The Virtual Reality Problem is cost for average PC Users.

Virtual reality is the coming trend in Personal Computers, and Gaming systems, but some things need to be pointed out to possible buyers.

1) The high price of the headsets and computers is just crazy. I bought a HP Omen DeskTop, that does Virtual Reality if you get the headset, it cost me 1,500 dollars. I contains 16 gigs of ram a I-7 Intel Chip, a Nvidia Graphics card with 8 gigs of ram on it, and a SSD Drive 256, and a one TB Hard drive. While the desktop is fast and a good one, there are even higher models out there made by numerous companies. The prices are high as hell folks.

2) Virtual reality Headsets for Personal Computers, run from 299.99 to 599.95 dollars a shot. Now before you rush out and buy them some advice for you all. A) If you have motion sickness in a car, place, train don’t buy a headset, you can get motion sickness with them. B) The prices are crazy and the companies making them need to bring them down to sell them. HTC and Oculus Rift are the top models out, but they are 399.99. 499.99 and up for purchase.C) it is early in the Virtual Reality world folks, few programs for games will exist at this stage, and you can check for yourself online.

3) I would wait a year or two myself, for anything anew technology comes out like Virtual Reality is now, it is always higher priced. They do come down over time if the companies that produce them don’t sell enough of them and the competition gets greater by other creators and designers. new technology or just introduced to the market tech, always costs more at first, that is not a virtual reality it is just a fact.



Wake The Hell Up Trump!

Each day I wake up since January 2016, and turn on the news all I see is controversy involving Trump why is that? It is simple he doesn’t think before he talks and he is dangerous because of it. He attacks women, ignores disasters, and hurricane victims that are American Citizens in Puerto Rico, threatens to take their FEMA support away saying he has invested too much in the island, but he invested four times as much in Texas and three times as much in Florida and never threatened them. Doesn’t he understand he is supposed to be the leader of this country, not the asshole of it?

He bad mouths women left and right, makes sexist remarks daily, and attacks women. He inappropriately touches women and then says he can do it because he is famous and has money, tell that to Harvey Weinstein, Trump and watch where he goes when he is locked up, like you should be too.

Trump made promises to bring back jobs from overseas and he has failed. None are returning anytime soon. He said he was the great negotiator, he failed too here. he can’t negotiate with business, his own party in The Congress both houses, or other nations.

He pulls us out of agreements and destroys America’s reputation every time we turn around other nations are laughing at us. Iran and North Korea, laugh at his idle threats and know if he attacks them in anyway, America will pay politically and morally and lose men and women in battles we should never fight. As to the Nukes he knows damn well if he launches one first the world is done if he doesn’t then the man is an ass.  The North Korean Leader is laughing at Trump and knows all of the above too as does the Iranian leaders, they know Trump talks shit and doesn’t mean it. Yet Trump persists in trying to piss them both off, for what purpose who the hell knows, no one can understand a mad man’s mind can they?

He insults Veterans and one of the biggest heroes in American History John McCain and gets away with it? Sad indeed. he tries to cut Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and people go oh that’s ok, I think not! Leave it alone Trump your an asshole and rich and even if you don’t need it the average american who makes 20 grand or less a year does, and there are plenty of us out here. Leave Obamacare alone also fix it and let’s move on, stop messing with things you have no understanding of.

He attacks former Presidents who did more in one term then he could do in his entire life, why because he is inferior and stupid and incapable himself of building his own legacy, he has to try and tear down theirs.  He is a sad excuse for a person never mind a President.  Let’s destroy all Obama did, why, because Obama was mean to me and I don’t like him, what an asshole Trump is.  You have a beef with your predecessor Trump call him up and talk to him face to face like a man, and take him on in person stop using innocent americans as your weapon to get even.

There will never be a wall built between America and Mexico or Canada either. No need for one first place, drug cartels or not, americans fight back. Hasn’t been one for well over 200 years now, so why build it now, because you made a stupid promise that you can never fulfill?  You want a wall Trump, pay for it yourself out of your so called billios you have in your pocket! That’s my response to you on that matter!

