Something I learned!

Last night I was checking my profile and name on the internet, to see if anyone had placed any reviews on their blogs, for any of my books or stories I wrote.

I came upon two things one was a person who wrote a whole page review of my story- Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets and they raved on it and recommended it to all.

The second thing I found surprised me, and then first angered me, then pleased me.Four people had taken my story; Hanging in Dealy Plaza, and bought it cheap on and were selling it on E-bay for ten times the price I was selling it on Amazon. I was totally angry at first then I realized these people liked my story so much they decided to resell it on E-Bay for a profit for themselves. So, after discussing it with my wife and my sister, I went back to Amazon and repriced my book, for a lower price to undercut the others. Now I shall wait and see what happens next, but I dod know by them selling it at a higher price, which I have no idea if it is selling for them, they are putting my name out there and my work on E-bay. Not bad for free advertising, by people who like my work!

So I learned a few things from all of this, One, check your profile and name online, and two, price your work, carefully. I have been doing ok so far, with it all, since December 19, 2016 till now, 81 people have downloaded my lil books for free during my giveaway and another 7 or 8 have bought them outright, not too shabby for an old coot, lol



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