The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But:

After President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East that ended yesterday, I find that I want to hang my head in shame when I hear his name mentioned with the title of The American President. He shames us with his speeches, he shames us with his lack of real ideas and he shames us by his actions and reactions to others around him.  He is not what I or other Americans expected for a President and I am sorry that Former Director of the F.B.I Comey, interfered in the election process, in such a way as to give him the Presidency. It was the biggest mistake in American Justice history, and in American Politics’s history also. Period!!!!!

As American’s celebrate Memorial Day, remembering those injured and dead who fought for our country is vital. As one of those Veteran’s who sacrificed I say this to all who voted for Donald J. Trump, the mistake you made in voting for him is one you and your children will have to live with forever, as he tears down American values and embarrasses us in the world, I hope you now realize that you let blind hatred and jealousy and  stupidity, ruin a nation of greatness and drive us to our knees.  His team of fools that he surrounds himself with in the White House are inept and unintelligent individuals giving him the wrong ideas and answers to the world’s problems around him.  he has no need for or use of or any business listening to advice from Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Reince Prebius, for a few and let’s not forget the great and smart Kellyann Conway lol. Come on folks, have you ever in all American History seen a White House filled with the blind leading the blind so to say, sad isn’t it? If President Donald J, Trump wants to improve his chances of improving America and wants to help the country he will make some changes immediately. Bannon must go, Priebus must go. Conway must go, Jared Kushner is his son-in-law, is not a politician and he has no experience at all, he doesn’t belong making Russian connections or any other connections for the American People. Let’s be realistic please the sadness is this folks, while Donald J. Trump plays at being President, his nepotism is killing America and it’s ability to do the right things in the world. While Donald dances and parades and makes a fool of himself and the country he represents, the class of clowns surrounding him makes him look one hell of a lot worse than he has to.

The Donald as he so nicely likes to think of himself as, from his days as Boss on The Apprentice, needs to wake up and realize, the famous phrase he used then is more appropriate to use now, than ever before in his life. You want to save your daughter’s husband from jail and ridicule Mr. Trump. fire him and pardon him unconditionally, and let him go home in peace. Otherwise, he will face congressional pressures and questions on this Russian probe and end up in jail. I hope that is clear enough for you to understand. If you care for your daughter and grandchildren you will listen and react to this. The embarrassment and shame you will bring down on your name Mr. Trump is just beginning, don’t ruin and wreck havoc over the Kushner name too, let Jared go home to his wife and children and lead a normal life, not devastated but your political ineptness and stupidity.  It may be the first and best thing you can ever do for your own daughter and grandchildren!

As Memorial Day Weekend begins to get closer to it’s ending, we all have faith and believe in our Military and it’s sacrifices it makes for the country, and President Trump, it is time for you to pay hommage to them that served also. Don’t take our benefits away Mr. Trump, don’t knock down the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals or funds. Don’t hurt those who served and ask us to give more than we have already, give us some respect, some support and leave us alone. Don’t touch Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security either, do you know how many families you will destroy doing so? Do you know the hunger and pain and suffering you will bring to those who served and those who are survivors of those who served? Stop and back up and realize, the needy, the hungry, the homeless and the injured, need protection and help too, do the right thing damn it. Leave Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security alone, for you have no idea, due to your rich, highways, exactly how hard it is to depend on these services and funds for people to really survive. Do You?

Mr. Trump, we don’t need a wall on the Mexican Border and you know it just as well as I do. So stop trying to fund with American Taxpayers Money, for a wall we don’t need and should never even consider in the first place, just because Steve Bannon and other in your campaign suggested it to you. It’s stupid and unnecessary and we all know it and we do not want to pay for it anymore then the Mexicans do. Save the money and kill the idea now.

Health care Mr. Trump was a problem forever in this country and you know it, the American people know it, and the Republican and Democratic Parties know it too. You are trying to repeal and replace Obama Care when you should be trying to fix it with your great deal making skills. Prove you have the skills you claim Mr. Trump. negotiate and fix Obama Care and leave it be, make it work for all involved. Don’t destroy the only thing that had a chance to work and had at least some way of helping Americans who needed it most and still do. Negotiate Mr. Trump with the Hospital and Health Care personnel, and The Doctors and Nurses and Technicians who work in the field and those who control the Pharmacies in America. make them listen. If you can’t, then do us the next best thing, bring Canadian Health Care to America and install it in full force for all Americans. It’s the least you can do, for your Republican Party and politicians can’t write a decent health care bill or law to help Americans, they haven’t written one law or bill and neither have you since your election Sir and I doubt you ever will. Let’s be honest Mr. Trump you don’t care two cents what happens to Healthcare in America, for you and your family will never have to struggle to get it, your rich, Daddy made it easy for you and all of yours. You’re a white-livered suprememist Sir, and you don’t give a damn what poor or homeless or helpless Americans need, what you care about is what will line your pockets with more money and your rich friends pockets too. Sadly, this is what you are and although this will anger those who support you and you, yourself, it is true. Get off the Golf Courses you built, out of your golf carts, and look around. Stay out of your properties you own and stop milking America for money when you visit them, use Camp David like all the other American Presidents did, you spoiled little man you. Pay back the money you milked from the American people, and let’s get on with real business. It’s not right in my eyes or the American people’s eyes, that every time you think you need a few days off you go to one of your own built resorts and have us pay for you for you having a good time. It sucks, pay your own way, your rich, and pay us back for the trips you already took.


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