You are a fool Trump, you do not call the survivors of  a military person and tell them, “He Knew What he Was Getting Himself into when he joined!” The family is correct and so is the Congresswoman, not you. I don’t care what your Chief Of Staff the former 4 Star General told you for advice, you should have had more common sense than that. These men and women who serve in the military today volunteer, they do it because they want to and their families know it too, but that’s not how you show compassion, caring and understanding to them for a soldier, sailor, marine’s death. Your cruel, idiotic, unempathic response hurt the family, his widow and the country, you embarrassed yourself and the country. General Kelly was correct you should have stayed the hell away from the Gold Star Families and just stayed quiet, they don’t need a letter or call from you, they don’t want one either. They know they lost their son or daughter and they will grieve in peace if you just leave them alone.

Talking about The Chief Of Staff General Kelly, why did you feel it necessary to delve into his personal life and expose his raw feelings about his son’s death to the american public? You had no damn business doing so, some matters are personal and the death of a son or daughter is one of those things for sure. You made a proud, man, come forward and have to try to explain your selfish and stupid actions, He has enough pain and suffering of his own, you owe him an apology. If I were General Kelly I would have walked out on you for the lack of consideration you showed. General is a strong man yes, and he is staying for now, but he knows what I am saying is true. If I were him I would have resigned and told you go get impeached or removed from office on your own.

I wish just once Trump you would wake up one day and realize the whole world is not in TrumpVille and your little game board to do as you wish with! Wake the Hell up !


My Battle with Cancer, OnGoing Never Ends/ Help Fight It!

Fighting Cancer became on issue with me way back in the 1970s when a female friend of mine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I sat with her at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut and watched her go for scans, to see her oncologist and to get her prescriptions to stay alive. She came down with it at 18 years old and she fought and fought it, bravely, always with a  smile, a laugh and a caring attitude toward others, never once, could she be meanin my opinion. Earlier this year she lost her battle at 63 years old and I saw it in the newspaper and on the internet and I was saddened by her death. She was brave and heroic in her fight and she fought a long battle and she was the first girl I ever kissed, god bless her.

Cancer has chased me all my life in one way or another. First it took my grandfather, my mother’s father, pancreatic cancer. he died in a Nursing home in Waterbury, Connecticut’s north end in 1971. Then next it would come back to visit my life again in my female friend, and it kept coming folks. It took my real father in 1984, lung cancer. Then it returned in 1990 when I came home from my time in service to kill my step-father the man who raised me, prostate cancer. The following year it came back again to take my mother with lung cancer one year and one day after her husband died.

Cancer it seems was never far from me, for it would raise it’s ugly head in 2006 when my second wife was diagnosed  with breast cancer. Treatment, chemo and radiation as I sat their helpless, I would talk to her and read to her. She is surviving today still, yet, she still has cancer it has moved into her bones and she survives due to experimental drugs, they gave her a grant for.

In 2013, I went for a checkup with my veterans doctor in West Haven Connecticut. They were running a program checking Veterans for family history of cancer. Since I told her of the above, she ran me thru the program. I have a Cat Scan and MRi and then a Pet Scan. A week later the call came, I had lung cancer in my right lung. An appointment was made for me to see a specialist at the Veterans hospital, and one month from the day of it being reported to me, the Surgeon took one an done third of my right lung. I am still kicking of course and cancer still is in my life, through my wife’s condition and my own. Mine is dormant now thanks to the removal of all of it, by that surgeon, and my Primary Care Provider at the Veteran’s Hospital.

I tell you all this because, I want you all to Give to The American Cancer Society and other Cancer fighting Organization, because they do save lives, like mine and those of the people I have loved and still do love live longer due to their work. Cancer is a killer folks, and it will take many lives each and every day, unless we fight it and they find the cure. Help, all who live with cancer, help their families, their children survive, GIVE TO THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY !

THis is a little book I wrote, I sell for a whole .99 cents, it tells the tale of my wife’s battle and mine by her side against this deadly disease. If you have a buck folks give it a try for a fight against Cancer and spread the story.


Writing should be from the emotional well of a person!

Writing is a process that to work must come from an emotional core and personal core at least for me. For some it is grabbing an idea and expanding on it, for me it has to be connected to a real life experience to work. Even the poems I do have a basis and connection to real life experiences I lived through. Very Seldom will I get an idea that doesn’t connect to my real life, in the case of The Scepter and Throne Mystery, I did just that took something I had an idea on, and turned it into a story that went full blown, even if it is short. I took a historic perspective and reading about the Lakota Indians and combined it with an idea of mystical stuff and poof there it is a little book. The American Indians folks don’t get much press or notice in case you don’t notice, but without them this nation would not exist and we need to acknowledge that.

