New Story coming soon!

I just completed a brand new story, and made it into an E-book, I called it Robbie’s Vengeance. It will tell what becomes of Robbie as he grows older and the decisions he makes and what he does.

I just hope people will like it when it is released. In the meantime, President Trump has already caused a constitutional crisis of major proportions with his banning and blocking of incoming refugees and persons from 7 countries. Then on top of all of this blocking, banning of Muslims, he has angered China, Germany, Mexico and more. Doesn’t this man understand the United States can not afford to be isolated from the rest of the world and still survive? Is he crazy, stupid or just being stupid or is he mentally ill? He needs to be evaluated by Psychiatric Doctors to see if he is mentally fit to hold the office he is in.

Anyway, I am nothing more than a regular tax paying citizen and a disabled veteran who served his country for 16 years, so I guess I have no say in much when it comes to the Government. Sadly life shall go on!



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