethics that made you and still make you look like shit to me. We didn’t care what color people were and I still do to this day, America is a melting pot. You, Mr. Trump,are a sad excuse for a human being and should vacate the White Office of The Presidency of The United States of America. You know not American History or reality Mr. Trump and by supporting White Suprememist and Nazis, you have proven yourself unworthy of the office. It’s sad, and I am with the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Virgina who calls you Number 45, I will do the same too. My opinion is Number 45 must go, will ring, I am sure out over, America if it is shouted out as loud as the stories of White Supremist and Nazis you support. There is no room for the bullshit the White Supremist and Nazis spouted in our America they should be driven out and found and convicted.

How a draft dodger like yourself Mr. Trump ever got into the Presidency is a shame and repugnant to me and the people who voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton who should in my opinion and the opinion of more Americans than ever voted for you, should be the President. It’s a shame she isn’t President, for the mess we have now would never have been and Americans have to suffer through your four years, and just shake our heads and try to avoid the violence and anger you bring with you. It’s a sad day in America, due to you Number 45.

Sign all the Presidential Directives you wish to sign when you leave office, they will go with you I am sure. You can’t run a country on Executive Orders and you can’t write a Bill or Law that will get through Congress either. You failed at Replace and Repeal, you failed.  You sign Executive Orders like they are candy on your desk, they aren’t and as I said they will disappear into history just as you will and should forever.

Trump is Failing !

Answer me some questions folks if you will please! How the hell did Donald J. Trump get elected to the Presidency and why? I know I have seen, CNN produce the special with Fareed on his rise and win, but why are there so many Americans dumb enough to have voted him into office in our electoral college?  Please explain that one to me!

This man Trump has now been in office as of August 25th for eight months and he has not written a bill or law that works, he has changed or created jobs as promised, he hasn’t built his so called wall or anything else he has promised. So why do his die hard supporters support him, I still don’t get it!

He is not our voice as he stated in his campaign, and he could never be, he dodged the draft five times, refused to serve his country, and not he is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of America, unbelievable to me and sad.

He doesn’t get what racism is, he doesn’t understand nor object to or condemn White Supremacist, or Nazis roaming America, for over 48 hours? Why? Simple the man is a racist at heart is why there is no other answer really unless you’re going to admit he’s slow and doesn’t understand what he is dealing with and if that the case it’s even worse. So you tell me why Americans voted this man in office, please. I will tell you why they did, but you will not want to hear it I am sure. He got into office based on a fear campaign, and a hate campaign against Hillary Rodham Clinton. People feared to let a woman run the country, all the white supremacist, racist bastards who are not controlling and rioting in the streets causing injuries and death to innocents. The people he refused to condemn for 48 hours are the same uneducated, and racist ones who elected him to the office. The sad thing is Americans who are not racist, discriminating or prejudice are outnumbered by those who are, thus we got Trump. It’s a sad state of affairs in America and the world knows it too and they keep watching and laughing at us for it all. They understand the more divided America is the deeper the rift the less America can accomplish. They understand division among the population of America on these issues makes it easier for them to avoid and take advantage of it all. Does Trump realize what is going on and how he is dividing the country instead of Uniting it I doubt it, he just wants a golf club in his hands is all.

Last thought folks for today, I believe Congress should create and pass a law demanding a psychiatric test for all who want to be President as well as an IQ test. Trump needs help in my opinion and I know many will say I am wrong or will not admit it but it’s true !. A mental examination should be given to each and every candidate for President to see if they are stable enough to handle the Presidency and Congress should create a bill to ensure it happens. A full mental test and personality check should be made on a Candidate for President and a Fitness Report Issued before they are allowed to run. It is a sad state of affairs that a narcissist personality is now in the White House and that he has dragged people like Steve Bannon with him. Yet I know, that many Americans will say I am crazy, I don’t know what I am talking about, I do have big concerns about Trumps mental and personality abilities and his failure to react normally, against threats like these racist bastards in out country.