Writers get Overlooked, Unless They are Great !

Around the world, we are so many people who are writers in one way or another, journalist, diaries, blogs, poems, manuscripts of all sorts, and letters too. Newsmen and women, magazine writers and so much more, it seems to me the problem is not, having enough writers, but having enough places for them to get read. I know it sounds silly and at times even stupid, but it isn’t. We as a human race should be thriving on reading and writing skills and abilities and the articles people write, for they tell the way of humanity and the world and history as a whole, so all can learn from it. We need more ways to get these people read, even if they are not the best writers in the world as a whole. Not everyone can write perfect, grammar, or sentences, or tell stories in perfect ways, yet the stories and poems and more need to be told and printed for all future generations to see and hear.For as the writers tell the stories, ideas and heartfelt poems and more, future generations can learn from it all, don’t you agree?

How else would we know of the Aztecs, the Incas, The Egyptians, The American Indians? How else would we know if Washington was a hero or a goat, or Lincoln an honorable man, or Kennedy a liberal hero in his own right? Tell me, folks. tell me, please!

Mark Twain colored the world with his perceptions of Huck and so much more. Doris Kearns Goodwin, told us how Lincoln used his Presidency to bring together his rivals to run the nation in such a way as to see us through the Civil War. Amazing right. Of course, I am right, for mankind thrives on learning, lessons, adventures, mysteries and love stories. It’s true and we all know it, yet today’s generation is falling behind in knowledge due to a lack of real reading, of books believe it or not. We have become a world of electronic geeks staring at computer screens and tablets and cell phones, and we forget that a good book is really a gem of knowledge,  adventure and a story of the past or future that was or could be. Without writers, we would have no Wonderland, no Harry Potter, no Jason Bourne or even 007, would we? For in the end these worlds and characters, are what drives mankind toward the future possibilities he can reach.  Would we have reached the moon without writers to tell us what it may be like by way of their stories, articles and more, I believe not.! Writers do indeed drive mankind’s imagination and so much more, passing on books of imagination, knowledge, facts and beliefs to all who come after them, they should be admired and printed everywhere it is possible to do so. Writers dig for facts in history and tell us what they find or don’t find, they also report facts, so a writer does indeed, have a damn good purpose in life.

Many writers are indeed overlooked and many of their writings end up dust covered and hidden on a bookshelf or in boxes and crates and are forgotten. Sadly, it is true and even the blogs of today’s modern, electronic fired media and writers is lost, in cyberspace. Sad isn’t it? So, yes we do need more places for writers with creativity, thoughts, ideas and stories as well as history to tell, a place where they may be printed, read and understood. So yes writers, are indeed overlooked! For believe it or not, all writers are indeed great in their own way.



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