A Crisis Screams Stop!

Good Morning World, as the world turns is an old adage and tv show in American Soap Bopper History, but the title tells a lot to all who watch it. The World will turn no matter what folks, we know it’s a fact we can not control at all. Yet people tend to forget, that as it does turn we interact with one another and in the end we are remembered well after we die for what we did to others when we live. I mention this because, of what is happening in the world today, the detainment of children and families trying to enter the United States, the deaths of thousands in other lands like Syria from gas attacks and weapons that should never be used. How about the thousands killed in North Korea so one man can hold power and be called the Supreme Leader. What of these people who kill others and care not as long as they stay in power?

Sadly I as an American am witnessing for the first time in my life’s history of 62 years, the destruction and torturing of children in the world. We have no right to take children from their parents and to separate  families in the way we are. I remind both the Senate and The House of Representatives, in the past other nations have done what is being done on our southern borders, and look at what history has painted those countries like, and what has happened to them. We are falling apart because both the Senate and The House of Representatives, filled with Republicans has tied their reelection results to Trump’s coattails.  The Republicans in office are wrong to blindly follow Trump and his ways and to allow him to use children as blackmail hostages so he can get funding for his wall, which we don’t really need anyway. Sad!

Each day I wake up and see and hear recordings of children crying for their parents and locked away in kennels in southern states. What kind of madness is gripping America and the White House that such a thing can be done? When will  some people with some guts, balls and brains step up and stop this madness and take action? How long must children who are innocent, sent here by others or their parents to seek asylum, be used as weapons to force the payment of a wall? The children are innocent folks, they didn’t ask to be dragged here, against their will, nor did they do so of their own free will, wake up! Stop the separation of children from their parents, stop the crying, the pain and suffering, halt it now! If you don’t want them here turn them away and send them home, with their parents, dont cage and capture them and hold them like animals. Send them back if you must but stop the torture, mistreatment. This is a crisis that screams to the world and should scream to all in America who have a heart and have children of their own, STOP !





Crisis, the American Dream is Dying!

America was built on dreams and offers of freedoms not found anywhere else in the world, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, are tops and so is the freedom of being who and and what you want as long as you follow the laws. Well, what do we do when it is out own Government that breaks the moral and ethical standards needed to create the greatest government and country on the planet? Where do we turn when we find ourselves doing things such as seperating children from their parents and caging them like animals so an American President can blackmail and force the Senate and House to give him money for a wall? The desperation of Trump and his Administration to build a wall where none has needed to exist for 247 years of American History is sad. For some reason President Trump believes he is right and will not change the policy in question, so he is traumatizing children and mothers and father all at once to try to get his way! This is the saddest display of political power in American History, it is on the same line of the jailing of the Japanese during World War 2 and the jailing of the African Americans and Jews too. I am not comparing it to the Nazis’s yet it comes in a close second for sure in world history and such an atrocity places America in World History as a deplorable and despite country.

Donald J. Trump when elected wanted to, and suggested he would end up on Mount Rushmore, sorry no way.  He wants a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with North Korea, he should get an award ok, but not that one! He didn’t get anything concrete out of Kim Jung Un at all and gave up more than he ever could get. Kim Jung Un is laughing at him and the world is going what the hell is wrong with America!

The Senate and The House of representatives need to step up, they need to tell the world and the people they don’t agree with Trump’s policies. They need to stop these children from being ripped from their families at our borders. It’s a sad world when Americans get taken and treated like shit and the same should be said for anyone else it is being done to, no double standards allowed, stop the taking of children now!

Read the Statue of Liberty, understand the words and meanings of freedom, honor, trust, and the words of give us your masses!. All of a sudden America is refusing children and mothers and fathers who are under the threat of being killed by drug cartels and gangsters in other lands, since when I ask.

The AMerican dream was and still is a land where all are accepted and cared for and allowed to become citizens, are you killing the American Dream President Trump?  We are at a crisis here and the whole world is watching as young children are caged and treated like animals by you and your administration, change the damn policy now. The American dream is dying and you Sir are the man causing the crisis that is destroying the American Dream and the status of America in the World.


