MY Writing, Stories and Blogs, Read!

June 10th, 2017, Saturday is here folks, welcome to the weekend edition.

Today I am gonna do something I haven’t in a while, show you some links to little stories and bookI i have written.  I do so, knowing ahead of time that few care what I write or say, but, I do it to try to get opinions or reviews on what I have done.

I hope some will like them: my Amazon authors Page lists most of what I have written. John Henry’s Tale by me can be found here! Amazing’s On Going Battle Bill’s Tales Vengeance My Writing Style and Views Fall of Saint Ann’s, Father Baldwin No More House at the Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets The JFK Truth

Each book or article I wrote is a different perspective on events and life in general, I try to tell what I see and see, and give my opinions on Blogs here and on Political Storm.  All can be found through the links here above, Political Storm link is here if you like politics- or if yu would like to post a blog yourself-

Thanks for reading folks and remember you do learn something with each item, article, book or magazine or newspaper you read, Reading is vital to education and entertainment, Support it Please!






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