The Day To Day Struggles

Today is the 23rd of January and I wonder how our brand new President is doing and thinking about the job he took, now?

As the world turns and places burned and people die, we all have to sit and ponder and wonder why? That the truth these days, I just hope all Americans, have paid off their mortgages and bills, and are saving money the best they can. If not then you didn’t heed my advice, before the election, in November.

Next subject folks, as a Disabled American Veteran, I find myself in a state of being able to do only so many things these days. I am not as physically fit as I was in my younger days when I gave my body and mind to my country, to serve it for sixteen years. So I not doing many things physically I used to do. So I have to find, different things to busy my mind and take up my time and writing is it these days. I take ideas from out of my memory and turn them into stories on paper or as word documents and hope they sell. I am not a great writer, but I try to tell my stories in such a way that all can read them if they wish and I hope enjoy them.

Will I sell any, I have no idea really, I try by posting them in Kindle E-books for sale, the purpose is not to get rich folks, my purpose is to say something and get the stories out, and help my wife and myself survive we are both cancer victims.

My wife God Bless Her, is a cancer victim since 2006 when breast cancer hit her and I sat through her radiation and cancer treatments back them, side by side with her. Then she went into remission and now ten years later here it is again back, but this time not just breast cancer, but it has spread to her bones, bone cancer.

I went through lung cancer myself in 2012, and had a lobe and 1/3rd of my right lung removed, so I could survive. I am doing OK , right now, but cancer can come back in many ways and forms. So I shall see, what happens next for me. My concern is not me folks, it is my wife, as I watch her battle on afraid to take chemical concoctions  the Doctors have put together for her to survive I wonder how much more can her body and mind and spirit take?

I wake up each day, and wait a few seconds before I get out of bed to see or hear if she is still with me, each day. Is she breathing, is she moving, all I can do is hop she is ! Once she moves or I hear her breathing, I know she will be with me another day. That is how life goes here one day at a time, one moment at a time. when she comes down for the day and has her morning tea and tries to get her stuff done she always does in her routine and then heads for the lazy boy recliner, she bought for me, originally and passes out, I wonder again will her eyes open once more and she suddenly pops back to life with her eyes wide open. Looking around like she forgot where she is, till it registers with her she is home and safe with me. I watch her, I try to care for her, I clean for her, I water her plants, I clean her cats boxes, I help her dress and I stand by while she takes a shower in case she needs help, and at times I wash her and her hair. I help her dress, and take her to Doctors, because she can not drive anymore and I wonder and wonder more about how long she may have left. Do I know, do the Doctors know as her aches and pains grow in her joints and bones and she struggles to stop hurting, and to get around. she is stubborn, persistent and I love her can do attitude, for she has never given up. we have been together now, going on twenty five years and I know I love her today as much as I did when I met her.

                     Anyway, just so ya all know, my story of Ms. Amazing’s Battle is all about her and I and our struggles and determination together against Cancer the deadly disease. So I have posted it with all the rest of my short stories on Amazon’s kindle E-Books for sale to see if I can help make our ends meet the battle so to speak. I hope some will see my stories and if not for the way I write or the words I put sown, but for our fight against cancer will buy some. So Thanks for Reading my Blog and I hope some of my blogs and stories you are enjoying!!

William Mark McCurrach


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