My Books, They are Shorts and Poems! FIGHT CANCER!

I write for Therapy for my PTSD and to help my wife, who suffers from Breast Cancer, which has metastasized to Bone Cancer and is now Stage Four. My Stories are nex, different and I believe some say interesting. How about giving them a try, if your on a Kindle E-reader or one that takes the Application, they are cheap and simple reads

My Author’s Page can be found here:images (26)


My Newest and Longest, A Indian Chief returns to the Valley taken from his people, builds and then faces the Government that forces him to fight back and make a decision to save his people. See what he decides!

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is an original story that spans generations of Lakota Indians. The main character, Professor Stan Strachen, tells his own story of hidden Lakota secrets uncovered by himself while exploring in South Dakota. It’s told in a first person happening now style. The reader is experiencing everything at the same time as the main character.

This is a entertaining easy short mystery. Page turner. Impossible to predict what’s coming next.

Military Service/ Pride! It sticks in You!

Unlike many I know, one thing no one can accuse me of is kissing ass. Not as a child, not in Elementary School, High School, work, or in the service. I refused and still do to this day, for I may not know everything, but I do know if it is vital, important or I need to know how to handle it, do it, or need it I will learn it as fast as possible. And then I will implement it and make it work, I did it all my life and will continue to do it till I die.Playing kiss ass or sucking up, was never a part I could do, just because you had more knowledge or experience didn’t mean I had to kiss anyone’s ass and I never did.

I was told in my Service Days, you have to do it this way, or that way, but I was never one to do everything by the book so to say, so I would get things done and get the end results correct no matter what, but not always by the book.

Serving in the Military for 16 years, was a part of me and is still in many ways today, the waking up early never goes away, the stick withitness stays with you too, as well as the determination to get it all done before you sit down to relax. All a part of the military life I led, that has stayed with me till these days.

All good things for sure, but so is the ability to play it by ear, to be an individual, to not always follow a pattern and that paid off too in many cases on all three ships I served on. Each ship I served on had a disaster happen abroad it after I had left it. Fires ravished each one at one time or another after  was gone, sadly some died on these ships. I was lucky and did not die, for I never was one to relax on watch in a fire room  or engineering space, I couldn’t sit and sleep like some i knew, I had to get up and look around. I had to check the sounds and noises that changed from watch to watch each day and night I stood one and keep an eye out for problems. I was antsy, and never once in my military career did i ever really relax, I couldn’t. Yet that constant need to make sure things were right and no one was hurt was an internal part of me and I guess it served me well.

The Dahlgren had it’s problems with boiler fires after I left her, as did each ship I was on. The Dahlgren taught me to be aware of everything around me while on watch. When you dealing with 12,00 lbs. of steam going through pipes and valves and turbines you tend to stay awake and aware. I remember more then once having to take a broom to check readings on the boilers and equipment, and hold it out in front of me do to leaks, and watching the broom get burn or cut from steam leaks. Yet we worked around these things until we could shut down, cool off and repair them.

The Monongahela, is and will always be in my memory the best ship and crew I served on in my Navy time. She had the service members who cared the most, who followed the rules and regulations the most, and who had the most pride I have seen in my navy life. We didn’t just serve on her in one position, we did two or three or maybe four different ones we filled. We Served Engineering Watches, Casualty Control Drills,Fire Parties, and yes as Oil Rig Members and Safety Officers too. We steamed the 600 lbs plants and did all we could to meet all obligation she has as a Seagoing command and did so with pride.

The last ship I served on was old, and dilapidated in my opinion and it’s crw had attitude problems that affected all who served on it. The reason was simple, age of vessel, lack of care by leadership and in the end they didn’t care about the crew that manned her. The Ponce LPD-15 when I reached her was in the worst shape of any ship I had seen. I served there for a brief period of time, till my back injuries that had occurred in a fall aboard the Dahlgren years earlier got to me and I went down. The problem with being injured in the Navy and being an engineer is simple, no one wants to believe the injury is real, but it is and always has been. I left the Ponce LPD 15 and headed off to Hospitals, to be treated for disc injuries to my spine. I served on Duty Stations in Norfolk VA., as a Master At Arms, and a BEQ Manager and Assistant manager and I worked at Portsmouth Naval Hospital also. I filled many roles in my Naval life and I must admit learned many lessons.