My Authors Page online contains my short stories of all kinds, and poems, so here I will give ya a link to the Author’s Page of mine:

just copy and paste the link in your browser to get there!

Try my Little Book about my wife’s fight with Breast cancer turned to Bone cancer!

Remove Trump, under the 25th Amendment!

Recently it was revealed on television news stations including CNN, that the Russians paid Twitter, FaceBook, Google and other online services for ads that affected the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. We all know it now to be  fact and that the russians paid and directed these ad campaigns from russia, supposedly. But that leads me to the ultimate question in all the collusion accusations and charges that are out there now. How did the Russians know what States, Cities, Towns and districts to target, in American States and areas to effectively control the election in Trumps favor? Hmmm … interesting question isn’t it folks?

Here is my thoughts on all of the collusion charges and accusations and the Trump Administration and team can deny all they want, but facts are facts. Trump went to Russia numerous times and visited with Russian big money men and met Putin even though he denies it. He and the russians got together to make him President during those trips and his son Donald Jr., Manafort and others sent messages by text, cell phone calls or the internet directing the russians on where to target the ads they were paying for. How else did the Russians know what districts, cities, towns and states to target to change the electoral votes they did? Trump is a paid and kept secret of the Russian Government and should be removed from office in my opinion and I have a right to my opinion in America and to state it also publically.This man is the worst American President in my lifetime, and i was born in 1956 under Eisenhower. I have never see a President with no, empathy, no skills at negotiations with business or other countries. The great negotiator my ass he sucks, he couldn’t negotiate his way out of a damn paper bag, he’s a phoney.

No Wall will ever be built between the US and Mexico because one has never really been needed. Yeah they have drugs problems and they do cross our borders with them, but we have always been able to police and control it for over 200 damn years. If he wants a wall let him pay for it out of the billions he claims to have all the time, and we know that number is puffed up too.

He said I will bring jobs back to America, nope not happening, he lied and can’t do what he says period, we all know it ,not 10 months into his presidency. He can’t even pass a law or write a bill that he can get through his own Senate and House ruled and controlled by his own party! Sad!

His Immigration laws or Executive orders are unlawful and prejudiced and discriminating so the Courts block him in all of them. Number three just fell to a Judge this week, but he doesn’t get the hint he can’t do what he wants in the way he wants. He is stupid and stubborn.

He has no empathy for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico, and treats them different than the ones in Texas and Florida. Sad, isn’t it, they are Americans who fought this country too and pure Americans. He is one sad piece of crap, faking his way through the Presidency and should be removed. he lies to the American People daily and then says I didn’t lie, more lies, it’s all he knows how to do.

The 25th Amendment was written just for the purpose of removing such an incompetent and idiotic man from the Office of The Presidency. It should be used and fully executed by The Senate and House and the Vice President, if it isn’t used we are close to the brink of nuclear war now as it is. He has angered Iran, and the world in so many ways, the Iranians are now going to make Nukes just like the North Koreans. He has isolated the United States from the world stage, by pulling out of agreements with other nations we should still be in. It’s sad, this man fails in all areas to represent the country properly and fully, and he has absolutely no empathy, and he is narcissistic and dangerous. he definitely should be removed from office before he leads America into a World War that will leave us decimated and destroy the planet we live on. He is a sad excuse for a human being and a man, for he mistreats, and abuses and sexually harrasses women left and right and gets away with it and brags on doing it too. Sad, Indeed. Those who voted for Trump should hide their faces in shame and humiliation for voting for him.





Trump, The Russian in The White House, Colluded with and Bought by Russian Funds!

Consider what I am about to say folks and then stop and think what has happened since the time I mention.

2015  Donald Trump makes trips to Russia, sits down with Russians for dinners, and tries to sell his brand to the Russians. In the  meantime, all of a sudden out of nowhere he is declaring a  run for the Presidency. This is a man who cared nothing for politics most of his life and all of a sudden he comes down in an elevator at Trump Tower declaring a run for the highest office in the World? He has dinners with Putin and other russians and suddenly he’s a political animal? What do you think happened in Russia to Trump?

This man, decides to run, then we learn Russians used Twitter, Facebook,Google and other Internet service providers to target key states in the Election Cycle and he wins the Presidency, hmm strange isn’t it!

How many Americans do you know, that got face to face meetings with Russians connected straight to Putin, and then became President of the United States? I am betting none till Trump!

