How The Hell did President Trump Happen?

Many Americans are now sitting home going, How the Hell did Trump get elected President?

I think Congress, the FBI, NSA. DNI, CIA or any other intelligence agency in America should be looking into his business ties, that set him up for running for office. I think if they do, they will find Russian and others who helped him along and consulted with him. Has to be something along these lines that got him elected and running for President, for this man is totally inept for the office he is in and doesn’t understand the facts about it all. The answers to Trump’s election is in his business contacts prior to his campaign and the money and Russians who connect them all.

So, Mr. Trump for your Education I recommend you read, the Constitution, about the three branches of power and why it was setup so. Next, you need to familiarize yourself with The Bill Of Rights in all ways. Before you conduct any more official business of the nation, you should study the actions, reactions, and plans of your predecessors before you make another stupid move and look like an ass in office. Though if I were you, Mr. Trump, after you did all of the above as I have recommended, I would not cover-up or avoid any controversy or problems in your administrations or in your past. Congress loves liars Sir, and I promise you they will tear down your Presidency and Administration if they find proof of connections to Russians of any kind, especially Mr. Putin. If you don’t think so Sir please look back atRichard Nixon, Watergate, the cover-ups and results it’s all there. Congress hates liars and cover-ups, and dictators or tyrants too, so be very careful in how you conduct yourself. The Batteries of cannons and rifles and political guns are lining up to shoot you down and out of office Sir, in a blaze of glory if they can. Wake the hell up soon! America needs a leader, not a buff boon!


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