February Underway, Writing and More!

Morning all and Happy February third 2017. I am still working on my writings, trying to make it better, rewriting and expanding some of my books and trying to think of new subjects to write about, how about you?

I find myself at times, going back to look at older books I wrote and trying to expand them and make the endings more interesting. I recently went back and added to my Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets book, adding a Epilogue to it. I just hope some will buy it, and like what they read.

As to other things in life, I am now 61, turned it on January 25th, and feel no different due to age these days so far. I sometimes look back over my life and wonder did I do enough, more than likely not, but I tried. I graduated Elementary School, I dropped out of High School to work for a living in a factory, Then went and got a GED here in Connecticut and joined military. I did 16 years in the military, in three branches total, Army, Army National Guard and Navy.Have been married twice and have 2 daughters and one step daughter, and 6 grandchildren, not bad. At least on those counts right?

Next I returned to school in College, to Graduate with an Associates Degree in Hotel Management with a 3.7 average out of a possible 4.0, Earned Awards doing so too, and am a member of two Honor Societies. Managed a Hotel for a while then moved on to restaurants which I hated lol.

Now, I am retired with six degenerative discs in my spine, and I try to write books as I take care of my wife who has breast cancer spread  to bone cancer. We fight each day in keeping her alive and continue to keep keeping on.

I am closing in on 70 works I have written now and sold a few, not many for sure and wish to get better and sell more. As stated above, I redid the ending to my Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets and I think improved it some. It can be found online, in amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K23IXOE  This is the Link Folks !Give it a try, leave reviews and comments please!I sure could use the bucks, to help keep my wife going and medicines.

Thanks ALL




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