Plotting out a story


                                                            Plotting a Plot

          Before you start writing your story or novel, or short, make

                 sure you plot it out.

  • Know where it takes place.
  • Why it takes place
  • What the story revolves around or through
  • Stick to the plot and where it is going
  • Put surprises or twists in your plot, for readers love trying to figure them out.
  • Don’t plot it out to a happy ending every time, that’s not how life goes does it.
  • Write down your plot and make sure it makes sense
  • Every step you take has to build intensity and interest from the reader, remember the idea is to make a point, using your plot
  • In the end, I suggest, you make an outline of the plot you wish to use and as you write follow it so you don’t miss a step or part
  • Last Note for this Blog today:
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  •–Corners of Danger and Trouble Streets is now in Paperback !

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