Trump Presidency and Trust! American Dream

Dreams die hard America, but the past stays the same frozen in time, whether it was good or bad, it freezes right where we leave it.  The same can be said of the actions and reactions of the American people to its political ways. The Politicians we overlooked or moved away from because we were told they were dangerous and the ones we didn’t when we should have. Such is now the case for all Americans, for we now have a lying, deceiving,  President and Administration, in panic mode trying to cover the price they had to pay to win the White House, very sad indeed. As the snow falls once more on the East Coast of ou country and I sit here and write this blog, I wonder how many Americans, who voted for Trump, now are beginning to understand just what they really did. BY voting Trump in as President you have voted Putin and Russia into the decision making of the greatest Republic on the face of the planet. How bad it will get before our laws will allow us to change it, well that is a good question now, Mr. Trump is now entrenched in the office. How did he get there is the real question, how much did Rex Tillerson, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and General Kelly and others with connections to Russia have to do with it? And will the America Government be able to dreg up the truth and reveal it to us all? You Tell us America!

I served my country for 16 years in three different branches of the military, U.S. Army, U.S.  Army national Guard and U.S. Navy. I gave my life and body to protect the ideals of this country and republic, to protect the ones I loved most and still do today, and I was born in 1956, and since the First President I can remember John F. Kennedy, till Trump I have never seen a President so embroiled in such a mess so early in his term. Every President had the balls to admit when they were wrong, and changed directions when they were proven wrong except Trump, why?   Sadly, Trump and Mr. Putin of Russia have their own plan for America and we the American people were blinded by foolish mistakes of our own media and government. Who knows how far, the Russia interference has dug in and what it really means? How much influence does Mr. Putin have over our President and country now and what does he have on Trump that he will probably use to blackmail him into doing what he wants? We may never know folks, because, I don’t believe Congress has the balls to stand up to him and investigate it till the truth is released to all of us. Sad isn’t it, I mean I served to protect this country, it’s constitution, it’s people my family and friends, and now, we the American People find ourselves, influenced by Russians. what the hell is coming next for us?

I may be old now and not as healthy as I once was, but I still believe in America and it’s Constitution, it’s Bill of Rights and all Amendments attached to it. And I know today, that if an invasion of America by the ZRussians or any other country were to happen I would be the first to step up and grab a damn M-16A1 or any other weapon they would hand to defend it. It is sad to see a man who never served one day in the Military running it and being it’s Commander in Cheif.  This man who so many put in Office, dodged the draft three times due to foot problems, come on now. He has no idea what the military is capable of or how to use it either.

Does he even understand how stupid and dumbfounded he looks to the leaders of the world with the stupid shit he says and does? They are laughing at him and he doesn’t even realize it, does he? Sad!  Doesn’t he understand that he is undercutting his own trust and the peoples too, with his lies, how the hell can anyone believe him when he says something? Outright lying to the people you are sworn to represent and protect is definitely a problem Mr. Trump and you should know that by now. I also have a few questions for this President of ours.

Lets start with the easier ones, like What the hell is KellyAnn Conway doing in the White House? What the hell is Steve Bannon there for? Or your Daughter Ivanka and her husband doing there? Why do these people have access to State and Country Secrets, please explain? So many faults can be found with each of these individuals being in the White House, what the hell does you daughter get security clearance for and an office in the West Wing, if she is not an official advisor being paid? Explain Mr. Trump!

The above are just a few of the easier questions, regarding your Presidency and administration, how about who the hell told you-you were wiretapped by the former President and where did you get that bullshit from and why state it and be found to be out right lying? You had to know it would be disproved, so what was the purpose of this mess? How far does Russian Influence go into your administration? We are going to find out Mr. Trump and you will end up paying for any crimes against the country, it will happen, just as it did to Richard M. Nixon, there is no corner of the White House or country you can hide in, once  the America People decide they want the truth and the bullshit to stop! Americans will get to the Truth Mr. Trump whether you want us to or not, you can’t hide any of it, believe me!




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