Can’t Change the Pain and Hurt !

Can’t Change the Pain and Hurt
We can’t change time, we can’t change people, we can’t change anything that has gone by,
We can’t change how we feel, we can’t change when things get done or don’t,
In The end we can’t change what has been, but if we are smart enough to look,
Maybe we can see through the noise and the din,
Enough, to know, when to let someone in.

I can’t change what happened in the past, and Lord knows the time flies by too fast,
I can’t make a difference now that your grown,
That you must do all on your own.

You can hate me if you wish; you can condemn me for my ways,
You can hate me for what I did in my yesterday.
You can hate me for what you have been told,
Or you can check me out for yourself and be bold.

I can’t change the lies, the cruelty, or the pain, I can’t change the past they lived with their shame.
I can’t reach back in time and say I am sorry, for saving my own heart and mind and soul through all the worry.
I can’t cry out loud and try to make you understand, but I can tell you this, the pain has made me this man.
So, when you think you can take advantage and push me around, ask for money and get it and then put me down,
Listen very closely, and listen now, to the silence you hear so loud and so plain,
Every time you call me a name, you, call me a sperm donor and know not a thing, of why I didn’t wear that marriage ring.
Every time you cry out in anger remember this, you break my heart and that I can’t resist.
You are my daughters, by blood and birth, but it does not mean, I must take all the hurt.
So when you lay down your heads upon your pillows and go to sleep, think of the pain I have that you don’t know that I must keep.
I will not cry out for forgiveness or in shame,
For my daughters, I am not to blame. I did nothing wrong, in those days or since,
And I know in my life I shall never be a prince.
But hear me now, hear me loud and hear me proud,
I won’t take being called a sperm donor in private or in a crowd!
And this is not Allowed!

May 26th, 2017
William M. McCurrach


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