My Truthful Call for Justice

           I like many Americans since January 20th, 2017, have been waiting for and expecting very little from President Donald J. Trump, for I have understood from the day he showed his face in Trump Tower and told us he was running for President just how idiotic, childish, and unintelligent he really is. He hid in his ivory towers with gold trims in NYC, for many years playing childish games, believe me, folks. It is sad he is now President!

People voted for Trump based on the fact he was a business man, and supposedly capable of running the business he had and the country for us. They made a sad and now notorious choice when they pulled the lever or filled their ballots out.  The didn’t look beyond the glitter of the Real Estate magnate, and his appeal from The Apprentice, they only saw what they wanted to, and never what they really needed to know, to prevent the mess, America is now in.

As we stumble, bumble and roll along now in May of 2017, it is sad to see what the White House is becoming, what America is becoming in the eyes of the world and yes, our own people here at home. The Russians are laughing at us because they controlled our election and influenced it and got away with it, and the American people got fooled and taken advantage of it all. Sad isn’t it folks, when all Russia had to do was make false reports on one candidate and then hid truthful reports on the other. They got away with it people and none of us, including the American Congress, can or will do a damn thing about it! Trump is President and Congress is afraid to mess with him as he fires person after person, who investigates him and his links to Russia. and Americans just stand here and point and laugh and let it happen, sad as hell I tell you.

I want to say this here on a personal note as I write this blog, I had respect for certain individuals in my life, before the 2016 Presidential Election then, they went out and blindly, without looking or realizing what they were doing voted for Trump for President. Why their reasons range from we needed a businessman in the White House, to he will be good for America and create jobs, sadly not one of anything he said is happening or will. he can write all the Executive Orders he wishes and stand up in the White House and try to claim victory for anything he wants, the facts are he has done not one thing period. he can’t write a real bill or law and work it thru the House and senate because he has no understanding of the process, or what a real bill or law looks like, or should be. He is one sad individual actually folks, look closer and you shall see what I am saying is true.

He ran for the Presidency and won, yes, but did anyone look at the accusations of child molestation he had against him, of the fact he ran himself bankrupt not once but four times in the casino business? Nope, the excuse given was always the same with Trump Voters and backers, we need a businessman in the White House, he will be good for America, wrong folks. He will create jobs they said, where are they please, where do you see jobs being created folks, in the dying industry of coal you say. Coal is passed so to say, folks, far beyond the times and lost in history and it has polluted the air and killed not one coal miners, but Americans and other in the world. No such thing exists as clean coal folks, and that is the honest truth.

We voted for him they say, because they believed in his stance on immigration and the fact he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, so no more illegal Mexicans can bring drugs into America right, wrong folks! He wants Americans to build the wall and to pay for it with tax money out of our pockets and ten try to blackmail or force Mexico to pay us back for building it, he’s nuts if he thinks it will happen and so is anyone who believes it fully. It’s a damn distraction and not needed, Need I remind all Americans and Mexicans south of the Border to us of the following information, respectfully. America has since its creation as a nation and country sat here border to border on this land with Canada and Mexico since our creation and never have we needed a god damn wall to deal with the Mexicans or Canada above up north. So, why now, we have always handled the drug cartels and gangs and anything else Mexico has thrown our way this long we sure as hell can do more just by open communication with Mexico, then building a wall they will dig under climb over or blow apart anyway, Don’t pay for the stupid wall Americans, we don’t need it!

Next, the Health Care fiasco as I call it. Trump does not have the intelligence or the abilities to create a Healthcare Law or complete coverage for all Americans period. He has no idea on how to do it and never will, and the Republican Party will only destroy Obama Care because they hate the Democrats not because Obama Care didn’t work, but because they didn’t know how to fix the problems with it. The Republicans want to write and create a Health Care program or law for all Americans, go north assholes, ask the Canadians they have it already and as they will tell you, no Canadian is without it. Yes, it isn’t 100 percent perfect but no one or thing is, but they have complete coverage for their people including hospitalization and prescriptions. Take what the Canadians did and bring it south to the USA, then tweak and adjust it and give it to all Americans and be done with it assholes and stop trying to be all-star assholes about it all and admit someone else did it before you could ever do it. The sad part is the republicans and Congress, both sides the Senate and the House, want to play heroes and say they did it right and first, the fact is they can do it first for America, but they will never do it right, they are letting their bravado and party loyalties get in the way of helping Americans get Healthcare and the Doctors and Medical Organizations and powers that be in the health care business, are lining the pockets of the politicians of America and getting away with stopping anything from changing, as long as they pay their way, and no one brings it to light they will keep raising the prices of medical costs and prescriptions in America, they lobby enough for it too. That’s the bottom line on this one.

American Politicians have to grow a set of balls folks, they have to stand up to President Trump, get the truth on the Russian connections and collusion and nail it now. We can’t wait any longer folks, Trump had already fired three individuals investigating his connections and colluding with the Russians, he will just fire more people who look into it and delay anything he can and stall to stay in office, period.  As I look at Trump and his reactions to any questions about this Russian connection business, I see Richard Nixon hiding behind it and peeking out and saying, got ya and you can’t do a damn thing about it, I am President. It’s like a childish Nixon in the White House hiding behind lies and distractions and fears he will be punished and lose the office. I think we rip the cover off, pull away the shades and more and get right to the facts. It’s time Americans wake up and realize, you are letting the 29 percent who approve of this President’s performance or control it all, while 71% of us know he sucks as President and disapprove of him period. Wakey, Wakey, Americans it is time for a Special Prosecutor to be assigned and chosen, one who is Independent with the same wide powers as the Prosecutor in the Watergate hearings of the Nixon era. Let’s pull down the false bravado and lies and get the truth and then see if the word Impeachment should or should not be used, at this time and date, like it was back then. Crimes can include many things a President can do, one is Obstruction of Justice, and I believe that has already happened by the firing of Sally Yates as Attorney General and the Firing of James Comey as the FBI Director. That is in and of itself an Impeachment article for Congress as a whole to consider. Start, there, Senators and Representatives and I am sure a slow digging process will either result in an Impeachment of one sort or another and the ultimate removal of Donald J. Trump from Office. To not appoint a Special Prosecutor, to investigate all that has happened in the Election of 2016 and the firing of two of Justices greatest champions is a joke! Do what is right Senators and Representatives, hire an independent investigator and Special Prosecutor now and let’s do what should be done now, don’t let Trump push this to the extent and destructive stages and positions of Richard Nixon’s Days. stop it now!


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