Super Bowl / My Newest Books

         Super Bowl Weekend is here. The New England Patriots, who have won four so far, will be challenged by the Atlanta Falcons a team that has won none. In my opinion it should be a decent game.

          Two high powered offenses will be on the field, two fine quarterbacks leading them too, so scoring shouldn’t be a problem.

           It will indeed be settled the game by the defenses, and who has the better one. Can the Falcons get to Brady? Will the Falcons get nervous because it’s their first time there? We shall see, if Atlanta can stay calm and not be riled by the crowd, they stand a chance to win is all I will say. I will never pick the game, for we all know how they go, but, I can hope for the Falcons to win, for they haven’t one one yet. I always back the underdogs, lol!

   I released my Corner of Danger and Trouble Street in paperback book form, through Create Space, I hope some will give it a shot and write reviews and comments too.  I want to see if there is any formula to it or if people will like it, it’s different, because it talks about abuse and a pedophile. Read and see folks, ya may like it!-

       Others of my books are found in Barnes and Noble stores also- here is a link-

            My latest release on the book front so to say, if a story or child abuse, both physical and mental and the result of it all,– I called it Robbie’s Vengeance- follow Robbie and find out why he is the way he is and what he does!

                 One more I did, in Honor of my wife and her battle with cancer so far- Ms. Amazing’s Battle, try them please folks and leave comments and reviews and help me.





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