Depression Fight Back!

         The human mind is fragile folks, very fragile, not all are the same, the mind can go places the individual it controls may not want to. One of those places it goes is called depression, that places were everything scares someone, you can’t respond, you close yourself in from mankind and the world and a deep funk comes over you.

              So what is depression and why does it affect the human mind? Depression is caused by many things, chemical imbalances in the brain is one, the second is societal treatment of a person as they are growing up, the way ones family rejects the child, for one reason or another, how one sibling treats another, how a parent can mistreat a child also, so many factors can put a person over the edge and into a depressive state. Once in a depressive state you may need chemicals/ drugs to come out of it,and be yourself again.

          While most Doctors will tell you depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain, and basically they are right, there is the societal causes to depression you can fight.

               1) Home and family life is vital to staying out of depression. If your family does not accept you, or treats you like a black sheep, you may fight back so much that you finally give up, and into depression we go.

                 2) Self esteem and a loss of it from being put down, or cast aside or rejected, can fling you into depression also. Repetition in this case, will make you believe what others say about you after a while, get away from these people who do it.

                  3) Being used or abused as a child or adult can also trigger depression, if someone is abusing you get away, ask for help, find a Doctor or person who will accept you for you, that is the first  thing to do.

                   4) Interaction socially is vital to the human brain and heart and soul, don;t isolate yourself if you feel depressed, get out see friends, family you like or love and who accept you. Isolation can kill a human being, and damage the brain so bad.

                       5) Last Advice I can give on depression, we all get depressed a little at times, it’s when you get depressed and can’t get out of it or it overtakes your life, you need to reach out most. talk to someone you love, talk to a Doctor, get help, or assistance, don’t hide. Your a part of life, and a part of the World and human kind, be a part of it, and do the best you can, never, ever, give up!




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