Decisions, reasons and more!

We shall have to live with the choice of Donald Trump as President, and pay for the mistake so many Americans have made , by voting for him and so many Electors did too. In the end it is only for four years and any executive orders he signs to change things can be revoked by the next President. So we shall see just how much damage this man can do in four years.

As to my writing, well my decision to hold off releasing anything more to the public at this time is going to stick for a good long time i think. I must admit I am disappointed in the fact, my little stories do not sell, at all. I guess writing shorts, is for jack London only or Steinbeck ! Seems the only thing that may sell is my reputation period, going down the tubes. Sadly, I guess, I shall have to do what Donald Trump should and Hillary Clinton did, ya can’t win or lose and not believe it, right? Comes a time when one must accept the facts and surrender, or keep banging my head against a stone wall it seems for no reason, other than to write for my own pleasure.

Next subject, I am 61 years old today, and now officially have hit the years in life I thought I would never reach.  I am proud of my life so far, I have accomplished things and overcome things many may never do. First off, I have out lived both of my parents who died at 55 and 59 years old respectfully. I have paid off not one but two mortgages between the first and second marriages, I so far survived lung cancer, since 2012, when it was discovered in me. I have honorable discharges from The U.S. Army, U.S. Army national Guard, and three more from the United States Navy. I completed the only college degree, in my family , in 2007, in Hotel and Restaurant Management with the Honors of Alpha Beta Gamma and Phi Theta Gamma, and awards from the school too. Not bad for a man who just turned 61 huh?

I also have two daughters full grown, redheads, 4 grandchildren by them too, two girls and two boys, and two step-children twins by my second wife’s daughter. I think I did OK, if you ask me.  As to the future I know not what may be next, but I do know I am taking it one day at a time is all.

My wife’s cancer which has gone from breast cancer in 2006 to bone cancer in 2016 ten years later and her fight with it continues for us both. Each day she wakes up and survives is a blessing to me, and we share each day well with conversations and laughter and smiles. She is now 76 years old and I am 61, yes I married a woman 16 years my elder and have never regretted it.  I know I shall cry and miss her when the ultimate happens, but, I will never regret one second with her.

Ok  For today I shall leave you with links to my latest short stories and hope you have it in your hearts to try them for the cheap prices I have put them up for sale at on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books:

                      Thanks for reading my blog, and you can consider any purchases you may make of my books, a donation to my wife’s fight against cancer!


William M. McCurrach


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