Trump needs Examined, America!2

IT’s time America and the world, requested President Donald J. Trump get evaluated by a psychiatrist and the results let loose to the world. This man, whom many Americans voted for is lost in a world of his own it seems. Lies, Lies, Lies upon lies flow from his mouth and insult the people of our nation and the world. Why?

3 to 5 million voters voted illegally, bullshit,  his crowd was the biggest ever for the Swearing in Ceremony? More Bullshit. What is wrong with this man?  This is the man America thought was the best person to be our President, damn those who voted for him should hide. Obama wiretapped him, he is nuttier than a fruit cake, what the fuck would Obama be stupid enough to even attempt this for? Then when Congress’s Intel committees say no wiretapping occurred he says then, the Brittish had something to do with it? Someone please, please advise Mr. Trump he is full of shit, he is killing his creditability in the country and the world and making America look like idiots. Sadly, since his swearing in, he has done nothing in the legislative world of Washington, DC. and all he has done is sign Directives that are bullshit too. If this is what America can expect to have for four full years in Office, then America will end up on the bottom of the world’s heap in a mess, no American President will ever be able to dig us out of. What is wrong with the President folks, please tell me!

He is humiliating America, embarrassing us and acting like a five-year-old child who won’t let go of pure lies he speaks. Sad as hell you Ask me! grow the fuck up Mr. Trump, if you are so paranoid as you sound, you have no place in the position of the Leader of the Free World and America period. Resign and get the hell out of Office.  You are a sad excuse for a human being, trying to wipe out Medicare, Medicaid and social security for the elderly, where and when do you start bringing back these millions of jobs, huh? You know Mr. Trump you lied your way into the White House, but you can’t lie your ass out of all of the messes you have made.  Your Health Care package sucks worse than Obama Care, it will throw too many elderly and needy people off of health care and hurt mo\re than it could ever hope to help. If you sign into law the current health care package Speaker Ryan is pushing the damage you will have done to the American People may never be corrected. The rich are rich enough and that includes you Mr. Trump help the poor, the ill and the needy for a change and not your own rich pockets.

My opinion will probably never be heard or read, but, for those of you who voted this man Trump in as President of the United States, al of you should hang your head and shame and run and hide, and while your at it, you should be happy to just bend over and take it up the ass. Because he is gonna screw all of you too, not just the ones who voted for Hillary. Sad, isn’t it !!!!!





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