I also had served prior to the Navy in two other branches of service, the U.S. Army I did a period of only 120 days, and I didn’t fit in and got out on a Trainee Discharge under Honorable Conditions and then went home and joined the COnnecticut Army National Guard, as a Machine Gunner Scout. In all my service time added up to 16 years, total and I a proud of all of it. I wasn’t a hero, I wasn’t the greatest service member but I did my jobs in all ways I knew how and that is what counts. Military Life teaches you discipline, persistence, and how to listen and give orders too and take them. It teaches you that as a unit all must be on one team, for you depend on one another if something happens at sea. As I said earlier, the crews I served with on all three ships, did not have accidents or fires, and the ships I served on during my days stayed accident free from the day I reported aboard them til lI left. I am sorry to have heard os the fires on Dahlgren and Monongahela and Ponce after i left them and hope the crews I knew are safe. My Service life I treasure till today, for the experiences the places and the people were special to live with and through it all. God Bless them all.

Yes I served as a Boiler Technician, a M-88 Tank Retriever Driver and a Machine Gunner Scout. I also served as a Master At Arms, and as a BEQ Assistant Manager. When I left it would be years later, as I struggled to keep going and stay alive and survive, when I would return to School in 1994 at 38 years old and went to College and Got a Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and yes I was the only member of my family to get a College Degree.  I did run Hotels, but, in the end for me my injuries and my lack of patience stopped my doing so. So today what do I do, well, I write, I write blogs, I write poetry, I write books. I take care of my wife who has breast cancer and try to keep her alive. Each day is a day I live on disability pay and social security and we get by.

I have survived it all and I am proud of it too. I brought my wife through Breast cancer in 2006 and she survived, I then suffered Lung Cancer myself and then survived and now we are back at taking care of my wife once more as her breast cancer has spread and is throughout her body in her bones and tissue now again and it is back to chemo for her. So each day I used the same stick with it skills, determination, discipline and how to think on your feet, I learned in the service to survive. That is what, military life does for you, and it never leaves you, does it?


There are Moments!

We all live life in our own ways and we make our own decisions on who we shall be, who we are and what we can do with who and what we are. Some of us choose to keep going and never give up through thick and thin and others of us can’t make it through and give up before our natural end. I don’t condemn, nor regret and I don’t give up, never have no matter what. Life is an adventure folks, it’s a mapped out path we have no idea what it leads to for each of us. But, destiny is not something we can control, but we can mold it, form it, use it and direct it to the best of our abilities and make it work so we live lives that count to more than just ourselves.

Some of us live and get rich, we get lucky, we have circumstances that lead us to being rich and powerful and then don’t know what to do with it. I was never one of those people for I came from a family that both parents worked in, there were five of us, as kids and two adults dedicated to getting us to adulthood. Yes, childhood was not easy for me, the way  it went in my family was easy, the eldest one was mom’s baby boy her favorite, he got all she could give to any kid, and she handed him anything he wanted, that she could possibly do.

I was number two, the one that got the worst part of it all at home, the one beat upon, by mom, the one the father figure beat on and used like a dog to build a home and never say thank you to. I was the problem child I was told, I had emotional issues they said, we can’t handle you is what I was told when I was put away for two years, at 10 years old. I was emotionally unstable they said, I laugh today at the thoughts and words they threw at me for two years. I was institutionalized, put away and told I may never go home again. I fought back, I was never emotionally disturbed, I suffered from wants and needs and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. My mind raced faster than the kids around me, and I was always a thousand miles ahead of others, but silent about it all holding it inside. No one knew or understood it, not the welfare workers and Social Workers, nor my parents or teachers, they couldn’t understand it because they had never seen anyone like me. I was a child who learned to read music at 5 years old, I was a child who was reading novels and poems and books by age 8. I was a child lost in comic books and who decided competition was worthless for me, because I knew if I competed I could run away with so many things they would hate me for it, so I stopped trying and got lackadaisical. That was who I was and am today. I write books, I care for my wife and I miss my two daughters and grandchildren too, but I go on.

