Prosecute Trump, Impeach Him Now!

As Trump decides to take his vacation in New Jersey, the world awaits action on Health Care, North Korea, the Russian Probe, and so much more! why the hell, did Americans vote for Donald Trump anyway. He is one old bag of hot air who will never accomplish a damn thing as President during his term. He has no knowledge of how to write a law or bill to get through Congress and his ideas suck. No one needs a damn wall between us and Mexico and we can all care less about it.

He sends out tweets asking to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the people of the Democratic Party when in fact, he should be arrested and prosecuted for colluding with Russia, not only for the election but for years, while laundering, their money for them! It’s sad indeed, that America is stuck with a worthless man as it’s President. Who ever heard of a President in the first 6 months of his first term, campaigning, for reelection when he has never done a damn thing yet? Sad indeed! I watch each day as he claims he is creating jobs, if so where the hell are they? They don’t exist folks, he is lying and any job growth that there is is due to Obama.

President Trump was dumb enough to go before the Boy Scouts of America and give a political speech to children, that’s just sad folks! I wonder if Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell realize how much damage Trump is doing to their Republican Party now? If they don’t they will very soon, for even die hard Republicans are shaking their heads and walking away from the party and the President. Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump period, and they will definitely not ask him to help them win reelection, if they want to get back in or get elected. It’s a sad thing indeed to watch, our President fumbling, bumbling and acting foolish each day he’s in office and not accomplishing one damn thing, sad, sad, sad.

As the Russia Investigations continue on, Manafort, Stone, Trump Jr., Kushner, all will either tell the truth before Congress when called or they will end up in jail. sadly, that’s how the law works in this land Mr. President, and you were the one stupid enough to let you son get involved in the Russia mess, in your name. So if Manafort, Stone, Kushner and Trump Jr. go to jail will you be happy them Mr Trump? For the way the investigation is going, it will happen, for they will try to lie to protect you and they will go up in flames and into orange jumpsuits because of you! I am sure each who will testify will do what your son-in-law did bring lawyers, but lawyers can’t save anyone from facts, when people lie!

Have you no shame Mr. Trump, you will let your own son and son-in-law go to prison for you when they lie won’t you? It’s sad, but it can be seen coming and you should think twice and Resign the Office while you can to save them. Your short time in office so far has brought nothing but shame to the Office and the Country. you should get out now, before your impeached and humiliated and disgraced.  In my opinion Mr. Trump, you now rate as the most corrupt President in American History, even Richard Nixon is less corrupt then you. Nixon’s crimes were no where near as serious as yours are now and he resigned. Watergate, Mr. trump was an all american crime, by an American President, yours involves Russians and the Russian Government, who are enemies or the United States period. Sad , sad, sad ! I hope those who voted for you now realize they did in fact, elect a Russian Puppet to the Presidency of The United States

You can cry Witch Hunt all you want and try to distract from the facts, but the facts shall win out, you and your team colluded with the Russians to win the Presidency and you got it, but all of the facts are now coming out. I f you have any American Patriotic Spirit at all left in you Sir, Resign for the good of the country and the american people. End it no and on your way out pardon your Son, Son-IN -Law and take them with you. Have you no morals or ethics, Mr. trump or will you let your own son and son-in-law and your daughter go down in flames with you?




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