Waterbury, Connecticut Failing!

         Connecticut, has within it many cities and towns of course like all the other states,yet, I have seen one of it’s cities slowly go downhill and still not recover since the 1960s. Waterbury, the Brass City they call it, has become a city of slums and unemployed people. A city bordering on, destruction in my opinion.

            I grew up in Waterbury for my first fourteen years of life, I was born in Saint Mary’s Hospital and lived in the north end projects called Broadview Acres at the time. It was and still is a project of brick building apartments filled with every race, and color you can think of. You learned back in the 1960s to get along with all or get the living shit beat out of you, plus you also learned to stand up for yourself. So it wasn’t all bad back then, but Lord knows the city has gone to the dumps since.

         The roads are falling apart, potholes destroy vehicles everyday as people try to survive and look for jobs. The factories are gone that made Waterbury the Brass City of America. There is no more, Anaconda, Timex, Chase Brass and Copper to employ the masses.  neighboring Naugatuck used to provide jobs for people too it is gone for all, as Uniroyal went, in the late 1970s.  Blue collar workers who once manned factories that created weapons and ammunition for our military are all gone too.  They now walk the streets homeless, begging for help with signs, saying, will work for food. It’s a sad city these days folks and no one is bothering to try to bring it all back.

                 Waterbury’s mayor have taken so much from it over the decades that the city has nothing left to fix it’s infrastructure and bring back jobs. They keep bring merchants and stores in, which ultimately close because the people have no money to purchase anything. It’s an endless cycle, that drives Waterbury deeper into a rut, these days. The drugs and alcohol problems in Waterbury alone might be one of the highest in the States period is examined close enough. No help is coming either, as the mayor gets richer, The Governor gets richer and the politicians of all parties do too. When will Waterbury, get a Mayor who can fix it and clean it up? When will Waterbury lower the taxes on companies that can build and employ people once again, the companies that left were taxes out and fined out. Too many regulations and taxes have killed the area period.

            As Waterbury, Connecticut, continues to slide deeper into the slum land of the world, people are leaving in flocks like birds  migrating to new areas where the jobs are, if they can. Leaving behind those who have no money or income or strength to get out by themselves. It’s a sad sight to watch as a person who grew up here. What used to be a proud city is now a city crumbling into pieces and falling into ruin, sad ya ask me.




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