How does one get Reviews and Launch a Book!

        Lets talk about launching as an Author/Writer today. I have been one of these writers/ authors who are having problems getting noticed and read! Are you one of these too? I bet many are out here searching for someone to help them advertise and promote their works to the mass public of people in the world. It is not easy at all to get noticed and to get Published but once you do get into book stores there still is guarantee you will be read. That is a problem all of us have!

          So How does one overcome this situation? I wish I knew really, I have tried online advertisers and so far no luck. I have tried sending it out to everyone I know, but without good reviews you get nothing for a response or sale! So, it seems to me, unless I am wrong,  you can’t get read without reviews and you can get sales without reviews and you can’t get reviews if you not noticed and read. The old Catch 22 is in effect here me thinks and I really have no idea what to do about any Suggestions would be helpful folks!



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