Make them read and learn

Writing can be taught to people, but language can too, but manners and ethics, beliefs, sometimes can not. Sadly, in this world too many were not taught all of the things I speak about here. The old ways of raising children has died and become the Cosby way these days. Talk to them, don’t hit them they say, use psychology they say, yet people don’t pay enough attention to their children, to accomplish the teaching of these things.

I am soon to turn 61 years old in a few days, I have been to stores and parks and many more places in the world in my travels around it, and only in america do parents allow their children to do what they please. When I grew up in the 1960s we had rules to live by as children, 1) no talking back to your parents, 2) Clean up after yourself period, if you didn’t,you didn’t get or do anything, period.. 3) Chores were assigned to you to teach you responsibility 4)You behaved when your parents took you out or you did not get to go anywhere anymore. 5) Parents were parents in all ways back then, today they are over grown children having children. School days were school days, and you went unless extremely sick or dead,. 6) You behaved in school or you paid a price, you didn’t want to pay in School and at home.7) Family was family and that was it, they came first period 8) Some parents even required you to go to church and Sunday School classes.

Today a child doesn’t read a book anymore, they look at their I-Pad, or tablet or lap-top and  that is their world, and of course that includes, a X-Box of some sort or a Play Station or Nintendo gaming system. Where they can play for hours and hours in front of a large Television flat screen. Just watch them and you will see what I am talking about, how many of them today do you see sitting reading a real book, with hard covers on them, none I bet. What happened to the values we were taught when I was a child and the manners we were taught too. Does anyone know or can anyone tell me? What happened to sleds, skates both roller and ice, what happened to parks?  What happened to Drive In Movies, swimming at the beach, or hiking up a trail? Do these kids today know what exercise is?

Watch them eat too, too many eat with their hands, or eat far too much then they should and end up obese. Their parents feed them sugar and junk foods to make them happy, then complain when they get hyper and don’t behave, yet still don’t correct them, sad isn’t it?  The old days with a swat on the ass or upside the head doesn’t exist anymore and we get more hoodlums, thieves and bums and bullies, we should stop it all by teaching our children right and paying attention. If you can’t raise a child properly and teach them, don’t have them! Use contraceptives, use birth control, or abstain from sex, once you make a child, commit to raising it properly in society. The rest of the world is watching, as we see grown men with their asses and underwear hanging out walking in stores and on the streets, we see bullies beating innocent children and women up and harming the uneducated or disabled. It’s sad America, wake the hell up!

I did not vote for Donald trump for President, and he won anyway, but at least if you look at his children he raised them right, by all I see. They are respectful, clean, neat, intelligent and can converse and interact with mankind. That much I will give him. Learn people learn, to take care of your children, teach them manners, ethics, morals and beliefs, that make them better human beings, it’s only right if you want your children to be better off in this world than you were, educate them, take away their toys for a while and make them read!


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