Opinion of President Trump so far!

My opinion is like everyone else’s so to say, no one cares right? Well, to disappoint those out there who believes that, the American constitution gives us the right to free speech anyway, so we the American people use our rights freely and love them!

Our current President Donald J. Trump needs some help ladies and gentlemen and many of you will say I am wrong but, I believe I am right. This man ran for President making outlandish claims and promises and won by the skin of his teeth, and now he is in trouble as a President, period.

He tries to work long hours and all he has done is sign Presidential directives and nothing else really. he got a Navy seal killed in a mission that should have never been launched, and he says weird and strange things to his country and it’s people.

The last claim of  President Obama wiretapping trump Tower prior to the election is all crap folks and we all know it too.Why would Obama even care to, and what would he gain by doing so? Not a God damn thing !Donald J. Trump is living in a made up world of lies and innuendoes brought about by his relationship with  Steve Bannon and Breitbart news.  He listens to Bannon and then at 3 or 4 or 6 am he wakes up and tweets that bullshit out tp Twitter, and doesn’t realize what he is saying.

First, if anyone wants to help Trump be a better President, remove Steve Bannon and Breitbart news. Second, put the President to bed on time with sleeping pills so he gets to sleep and rest, the man wants to stay awake far too much.Too little sleep is really bad for a man of his age and position. Third, he has to be seen by a psychiatrist to see if he is balanced enough to remain our President.   The thinks he says are not normal at all for an American President and he is embarrassing himself and his country as he goes along. The House and Senate should make sure this does not happen anymore by forcing the President into an Examination.  he needs it folks and we all know it.

Final thing today in this area, I did not vote for President Trump, and I would never have no matter what, but since he is in office I want to see him win or succeed, just as much as he wants to, but he can’t if he is not helped along by the Congress, and his family and cabinet. I believe he may suffer from some mental problems from what I am seeing of him and the American people are too.  he needs an examination to prove his ability and condition is normal to hold the office.

I also believe he should realize that if he touched Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security he will harm so many people and kill them, it will be crazy. leave it be Mr. President, we need those funds to live out the end of our lives. It is what was intended and paid into by those of us who did so and we deserve every penny we get. That said, let me say this Mr. trump. all do respect to you and the office you hold, this country was not set up as a Dictatorship or a Communist nation, nor is it set up as a Monarchy, we are a democracy, please look it up nd read the damn definition and keep it that way. Thank You.


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