To President Donald J. Trump

I have been alive since 1956, the first President I remember is John F. Kennedy since then I have now been thru them all up to the current one Trump. Sadly, I can honestly say, none of the prior Presidents, I have lived thru in my life, have been so selfish, and ignorant as Donald J. Trump, nor were they ever so foolish as to want to mess with Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Veteran’s Disabilities. Currently, I pray Mr. Trump will not mess with these areas either unless he will give increases to us Veterans in our Disability payments. To dock us or lower or payments, would hurt the Veterans so much, we would not be able to survive and would need to go to food stamps and help with living places and so much more. The Price of staying alive in America raises each day it seems, gas, oil, food, clothing, medical expenses and more, what are we to do to survive, after we have given our time to our country and our health too? I guess what I am saying, the Veterans of America served our country well and came out with Honorable Discharges, injuries nor disabled or not, we did our jobs for our country. don’t we deserve to be cared for and watched out for and provided for? I believe we do, and I am not begging for it, but I am suggesting, if you want take from someone Mr. Trump take from those who are rich like yourself, not the poor like we are, please!

The missile attack on Syria is a concern of mine as a Disabled veteran also. You, Mr. Trump, attacked Syria with missiles, to stop the use of chemical warfare by their own government. I agree with the attack and the reasons for doing so for humanitarian reasons. The requiem in Syria has no right to use chemical weapons period I agree fully,  so if you do so again please explain it to Congress first and get their ok too.  While the attack may slow down the dispersion of chemical attacks in Syria will it stop the current leader from killing his own people? I doubt it, Mr. President, so if you do it again, how about finding Assad and dropping missiles on his head to end the mess in Syria and start the rebuilding and recovery? I don’t have your advisors Mr. President and I do not know all that you do, but I do know this, Assad has been killing his own for over 6 years I think it is the time he stopped, even if force if the only way to end it! That said Mr. President, you still face the crisis in North Korea, that needs to be settled. I have an idea Mr. President, a Naval Blockade of North Korea’s coast for starters, followed by maxed out sanctions and if a launch occurs we knock them out of the sky and then launch out own missiles at the location theirs were launched from, taking out the silos and missiles left, destroying their nuke building program on their land. We can’t allow the North Koreans to threaten Japan and other countries in the region or the USA. It’s your decision Mr. President not mine.

Last but not least Mr. President, just because your half-assed try at Health Care failed, does not mean you just stop and let Obama care blow up! You are now the President you have the responsibility to fix it or replace it with something that really works for all Americans, period. Abandoning, health care because you failed once is bullshit and denying you will fix it is bullshit, get a bipartisan panel together let them work it out and hand you a package to review and make sure your instruction to them is affordable for all, and available for all, with cost controls on everything, including prescriptions. No messing with Social Security, or Medicare or Medicaid allowed, period. Americans deserve a better effort out of all of Congress and you Mr. President lets see you prove you’re a great negotiator! Get it done!







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