Does America have enough Balls ?

Do Americans now have enough balls to stand up and admit they made the wrong choice in the 2016 Presidential Election, or are they still in denial or disbelief? After almost 80 days of a Trump administration and no real progress made on Healthcare, the Border Wall and other promises like tax reform and all the lies we have gotten out of Trump and his people, isn’t it time to admit the truth America?

You can’t run a nation as big and powerful as the United States of America on Presidential Directives! You need also to learn compromise, how to write bills and present them so they are acceptable not only to your own party but all parties.You need to learn hot air talk against nations doing things to kill children and creating nukes and firing them, does not work! On the other hand, America doesn’t need a new war either so how about embargos against North Korea and increased Sanctions and then bomb runs against Syria’s President himself, targeting where ever he is until we get his ass. If we take him out all of the chemical war stops as does the persecution of the Syrian People by him.

I have watched Trump since his raising of his hand to get into office, and he has completed absolutely nothing worthwhile or passed one bill to Congress and it is almost 80 days into his administrations, why is that? I will tell you why he has no-one capable of writing a bill in his administration and no one smart enough to create a full health care program either. The smartest thing Trump has done so far is removing Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. He never belonged there and he is a destructive personality period, his idea is to tear down the government and rebuild it from scratch, well that is bullshit.

The last word for me today, Stop tweeting bullshit Trump, you have better things to do than looking at your God Damn Cell PHONE all day and tweeting lies to the American Media. And why the hell would you protect and defend Bill O’Rielly, who is a sexist and woman hater, maybe because you are close to the same? I don’t know for sure, but I do know this, O’Rielly should be removed from Television and FOX Network period. While FOX Network has a right to back any party they wish, politically, they should not back a sexist and leave him on air, making bucks off of his ass.

Grow up Mr. Trump, face reality, you were elected with help of the Russian people and Putin, but, you are now the American President and belong to the American People, not the Russians. It’s time to act like it, and prosecute all who had any contact with the Russians during the election and if you had contact admit it and step down and resign.Sadly, we are about to face, a second Nixon watergate type affair that can destroy the country and Democracy as a whole, don’t make it happen, avoid it. stop blaming Clinton, Obama or anyone else, you’re in the Oval Office, take charge damn it and make it work.



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