Motivation for Writers

Do you dream of being a Princess, a King, a scientist, a champion, a hero, or have depression problems and dream of bums, or thoughts of killing someone? Do you want to survive till 100 and know how to do it, can you help people lose weight or learn something, can you motivate people? Or is there history you love and disagree with or agree with? Whatever it is that interests you, you can write and achieve in your mind, you can achieve in a article or book you write.

Write of fantasies, write of  a world you invent, write of theories and events, write, write, write, that is what I say !  I think writing is good for those who do it, it’s good therapy and a good way to release, tension, emotions and stress, bleed it out into words. Just do it folks, do it well too, break out dictionaries, and Strunk and more to help, use, do research online to improve knowledge. Write for more need knowledge, more need to learn, more need to read and put down their electronic devices, stop staring at I-Pads, tablets, Phones and televisions, read folks, learn some.

Across the world, people are reading less, less know what a library is or how to use one, look around you, ask yourself and your friends, when was the last time you read a good book, or a magazine or newspaper in a library? I bet many have learned what  a library  is, but very few use them. Sad isn’t it?

Information in the world is now all online, and it is growing folks, but, there is nothing better than a quiet time, a good book, a fireplace and peace and quiet to read it in! I know the new generation, all think the internet is everything and can’t live without it, on their cell phones, lap tops and tablets, but the world needs books to document it’s history, to express it’s feelings and to relax with. Remember one thing folks, the history of  the world is in books, the difference in cultures and romance and nationalities and more is all there.






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