The third child behind me was a brother, he fought to be recognized and loved by his father and that man didn’t care two shits for him. So he fought for attention and failed but he was gifted in many ways, he played four instruments, he was an artist, he drew beautiful pieces of art he left behind. He went overboard trying to get approval from his father and was ignored, cast aside and beat upon. He died at 30 years old in a California Hospital for HIV Patients from drugs. Tells you how that went doesn’t it, by the time his father got around to realizing he was alive both of them were dying at one time, the boy of Aids the father of Cancer, they would die the same year months apart a country wide separation between them. Neither gave in and both died lonely, believe me.

The Fourth child was a daughter she had it all being the only girl. We built her her own room all done in pink paneling and pink carpets with with and gold inlaid beds and dressers. She came and went as she pleased and of course as she grew she was protected by her brothers, who ultimately left her behind to go on in their own lives. The girl got in trouble, got pregnant and married and then divorced and then married again and then divorced again. By 50 she was married twice with three grown children and two ex-husbands. Yet she kept a positive outlook on life even if she was ignored by her parents growing up, and she grew up to write books and published them, and helped others along the way, always smiling and trying to stay positive.

The fifth child I have no idea where he went or what he grew up to be, but I do know he has talent to draw, art is his thing he loved it, in all forms especially comic book art, I know I showed him the comics when he was small. He had an accident as a child and got hit by a car and he has never been the same. in many ways, but he has survived and carried on and has been married at least twice now. last I knew he is living a peaceful existence in a home he owns and works out of daily as a Pest Engineer. Funny, how life turns out isn’t it, none of the five of us really talk or see each other much now a days, we each live different lives.

My sister and I talk a lot and we stay in touch, and she lives less than ten miles away, and we barely see each other, maybe if we are lucky, 3 or four times a year. If I get sick she will come running, if she is in danger or hurt or needs help I go help her the best I can and always will. But for the rest of them, the separation is a gulf wide from me and I find it sad. But I live my own life, mind my own and do the best i can writing, and living a life I rebuilt after my divorce.

Yes I have children two daughters who live 500 miles away with their mother in another state. We were married for 12 years, ten together and two in separation while she decided whether she really wanted to divorce me. Now unlike most men, I did not screw around on my first wife, I did not beat her or my children or do anything wrong. The problem was hers from her childhood not mine, her father was a pervert and sexually abused her as a child and it came roaring back as an adult in her. She tried and I tried it couldn’t last, because in the end she transferred that balme to me, and tried to have me put away for it, by lying to the courts and law and having me arrested for it all. In the end the truth came out, and i was released my record cleaned up and I came home leaving behind the two most precious things I had in life because i had no choice my daughters. I battled back and recovered though, it took me 14 years to see them again and they were grown and are doing ok on their own no thanks to their parents for sure. Life is strange in many ways, believe me.

Yet as I sit here today this is where I am at, I write blogs, I write poetry and I write short stories and books for all to read. I try to sell them on Amazon’s Kindle E-books and if I had an editor or publisher I might be able to make a few bucks doing so, but I don’t so I just keep at it and hope is all. I tell stories and I speak truths, I make up fables and more, but in the end all it does is relieve a little pressure for me, and I use it as a relief valve so to say. Am I wrong for doing so, I think not, for all of us need a way to handle stress, tension, loses and life as it goes on for us don’t we?

Currently, I am fighting to keep my current wife alive each day. Cancer is a nasty word in my life and I have seen it far too much. It started showing up in my life at age 18, when the first girl I ever kissed came down with ovarian cancer. She would last till age 62, and fought one hell of a battle doing so. She was brave and smart and pert and cute too, just we didn’t fit well together.

First was mom’s father, he got hit with pancreatic cancer in 1971 and died in a nursing home.

Then came the surprise, when it hit my real father in 1984 and took him, He was a young 55 years old, when he died and he left behind 9 children, two by my mother and the rest by a second wife. Did I know him well no, I wasn’t allowed to by my mother, but I did meet him twice.

