Fight Back America, if not?

The F.B.I now has data that shows collusion between Trump team and Russians. That is a headline that should be shouted country wide by all newspapers, radio shows, and tv stations. Sad is this day in America when an American President and his Administration is tied to a foreign power used political tricks and more to elect our President. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Carter and more, would all be so angry over all of this.  The Founding Fathers would be marching on Washington, DC, to string up Trump as a traitor to his country if they were alive today. It is a sad day in American History for sure, and now the question is what will our elected officials from each state in our union do about it? Will they respond by compiling all info and impeaching President Trump and his team or let it be and slowly slip through four years of American History this way? How many of Trump’s Campaign team were in contact with the Russians and to what end? Page, Stone, Manafort all known to associate now with Russians, sad indeed. How much did they influence our Election and how, and what was their purpose other than getting elected Trump?  Why was Putin so afraid of Hillary Clinton that he backed Trump? So many questions will now arise from this Russian/ Trump connection and we may never get the answers, sad huh? Let’s hope James Comey the Director of the F.B.I. has the balls and guts to find all the links, connect the dots and then informs all so we can react within the laws of our land.

I pray that the Trump Administration fails to pass this new Republican Healthcare Bill, so 24 million people won’t be dumped off coverage and lose. I hope Trump doesn’t touch Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Veterans Benefits.Don’t let him do to the poor, the injured and the weak any more injuries then they already have. Veterans served and fought for their benefits, the poor should be helped and fed and provided for and all Americans deserve health care coverage that is great and affordable, period. He is not thinking of the Veterans who are Disabled like me, nor does he care if the poor get poorer, he only wants the rich to get richer. Stop them now people for if they get all of this done, it will kill off millions of people and destroy our country.



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