Voices In Your Head and Mine!

         Voices in your head? Stories floating in there of people you have known? Yet when you start to write it down or type it out it all comes out jumbled and doesn’t sound right when you read it back? Be careful of those voices my friends, no, I don’t mean your going crazy or losing it, what I mean is you are writing in first person, than third person and mixing them. Remember to stay in either  first person, or third person all through your story if you don’t, Oh what a tangled mess you create, not only for yourself, but for any editor or publisher or reader too. So remember if your telling it from one characters stand point stay with that character unless they move away or die in the story. Many will confuse it and lose the reader, try not to folks.

              I like doing Murder Mysteries or thrillers and everyone once in a while a Romance will hit me and I will jot it down and later expand it into a romance. Romances must be told from the perspective of the one telling it, for there is really no way, of knowing for sure how the other other person is thinking or feeling. So it is a one person perspective of their own feelings and whether they believe it is being returned to them too. If they do, then the story may get overly mushy for many, so don’t go too far with that aspect.

            Finding your niche so to say is not easy when you write for at times you may mix them and try to make it work, and that again can cause confusion and a problem. What I try to do mostly as I said above, is write either mysteries for all to read, or romances, if they hit me as a good story. You all have seen some of my stories on my Author’s Blog here and on my author’s page on Amazon.com.

            My Author’s Page is here :https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

If Interested in looking at what I mean!


The Following is a Romance I did, Check it out and see what I mean!

Unattainable Love I called it!



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