Happy Saturday Folks

         Indecision racks me as to what to write on next what subject is good and interesting to the public these days?

         Politics seems to me to be a subject, yet, it leads to anger, confusion and  ultimately a fight over who voted for whom and why, and who was right or wrong. I tired of this fight and argument, because Trump will show as he has so far, that those who voted for him are wrong. Each day he is in office and flying around with his wife to Florida every weekend get tiring to watch and talk about.  I am glad the Justice Department stopped his ban, and hope when he produces a new one it will make better common sense by naming countries that do terrorism.

          MY books are out there and who knows what can happen or will with them, I wrote them, edited them, and published them on Create Space and Amazon Kindle E-Books, done my part, it is now up to the buyers to say whether they are any good !

          I just thank God for being alive and having my wife with me each day and accept what i am given to survive and do what I can with it all!  One thing I can say is that getting older each day, week and year sucks, because the mortal body is a husk containing a spirit that runs it, when that body starts to deteriorate well, you get the idea!

               Everyday is a new one, and a new beginning in it’s own way, you can make yourself do and complete anything if you have the spirit and will to do it and the stubbornness and determination to keep going to get it done period. Just do it and remember folks no matter what, Mother Nature moves forward and is ruled by Father Time, and our time if limited here on earth, so just go for it, while your here. You will be remembered by those who love and care for you by what you do each day and leave behind once gone! Happy Saturday to All and Good Luck!




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