My feelings today on writing and marketing books.

After writing about 65 little  books or stories and trying to sell them for years, I still have not found a decent marketer online for them it seems. While all claim to be professional and good at what they do, I find them lacking in their real skills and selling. I don’t think I am the only writer who thinks so either, for I see many others complaining about lack of sales and advertising for their books too.

I have tried Amazon and Publish most of my books there, I have also given Create Space a shot and try and now Smashwords too.  It seems, none are capable of marketing them and selling them not even at a .99 cents per copy price. I don’t know why, and personally I have given up trying them all, for each one cost me money I never get back and I really can’t afford them.

What all writers want is some kind of acknowledgement, for what they write about or the story they tell. But, there be too many writers and not enough publishers, and for me not enough patience and time.  Maybe it is because, I am older at 61 years old than most writers who are just beginning or my work is not long enough, or good enough to sell, I really have no idea because I get no feedback from anyone on anything I produce/ Write. No comments, or reviews seem to come my way, either on my Authors page or my Amazon Page for each book, or anywhere else. It’s not even easy to get reviews, because, people tend to avoid new authors and stick to the ones they love. I can understand that, yet, there has got to be a way for new writers to get noticed and reviewed, so that can improve as they go along, doesn’t that make sense folks? Ah well I will keep trying, because I write for fun and enjoyment of myself and those who do read what I write now and again. IT’s like a hobby, I hope to get better at, so it will sell one day.

I want to say Thank you to those who read my blog, now and then, and I hope you enjoy some of my articles and opinions. I am not a professional writer, but I would sure like to at least sell one book. LOL.



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