Super Bowl 51/ Latest Books

              Well, Super Bowl 51 proved to be interesting and a great game to watch. Atlanta played a great game and it looked like they had it for a while there, but they made a mistake and let the Patriots back in it and that was that. It was a Super Bowl of historic moments, catches and scores and many records too. Congratulations to The New England Patriots, Owner Bob Kraft, Coach Bill and QB Tom Brady and all the team ! Best Super Bowl Ever !

            Next subject folks, my latest book is still incomplete in my mind do I am working on thoughts to make Robbie’s Vengeance longer and a little better, for a re release.

               In The mean time, I have released Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets in Create Space and hope some will try it and like it. It tells an interesting story of a hunt for a murderer, who kills because of sexual abuse and more, and then disappears as not one generation, but two of Detectives family look for the killer. and how the killer gets caught finally. Please give it a shot and leave comments and a review!

Here is the Link Folks

            The rest of my books can be found on my Amazon Kindle E-Book Author’s Page:

            Please remember to Support The American Cancer Society!

                   I have survive Lung Cancer since 2012 and my wife has been fighting Breast Cancer now turned to Bone cancer since 2006 , We are doing all we can to keep her alive. Thank you for any help in this matter, if you can’t buy my books at least, Donate to The american cancer Society, for cancer knows no race, color or anything else, it just kills all it touches, sooner or later.

                                     Thanks for Reading                                                                                       My Blog




































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