The writing process.

Writing is a.process of pulling experiences, emotions and.actions.together, to form a story, with characters you make.realistic by their actions,moves and  statements in the plot of the story. As long as those items remain true to each character and.coinside with the plot the story will fly. Once one or more of these characters fall out, it all falls.apart.

           Plotting must be.done ahead of time in a.outline form. That way you have a.firm path for.each character and they don’t do stupid.shit, that will lose the reader. You don’t want the reader going what the hell is this, if you get the idea. Get colorful in descriptions and entice where and when you can.

           Read your own work over and over and correct and expand or eliminate as needed. Make sure your story, plot and objective of it all makes sense. Unless you are writing a full fantasy.

            Last note for all who write, it is best to write in either first person or third person don’t mix them. Changing the view of the narrator or story teller in mid story will lose a reader quickly. So don’t go there.

           When I write, I first write it all out or down so I don’t forget the idea I  had. Don’t worry about spelling, puncuation or anything else, your going to read it over and over and edit it before it is a finished product. So get it out and all of it at once, then worry about it later.


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