Keep America Alive, Correct the Problems Now!

How many lies can one President tell and survive? How do you believe a man who lies so much, he can’t stop?  What kind of Leadership skill is lying?  Who in the world can believe an American President who is awkward, unbecoming, rude and unintelligent in so many ways? For those who voted for Donald J. Trump, these are just a few of the questions, many leaders of the free world are asking right now! Why did you the people who voted for Trump, actually vote for him?  It is a sad time in American History, for America will get nowhere fast, he has no idea how to create a law, how to write a bill, how to deal with Congress or other world leaders. his diplomacy sucks period. He complained of President Obama having too many vacations in his Presidency, well Mr. Trump is far worse than Obama will ever be. He plays golf every chance he gets, flies to Florida at the tax payers expense every weekend, has the White House to himself as a resident and his wife and child we are paying to protect in New York City, and all of it is costing Americans Millions and Millions of dollars per month. We are bleeding funds for a man who claims to be a Republican Conservative, sad isn’t it? His HealthCare proposal shall die in Congress, for it is really a piece of shit bill slapped together to sound good, but will dump over 25 million Americans off of insurance and leave them out there alone searching. Say what you will about Obama Care, at least it covered many who had nothing and originally was affordable! This Trump/ Ryan Health Care package will just make poorer Americans poorer and Rich Americans richer, stop it in Congress, folks before it dives right into your incomes and homes and wipes you out. President Trump is a disgrace to America, he is a disgrace to all of us, not just to those who voted him in, remember that.

Trump made a promise not to touch Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security when he ran for office, he also promised to show his tax returns, remember? Well, he will not keep any promises, for you see, he is going to have Paul Ryan and his cohorts kill Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, so he doesn’t have to. Ryan’s main objective for years has been to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and leave older Americans with nothing but their saving to live on in their old ages. It’s coming folks and he does care one bit of shit, about you or me, he is caring about the rich, period.  What will you do with your elderly parents, your cancer ridden loved ones when you run out of money? I bet you are like millions of us out here, trying to figure that one out now huh?

We need gun control to keep people who are mentally ill from attaining weapons to kill innocents at the drop of a hat! We need oil prices down and slashed to heat our homes and run our cars. We need jobs of all kinds, and factories built and we need an Education System that actually teaches not just pushes children thru. It;s all sad, our infrastructure is falling apart, races fight one another at what expense, well I will tell you at what expense, at the expense of the American Taxpayers, at the expense of the future American Children and the generations of Americans to come. Stop, look, and see for yourselves folks, it’s a sad Trillion Dollar hole we are burying our children and future in! And if you notice and watch carefully, these men and women in the Congress, are doing nothing to stop this mess and repair it at all. Many of these politicians in the House and Senate have been in office far too long to care anymore, they all need to be voted out and new blood put in to replace them. We need term limits on the Senate and House and to stop these people from skating through 30 some odd years of doing very little. Then they retire and take full benefits and pensions from the American People, crazy right, but true.

This article is all about crazy but true things in America’s Politics and of it’s crazy American Politicians and why the American Dream and the American Republic, is slowly but surely dying and why it will crumble, in the future due to greed, infighting and battling and lack of work to keep it going. The Mayans died off, The Aztecs did too, The Incas and The Romans faded from glory also for the very same reasons. Don’t kill the Republic our forefathers built and cultivated save it and keep it going. Tell those in Congress and Trump as President straighten the hell up or get the hell out of office period, overthrow them by voting them out, in 2018. For a walk down the current path, we are on, will take us down the same path of those who faded from existence before us. Let Us keep the American Dream, our Constitution, and our ways alive!


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