The Real Story, Mr. President

Last night the American President, talked to Congress and the nation about the Nation, its place in the world, it’s price in the world and what he believes and wants to do during his term. The truth is much different than what President Trump has said and spoke about.

He named numerous things he is determined to do it seems and in my opinion he will fail to accomplish all of it in one term for sure. It will be impossible to pay for it all, is the bottom line and some will have to fall by the wayside.  The second point to make he never said how he will pay for any of it if he believes the money will come from the American taxpayer he is wrong we don’t have it!  Is he serious I doubt it I really do, he sounded optimistic of course because that is his job real like he said he is there to represent one country one nation and one people us. Represent and Protect is the only part of his speech I can believe in, but money wise we don’t have the cash to do what he wants in entirety.

The first thing he will have to let go will be his wall between us and Mexico for sure. If he builds such a wall it will cost America at least 54 billion dollars. And that my friends is just the cost of cement, without rebar and openings for people to pass through. We don’t need a wall really, additional border guards and a conversation with the Mexican Government can solve the problem cheaper.  Let’s face facts we are like the President said closing in on America;s 150th birthday, and never in all that time have we needed walls between us and our neighbors, on our land. And if he does build this wall, how big of a waste will it be when the Mexicans dig under it, over go over it, or around it by boat? Face reality, Mr. President, the Mexicans are like every other people in the world. trying to come here because we are so much better than they are. So why not help them improve their country? That is the answer here, not a wall!

While I appreciate President Trump’s speech and attempt to talk about America’s problems, he failed to say what any of it will cost and how it will be paid for. Sadly, we just don’t have the cash or credit to do it all Mr. President. Wake Up, America, can’t keep doing all and all you wish to do, We can not build a wall, and rebuild the infrastructure of the country and redo healthcare too, impossible. We will always be limited by the amount of money we have to fix things Mr. President, would you like to run us into bankruptcy, like you did your casinos four times?


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