The Search is ON……….

As all know I have been writing for a while now in different genres and in types of writings, from blogs here to short stories of mystery, romance and even in poetry. What I find though is few read these days, or pay attention to new writers, and that folks is my problem. I can write till I am blue in the face and I am too old to write anymore and still never get noticed for my works. I guess it is either I suck as a writer or my stories are not long enough, or the subjects I write about are not what people like. The real problem is the advertising, promoting of what one writes, it seems so many promoters say they will get you noticed and read and get you reviews on the internet and they don’t produce at all. sad isn’t it, but they will take your money if you give it to them.  They have no moral or ethical problem with taking money from new authors who are young or old or disabled or anything else, sad isn’t it?  You would think they would read what you send them, and then let you know if it sucked or was no good and then tell you sorry I can’t promote this. Yet they do not do so, they will grab your money and run stupid ads on the internet by way of facebook, or twitter and you will never sell one of your works. It is a sad but real scam program many of them run, twitter, facebook and more are just here online to take your money folks, believe me, I have been there. Doesn’t matter how I package what I write, what type of cover I put on it, what kind or a preview I give out or if I try to give them away free to get attention, it doesn’t work. I may as well surrender and just stop writing them, period.

Long after I die, and I am 61 now and very prolific as a writer of short stories and poems, I may get noticed and maybe people will buy my works. But I doubt it, because, in today’s world, very few have the time and or patience to sit and read anything. Sad isn’t it folks. We all depend on Television and the Internet period we are like robots these days programmed not to sit and read a book, whether it be a hardcover or e-book, doesn’t matter. But put it on a Television Screen or on the Internet and make it by MSN, or another service it sells, name recognition does it, doesn’t it? Or does it?

I have tried many ways of advertising my works and nothing I do seems to work, so I will leave my writings on as e-books and try to sell a few at .99 cents a shot and pray. It is all I can do these days !

I will go on surviving and fighting against my own Lung Cancer that I am a survivor of and against my wife’s breast cancer now turned to bone cancer, till the day I die. It’s what one does when faced with these things, the Doctor Appointments, the medical costs and the prescriptions eat up any funds we may have. yet we shall fight on and on, till we die, it’s what cancer patients do folks. We look for ways to stay alive, and ways to beat cancer and ways to pay for staying alive and fighting it all. Which explains why I write so much and do what I do. I know many will not even read this or give a shit about a couple who is 61 and 76 years old trying to survive longer, but we do try to keep going.

If I had a million or more what would I do, 1) replace my old car, replace the windows in my home so we can live in peace and maybe travel some. I would also keep my wife alive for as long as possible, in any way possible that I could afford. Nothing would stop me from doing that if I were rich, but alas we are poor and can’t go there.

President Trump wants not to take care of the poor folks, he wants to take care of his rich buddies and is gonna do so in any way he can. he is already ripping America off by staying at his own resorts on weekends and holidays and charging Uncle Sam for the bills. His Golfing, weekend getaways and more are costing America millions each month, sad huh! Yeah, Yeah yeah he gives his paychecks as President away to contributions, but that doesn’t cover the expenditures of him flying back and forth to Florida every week, never mind security for his family in NY and around the world as they travel and have fun. Sad huh, yet the poor keep getting poorer. The sick can’t pay medical costs and he is doing nothing to get Health Insurance affordable for all done either. he has failed at far more than he has accomplished since his election, and that is sad. So Americans search for help and we will keep searching…….



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