Character Advise and More!

             Memories are the best places in your mind to start writing something from. You can take a memory and write it as fact and build on it or take it and make a make believe world from it. Every once in a blue moon someone get any idea that will sell in a book form of a world they made up, and can make believable, like The Harry Potter Stories, or The Wizard of OZ, or even Jason Bourne. Then you have the Magical Kingdoms of course, some have been totally fabricated and made up and others are based on realities that have been taken and made into stories. Each time some one sits down and writes something, it is done for more than one reason, 1) A event or Person triggered it 2) A memory triggered it from their childhood or life 3) A dream triggered it and they wrote it down and expanded it to become a full story. 4) Writing about someone you love or cared about is a another 5) Authoring a memoir is another way to go. 6) Writing about a famous person is another thing to do, but you better research that person fully, and have your facts correct.

                  Whatever you decide to write about there are still some basics to know, 1) All characters must be fleshed out enough for a reader to get to know them and like them, especially your main ones. take a look at Mark Twain’s stories and you can see what I mean. Robert Ludlum did the same with Jason Bourne, even Doris Kearns Goodwin brought Lincoln back to life in her book on him. Each writer takes the main character and makes then real to you by staying within the characters bounds and style they should have or really had. It is not east to do folks, but some get lost and add aspects to a character they should, making them unbelievable to the reader. so they either fall in love with him or her, or find then intensely interesting and that grabs a reader and makes them a fan of them. The point being folks that, writing has it’s things that must get done also to make it work.                Don’t write about a real person unless you knew them personally or have research them so well you are positive about all you say. be sure it is what they did or said and be clear about how you know. Be careful, real people if still alive will sue you if you lie.

            Actually , I shouldn’t be advising others on writing, because I still haven’t found a magical connection to readers myself as an author. I hope to someday, but I do short stories not novels and they really don’t sell much, I believe the most I ever made from writing is seventy dollars. So who am I to give advice, just another want to be writer who dreams is all.

              Yet, I try to help others and pray I make it myself for all must have hope for something and a dream and this is mine. So, as I finish this blog and say goodbye for today, I leave you with a thought,



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