Bought by Vladimir Putin and owned and his puppet Trump is now the American President sad isn’t it! He won’t say one word against Putin or Russia in case you haven’t noticed, he avoids any discussion of russia period. He is a sexual predator elected to the Presidency of The United States with Russian connections and collusion and we the American People are getting screwed for letting it happen. No laws have passed, in over 10 months he is in office. no bills no help for the American people period, just Presidential Directives. Sad isn’t it?

No Wall will be built between the United States and Mexico and we all know it too. He wants a wall he will have to pay for it himself. He is not creating jobs or bringing back manufacturing either, none returning period. Our economy is only hanging in there due to investments in the stock markets period, not anything Trump has done. He can’t create jobs, nor can he bring them back , he is far from the great negotiator he billed himself as being, isn’t he? He has  the power in the pen he carries as President, and he has a Republican Senate and House and he can’t pass  nothing, he is not PResidential when he speaks and he talks and says stupid bullshit. It’s going on 11 months since he entered office and this man is still stuck on attacking Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Sad, Sad. Sad.

He should be removed from Office, by way of the Twenty Fifth Amendment. This man is mentally ill, and incapable of performing his duties as the American President. He is narcissistic, has no empathy for anyone, cares about no one but himself and his own pockets.  Check history, no American President has such an horrible record in their first ten months, especially if the House and Senate belongs to their party.   It’s sad indeed and disgusting.

Bought and Paid for by Russia, is what I call Trump, he will never say a bad word about Russia, Putin period. I call trump the Russian in The White House, it is what he is colluded with and paid for by the Russian Government, check the money spent on FaceBook Twitter and Google Ads targeting key states in the 2016 Election and you will see it yourself.


Remove Trump, Get America back to Democracy!

The biggest concerns of the American People lie in certain areas right now,

#1) Staying out of War, We are on the verge of taking on two nations who are building Nukes, Iran and North Korea because our President doesn’t know how to negotiate a damn thing and he pisses off leaders.

#2) The job Market in the United States stinks and money is tightening up. No jobs have really been created by the current President and he is not helping to do so in anyway.

#3) Health Care costs are rising for all, all because of fixing The Affordable Healthcare Act, our President is dismantling it. He is doing it only to be vindictive and to destroy everything President Obama ever did. He doesn’t care if the elderly, disabled or dying need help, he only cares about destroying Obama’s Legacy.

#4) The cost of living in America is skyrocketing for all who can’t afford it, prices rise and jobs are hard to get. It’s a sad tale and as our status drops in the world due to Trump isolating us, the nation loses ground.

#5) My personal concern is Trump is not fit mentally to be in the Office he is in. This man made promises, left and right to get elected, he in my opinion colluded with the Russians to get the Office. he is a megalomaniac, narcissist, man who needs mental help and medication. He’s unstable unrealistic and living in his own world. He should removed under the Twenty Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. If the Amendment was ever written for any reason, Trump meets it.

#6) The 2018 Election is my next concern and I am sure the same for many Americans also. When Americans go to the polls in 2018, we must vote out all the Senators and Representatives that do nothing at all, They are peacocks not doing a damn thing and the country is showing the wear and tear of them not working at all. These men and women elected to office are supposed to be working for the people who elected them and not a goddamn thing is getting done. Plus any Republican or Democrat who supports Trump, his policies or ideas needs to go, they are helping to destroy America from the inside out.

All of the above said, let me remind all Americans of a few things here, even if you voted against Trump or For him.

A) He Promised more Jobs, not happening

B) He Promised Repeal and Replace, yet is destructing what is there without a solution for it.

C) He promised to Build a wall, guess what, it’s not needed, costs too much and will never get built.

D) This man is a criminal in the highest office of the land, he is a sexual predator, who has been accused of inappropriate touching of women and even rape. And he is in the White House? Why?

Twitter,Google,Skype and other services on the Internet were used by the Russians to influence the American Election in 2016, now you tell me who told them where to place those ads, and directed them to the states necessary to have Trump win. Tell me it wasn’t The Trump People or his family or him, himself, and I will tell you someone is full of shit!

This Country was handed over to Putin And The Russians, the day Trump took office in my opinion, and if you look close enough you can see us leading to socialist influence and direction. Sadly, Trump sold us out in my opinion and so did all who were involved in his election.

I hope and Pray the American Congress, and The American People catch on before it is too late and we sink right into the communist policies and state, for we are heading there. Remove Trump, his people and lets get America back on the Democracy Train!