Writing for passion and reason

        Writing is a part of a person if it is done correctly, let your words flow and let the emotions go, try to tell how you would feel during the incident or occasion you are writing about.  Use words that inject passion, love, hate, anger or sadness into the story. As a story teller tell the story in as simple a language as possible so the masses can understand it’s meaning. Using words that are not common is not good for it drives many people to dictionaries and causes a break in the reading of the story.

          If you remember the story with passion and with love and caring or sadness in it, it must be told that way, to work for a reader too. expression is a big part of writing any story and needs to be conveyed to the reader in plain English or the language you are using clearly. If you are intending the story for the public then it must also meet the general public’s use of the language too period.  Make it meet the audiences level you are trying to reach, OK.


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