Writing Advice for All who Write!

        Well, a new day, a new thought, a new story and away I go ! Writing is not easy, many Authors will tell you that, and when you argue it is easy, the next thing they will tell you is go ahead, try it yourself !

          Some people will try it and find out the English language is not easy to deal with, neither is the task of sticking to a plot, and keeping the characters in character as you go along. But advice I can give on Plotting a story, includes outlining it before you start one. I know, I know you hate doing outlines from high school days or even college days right? Well as a writer it is a necessary evil and needs to be done period, if you don’t do it, your story will go everywhere and the characters even won’t remain in character and there goes the work, poof!

Plotting a Plot 

     Before you start writing your story or novel, or short,          make sure you plot it out.

  • Know where it takes place.

  • Why it takes place

  • What the story revolves around or through

  • Stick to the plot and where it is going

  • Put surprises or twists in your plot, for readers love trying to figure them out.

  • Don’t plot it out to a happy ending every time, that’s not how life goes does it.

  • Write down your plot and make sure it makes sense

  • Every step you take has to build intensity and interest from the reader, remember the idea is to make a point, using your plot

  • In the end, I suggest, you make an outline of the plot you wish to use and as you write follow it so you don’t miss a step or part

  • I recommend next, that you outline each character to make them fit their part in the story.

  • Think out each location your story will take place in, is it a outside area, a park, a city, a church, a mall etc. If so make sure you don’t change the areas parts and surroundings. It will confuse the reader.

  • If you are writing an event in your life be true to it, except for names of people, change them so you don’t get sued over what you write.

  • Write the story or book out, without worrying about mistakes in it. get it out of your head and on paper or in the computer word processor, so you don’t forget.

  • Now go back and edit the spelling, punctuation and more, grammar counts here OK!

  • Edit it at least three times, one for mistakes, the second for plotting to ensure it stays as it is supposed to, and third before thinking of publishing. Remember it must be acceptable to many people to sell.

  • Save the project/story in the proper format needed for publishing such as a .pdf file, so it will be accepted. and print a copy of your manuscript out if your going to send it in to a publisher to publish.

  • A Cover for your book, must be clean, neat and match your story and also grab the interest of the buyers of it. It must draw attention! Pick a good one take your time here, and make sure it draws looks from people.

  • The Back Page of your book, should include a Synopsis of the book/story, your Biography should be on top of it.

  • If you believe you wish to have a Forward to the story/book, make sure it is one page or less.  And contains a great part of the story.

  • If you do a Dedication, make sure you explain why you did it.

  • Final Advise to all Writers, before you sell your book/story to anyone check prices for books the same length as your so you don’t over or under price, stopping the readers from buying it.

  • Last thing I will advise here, a Publisher has to be one that has an audience that will like, or love your type of story, if not they will not advertise it correctly, and you will lose readers and sales.

    I hope the above advice will help some writers out there especially the new ones, and as all writers will tell you, Welcome to the world of writing and imagination, if you try it, I wish you all the best, for the hardest part is finding an audience for your work.

                                                         William M. McCurrach

  •                                                                Author



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