Syria gets Attacked/ North Korea may be next! Stretching us!

President Trump launched an attack on Syria using tomahawks to take out the airport used to dispense the gas attacks killing thousands. In doing so, he sent a warning to not only Syria’s President but also to Russia and Putin. It was more or less a double warning against using the chemicals attacks and telling Russia we shall do as we have to stop it all. Whether the Russians and Putin understand it fully or not, it has been done and Trump is firm in his stance on this, use chemical weapons and we will attack again.

From the day President Trump took office, I knew he was going to take us into some military operation in either Syria or North Korea. He chooses Syria, but he may have no choice in North Korea, in the end. For the; North Koreans continue to test the making of nukes and launching them into the Japanese ocean space. I believe if they continue they are threatening all around them and the United States. I suggest Trump do a coastal blockade of North Korea and raise all sanctions to maximum, then place three or four missile destroyers off their coast in free waters and if the missile launches continue, launch on the sites they come from and take them out period.  Someone must stop the North Koreans from attaining nuke status, if we don’t, with or without China’s help, they will launch on someone commit mass murder without reason. Sad isn’t it? 

es We should also pull the hell out of Iraq, Afganistan and other mid-east countries that don’t really need or appreciate our presence there. We have done all we really can in these countries and it is time for us to leave them to clean up the rest on their own. As we now know, America can not protect and help the whole damn world, we only have so many resources, let’s use them where we can really help and stop using them on people who don’t give one damn bit about us. I hope President Trump is now learning that being President means making decisions and backing them and doing so in the right way.


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