Silver Spoons/Education/Surviving and More!

        Well, when that Doctors slapped my ass, 61 years ago and made me breath, he didn’t tell me how life would be!

          Some of us were born with silver spoons in our mouth like Trump, and other of us were born poor and struggled to survive, but it’s all about survival in the world is it not folks?

           I don’t have a Doctorate in science or  Masters in anything, but I do have my pride, and my Associates Degree, which is all I could afford to get using my Military Benefits. I don’t claim to be Stephen King, Robert Ludlum or Doris Kearns Goodwin but I do write. I write poetry, I write mysteries. I write even romances, but even when they are picked up by a Book Store like Barnes and Noble, they sit on shelves ignored, why because it is a catch 22 all writers face, you can shove your story/ slash book at people but like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. It’s all a matter of taste and interest, for those who read and whether an Author can hit a readers taste buds so to say. I know politics is popular these days, and trump is the dish of choice for newsrooms around the world. I also know, who won the Super Bowl and how they did and who they beat, but does anyone know me, nope! Why, because I write and try to make it work and end up in book stores on a shelf somewhere, and no one cares. Do writers have to scream and yell to be heard, or be on TV to get noticed what is it? You all tell me ok?

              How does one get noticed, it seems to me, if you write it may never happen? Am I asking for too much, am I that bad a writer that I suck? I don’t know, but, I can only hope some will read what I write and enjoy it all I can do is write and publish it and see what happens.

                Well that said and done for today and now off my chest, I shall move on back to being a Disc Jockey online in Second Life this am, doing Country Music and hopefully having fun. I shall see how it goes for now and hold off writing for a while to see if my little books will sell or not, in Barnes and Noble Online and in stores. If not, at l east I gave it a try, and all I can do is hope they fly. In the meantime, I shall continue on my way, DJing, writing, taking care of my wife with her cancer and watching myself for any return of my own cancer. And praying for forgiveness and luck to make ends meet and costs lower. Remember this my fellow Writers and Americans, President Trump cares not what the average american has or has not, nor does he intend to help anyone, but himself and his rich buddies and cronies. So save all you got, pay off your bills and hang on, for one messy ride, till 2020.






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