Next came, my step-father, he died at 59 years old of lung cancer and one year and one day later my mother went and followed him the same exact way. The world was lonely and getting lonelier each day it seemed, and I bordered on thoughts of suicide, but fought back and survived.

I met my Ms. Amazing one evening at a singles dance, we danced the night away and never stopped now 25 years later. We laughed, we cried, we survived and we strived. I helped her financially save her home and we bought one together, that was seven years after we met. I cosigned a loan for her and we paid the bills barely and then sold the home she so dearly loved and built years before with her first husband. We bought another in a new town and moved in together and rebuilt it in the image she loved, why because I didn’t care what the house color was, what the insides were, as long as I had her. She smiled my life lit up, she laughed I laughed, she cried I cried, it was our life. She helped me go back to school and college and get a degree I never had or thought I would get at 40 years old. But I got it and made it through and am the only one in my family to ever have gotten one, what would mom have thought I wondered.

Now, it is 25 years since I met Ms Amazing as I call my wife. I sat by her through her first bout of breast cancer, chemo and radiation in 2006 and she survived. Then 7 years later she sat by and watched me, survive lung cancer thanks to the Veterans Administration and their care and Hospital. I didn’t need radiation or chemo myself, just surgery, they took a lobe and one third of my right lung. I came back fast from it with her support. Now we came upon January 2016, and the call came once more, her breast cancer was back, the battles would begin a new. We keep fighting each day now in 2018, we went through drugs of all kinds, we have contacted Doctors of all kinds, specialist, we have tried believe me.  It is now June 2018, she sleeps in a lazyboy recliner in our living room, I sleep on the couch next to her, each night. I watch her breathe in the morning to see if she is still with me. I take her to the doctors and Cancer Centers, and I pray each day she survives.

Her second bout with Chemo will start shortly, after they instill a new port in her . It will be three weeks on and one week off for her and I will sit by her side through it all, and pray. All I can say is this, I pray each day.

If you wish to know more, that’s fine too, I did write a short story on her a while back, few have even bothered to read it, but it sits on Amazon under the following location if anyone wants to see it.

Question, is it ok, if Trump was bought and paid for by Russia?

Yes I am asking this question and yes it is an honest one to ask the American Public before we go into the Mid-Term Elections in November of 2018.

Somethings must change in order for America to have free elections once more and to ensure the validity and integrity of the American President.  First and foremost is the campaign contribution laws and regulations.   At no time should money from a foreign nation be allowed to back any candidate in the American Presidential Election. The fact that Russia bought and paid for Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and directed those ads to the Blue Belt Areas, buying votes not only in the popular number but also in the electoral numbers and gave Trump the White House should say it all. Sadly, we are stuck with a  paid and owned stooge of Russia and Vladimir Putin. The proof shows in all Trump does and the friendly relationship he keeps trying to show by kissing Putin’s ass everyday he is in office.

But, now the Inspector General of The Attorney General’s Office wants to chase down the emails that belong to Hillary Clinton from the 2016 election, what the hell for? She is done, she lost the election and will not run again, I don’t care how angry she is or upset, or why Trump wants this done, it’s wrong, she isn’t the one sitting in the White House daily lying bold facely to the American People, Trump is.

I tire of hearing how Trump wants a citizen who ran against him for the Presidency Arrested and indicted and jailed, what good would that do the American People or him? Nothing! If anything Hillary Rodham Clinton should be praised and honored by American Women and the American People everywhere for her work on trying to break the glass ceiling, and opening the door for other women to run and possibly be American Presidents. This crap of arresting and indicting your political opponent is one straight out of the Communistic and Russia playbook of Putin. It stinks of Aristocratic and Communist tendencies growing in American Politics as brought forth by Trump and Russia and Putin. Where is America heading, are we heading toward a communist regime and future or will we remain the Democracy of the World, with Freedoms like , Free Speech, Religious choice, Laws and choices or be stripped of it by Trump and his Russian Colluders? If America continues down the path Trump is taking us, we will be isolated from the world, and looked at as fools for trusting Kim Jung Un and laughed at by Allies we have had for centuries. The Tariffs Trump has put in place and that are now being retaliated back at us by our allies and others will destroy the American status and economy in the world, why doesn’t Congress have the balls to stand up and tell him so and stop him? We are now in June 2018 the November 2018 election is ahead of us, and we should all work hard to remove the stain on America’s reputation and position in the world, Donald J. Trump.

