Prepare America for 2018, Vote em out!

America faces a big day today, in its history. If Trump care passes it raises prices for the poor and needy and gives the rich more money in profits and tax cuts. I pray that it will not pass, this country is better off with Obamacare and just making adjustments in it, than ever accepting a hack job in healthcare. Sadly, instead of repealing all of Obamacare and coming up with their own plan the Republicans decided to nit pick the Obamacare package and try to make it their own in name, it fails. It’s called half-assed throwing together something because your too lazy to do it right and Americans shouldn’t have to accept such a mess. If it should get through the House and to The Senate, I pray that the Senate has brains enough to either fix the entire thing properly or thrash the whole damn bill, it sucks.

In the meantime, Congress has to finish the Gorsuch Nomination Panel or board and approve or disapprove him for the Supreme Court. He is a likable enough man, but some of his views and past actions may not help him in his attempt to pass muster so to say. Time shall tell, but I see it as a close vote and a close chance of him making the Court.

Finally, we come to the Trump Administrations supposed ties to the Russian Government and numerous Russians. There is very little doubt in my mind that Paul Manafort did work for the Russians, proof is in the 32 million dollars he collected from them. Roger Stone  I believe is associated so close with Wiki Pedia and Assange that I believe he knew what the hell was happening too and should answer for it all too. The rest I can’t be sure, but it sure is fun watching Sean Spicer get all tongue tied trying to protect Trump and his Administration from it all and any crimes that might have been committed.  He is having to bend his tongue in such ways that he chokes at times on his own spoken words. Quite a show to watch daily, five days a week, with his press conferences. A Little advice Sean Spicer, do you realize as Trump’s credibility is dying so is yours, you are killing your own credibility and reputation in news circles and across the world? You should resign as Press Secretary and move on now before you are utterly destroyed trying to protect a liar.

President Trump as a candidate let his mouth over- run his ass so to say, making far too many promises and having no idea what he was getting himself into with HealthCare.He promised the world so many things and depended on Speaker Paul Ryan to get it all through the House and let Ryan run the show, it failed and so did Ryan. Now as they close in today on the vote for Trump/Ryan Health Care and face failure, he will have to admit he failed.

As Congress keeps digging deeper and deeper into Russian connections to the Trump Campaign, and connections are being found, how many will be running from it all. Sooner or later, Manafort, Stone, Paul, or any of them will under pressure break down and the connections will become open to all in the world and in America. When that happens, they will follow the trail right up the chain of command to the White House and President Trump himself. It will be like Nixon’s Watergate trail and trials in Congress that forced his resignation and will more than likely force Trumps too. But we will see is all anyone can say at this point, right?

Let me say this to the American People, 2018 is coming fast, we should vote out all the dead weight we can in congress and both houses. Cleaning up Congress was another promise, President Trump made, but the truth is he can’t do a damn thing about it, we the American People have the vote to do that, as much as possible in 2018, let’s do it!



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