After thinking it over many times mind you, I decided to pay to promote my book, online. for 30 days to see f it helps me get known as a writer and gets my story out to people to read and buy. In the past I have been hesitant to do so, figuring I could promote and advertise it myself, but in fact one person can not do the work of an entire team of people, and get you noticed or your story noticed too. As writers we try to make the story as interesting as we can, we can even self-publish it and broadcast it in our own voices online and in real life, yet, it doesn’t reach enough people unless, you are like Stephen King, if you know what I mea

              That said and done, it will be maybe 48 hours until it hits the internet and is promoted and advertised and I will wait and see how it does. Hopefully I wrote a story good enough for folks to read and like and want, I shall see. At this point I plan on going back into my Robbie’s Vengeance story and seeing if I can lengthen it some and make it a little more interesting by adjusting the ending. I want people to get to know and understand Robbie a bit more than what is their now.

               A little mention here for all, one of my favorite authors has always been the man who created Jason Bourne, Robert Ludlum,  I was very sad when he died, because he brought Bourne to life in so many different ways and styles. and I miss that.

           Stephen King does that with his characters also in most of his stories. It’s an ability I wish I could cultivate in myself and do better. While both King and Ludlum are favorites of mine to read, the best Biography writer who tells a great story and doe sit in such a way as to bring all the interactions and characters in the story to full life, is Doris Kearns Goodwin. This lady has the golden touch if you ask me, he book on Lincoln is unbelievable and engrossing and grabs you once you start it, and you won’t put it down till you finish it either.

                  Anyway, my Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets will be coming out and I just want to let everyone know I am trying and hope it reads well and people enjoy it. Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully checking out my paperback book.


https://www.createspace.com/6910097 here is the Link is it interests anyone!



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