The Fall of Saint Ann’s: Father Baldwin No More!

I wrote a story on the Church and why basically I don’t attend one and never will again, I don’t see the point of attending one. I know it sounds crazy to some who are die hard Catholic religious fanatics or attendees but for me, it is how I feel.

I remember when I was a child forced to go to church by my mother and how I hated it. The standing, kneeling and never understanding what was being said. The inability as a child to follow what was being said or what was going on drove me crazy. Then as I grew older I found, I couldn’t understand why we had to go to a church to pray, when the bible itself says, God is everywhere and hears all. So I drifted out of the church, for not one but many reasons, as time went on I made my Communion and Confirmation because my mother demanded it, but once that was done I was out of there and never returned. why, is probably the question you have for me, right? Well, I will tell you here, if you will read and listen.

The Church is hypocritical, two-faced and filled with lies in my book. Its Priests are limited to males when women can preach just as well.  IT’s Priest are Pedophiles wearing robes who molest children and get away with it for years and years, The Church hides these pedophiles and moves them from location to location to protect them and the church itself, it is sad to watch. I have so many objections to the church that you couldn’t pay me to enter one these days.

I wrote new story folks, about a church, a priest and children and a Detective and more. I called it The Fall of Saint Ann’s: Father Baldwin no more! I hope some will read it and tell me what they think on the amazon page; here is the link:


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