If you are watching the indictments are growing, the charges mounting, the Mueller investigation is growing and building evidence, soon it will be released and put before Congress, and when it is Congress will have no way they can not react, with Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump the proof is in the can and just waiting to be opened up, like a can of stink on shit. It’s going to happen, ask anyone who follows the news on Television or in the papers or in the internet. He can only hide so long and run like the Benedict Arnold coward he is. America suffered from one Benedict Arnold folks, the real one in the Revolutionary War, he sold secrets and information about America to the British and ended up, forced out of America and to die a lonely bastard in England wearing not the Red Coats of the British but The Blue Coats of the Americans because he regretted what he did. Trump, needs to go and be rode out of Washington and the United States on a pole, tarred and feathered and made to go live with his Russian cohorts in Russia. Is it right he was bought and paid for by Putin and Russia and Americans were bullshitted to and lied to, for him to get the Presidency? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my opinion, and I have a right to it and to speak and write it as I please, under the Second Amendment rights I have being an American. If you don’t like it, dont read it, if you do like it spread it. But remember this, no matter what, men and women of America will say the same or close to the same things I am now and no Summit with Kim Jung Un will change Trump’s status in the world’s eyes or American’s eyes when it is over.  Kim Jung UN got what he wanted, a place on the world stage and a photo op with the American President, we got nothing. Does he deserve a nomination for Noble Peace Prize, nope, will his face be enshrined on Mount Rushmore, nope, what he will get is put down in history as the most disgraced, inept, unintelligent, man ever elected to the office, a fool, When he does leave office, you can bet he will die a lonely isolated individual, just as Benedict Arnold and Richard Nixon did, before him. For a man bought and paid for by Putin and the Russians has no place in American History or in the Presidency.




Suggestion to President Trump and The Veterans Administration

President Trump recently sent out a email and text for suggestions on what people would like to see him do for them, while President.

My Suggestion is as follows: 1) Build more Veterans Hospitals, the ones you currently have are overloaded, crowded and doing the best they can, yet, they can’t keep up with their Veteran Patients needs on a constant basis. They Need Help!

2) Many Veterans are not close enough to the current Veterans Hospitals for Medical Care Emergent and Non-Emergent, I suggest that for all Veterans who are over 50 percent disabled, you change their Veterans Identification Cards to Cards that allow them to go to Public Hospitals and Emergency Care Centers for treatment, when they can not travel to Veteran Hospitals. I live in an area where my ride is 45 minutes one way to the nearest Veterans Hospital, and in emergencies, I got to Emergency Rooms in Civilian Hospitals as is the current program the Veterans Administration has. Well the problem is the Hospitals that are civilians, send the bills to the Veterans, and they are crazy prices we can’t pay on Disability checks. So we end up sending them to Veterans Administrations Offices to get paid and they are slow and argumentative and they either get paid very slowly or not at all. In the end you are putting the Veteran patient under the stress and tension of having to call people numerous times to get it paid and taken care of. I was lucky with my last one and called my Senator who got involved and got it paid for me.

 If we had Identification cards that specified, We are Veterans 50 percent or better disabled and covered under The Veterans Administration for treatment at Civilian Hospitals  or Emergency Clinics Nationwide. you would decrease the burden on The Veteran’s Hospital’s, decrease the stress and tension on the Veteran Patients needing help, and have the medical cost also leveled and controlled they can charge us under the plan. They would know when we go in and provide the Identification that we are Disabled Veterans over 50% Disabled and covered by the Veteran’s Administration and that they can submit the paperwork for the treatment and payment to the Veterans Administration. Thus ensuring them their money for treating us Veterans in the end.