March 11th 2017, here we go


I received a  question the other day online, a young lady asked me, where do I find a Publisher, I am an Author and new. While I write young lady and post my little books on the internet, on Amazon Kindle E-Books, Smashwords and Create Space, there is also Nook Books. com and others where you can publish your own books. Since I do mine all online, I can’t help you with Authors not online I am sorry. Yet I am sure if you Google them, Publishers will come up if you wish to pay to be published young lady, I am relatively new to writing myself, and I keep looking for how to advertise and promote my own works. Wish I could help you more, sorry. I am not a million dollar writer, who is very popular, wish I was.

That said and done, onward and upward as they say. I have written short story books and tried to sell them through Amazon’s Kindle E-books mainly and I am proud I have sold a few, wish it were a lot more. I am still working on finding a story I can turn into a novel-length book and sell. It escapes me so far because I keep getting sidetracked by shorter stories and longer ones, get put aside for them. Writing can be a pain at times and sometimes even the best go dry, trying to produce. Writer’s Block they call it, well, I am sure I have now hit it myself, my blogs will live, but will I write new stories or books, no idea right now.

.                  Ok, I will give ya a few links to some of my little books here in case you may feel like checking them out and reading some: .99cents a copy



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