Thoughts on Writing this Am !

OK, after hesitation and thought I have tried to write stories that may appeal to people and hopefully will sell. Time shall tell, as I have tried an online advertising company to get my book out there, probably starting tomorrow. For me it is an experiment and I have tried to advertise on my own just isn’t working or my works suck, I guess I shall find out soon enough. Getting people to check out, independent Authors works or stories or books, isn’t easy and people don;t enjoy doing so it seems.

My works at least a few of them, have made it to Barnes and Noble Book Stores and I shall see if they sell, so far not much. I wish there was a way to make readers read them, but, we writers are at the mercy of the readers..

My Corner of Danger and Trouble Street, is going to be promoted and advertised online, I paid to see it happen. I just hope it reaches an audience it will sell to, if not, well, it may make me disappointed enough to stop writing, for I am not a professional at it, and all these failures to sell, can make me depressed. Time shall let me know that is for sure, soon enough. I did the book on Create Space, and I am hoping it is good enough for people to like it.



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