Will I ever Publish Again Or Release ?

Every  story I write or tell starts with a basic idea and grows from there, most of mine are about murder, mysteries or love and a few about child abuse and growing up.

They all seem to be a way for me to let out inner feelings and emotions trapped inside me, over time, in my life. And once I get them out into a story I usually relax and take a deep breath and move on, do other writers, I don’t know.

I do know I get frustrated, because people don’t read them much and I am not selling any it seems. Must be either my language, topic or the fact I am not a professional writer at all, but a disabled veteran just trying to do something for myself and my wife. Whatever the reason they don;t sell, I have tried to find a way to sell them believe me, I just think it’s time to surrender to the idea they won’t sell.

I will never be Doris Kearns Goodwin, Dan Brown, Robert Ludlum or Stephen King that is for sure, but at least I try and maybe one day someone will like what I wrote who knows when. I write because I need something to do as a disabled veteran and because I feel the need to tell stories and create them. That  is alI write for I hope that is understandable for all.

Shall I continue to write, even if they don’t sell, most likely I will for it is therapy for me and gives me something to do. But will I publish anything anymore I am beginning to doubt that one for I know as sure as I sit here no one reads them or cares.





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