A Walk Through a Writer’s Mind

A Walk through a Writers Mind

Take a walk with me, through a writers mind, see the things I see, hear the words I hear, smell the smells I do, taste the foods I do and get lost in my imagination. Let me take you to places I have been or you wish you could go, let me introduce you to people and characters you would never know.

A walk through a writers mind is like a walk through Disney Land and Sea World and so many amusement parks out there, It is also a walk through the dark side of the mind, at times where murders are created and put on paper but never acted out in reality. A walk back in time maybe, through history and events, or a walk back into your own life or one similar to yours, one where you can compare or just plain fear, what can happen next.

Writing many say, is like bleeding out a story from your soul and heart and mind onto a piece of paper. Each word, phrase or character must fit, the writers perceptions, yet also, fit the readers perceptions or it doesn’t work. What makes it work is a writer who can stick to the basics while expanding the story to such a wide audience, it sells and entices all. Not an easy mission folks, if you’re a writer, is it?

The Biggest surprise for any writer is when they find their story, characters, scenes or words have hit an audience and captured their attention and they are actually reading it. It’s thrill to sell your first book, to anyone, no matter how you sell it, but it’s a bigger thrill, when, what happened to me, happened.

I wrote a story and published it for sale, through Amazon.com/ E-Books and placed it up for sale at .99 cents a copy, hoping to make a few bucks to help my wife and I pay for her cancer treatments and to survive. What I found out was the price point was far too low and some people, 4 to be prices, bought my .99 cent book and started selling it on E-bay for almost ten dollars a shot!. First I was shocked and angry over it and thought they were stealing my book and my manuscript. Then a second thought occurred to me, they are selling my book at a higher price than I am, and putting my work and name out there too, so it is like advertising. I finally came to a conclusion, the latter was the best thing for me, so I went back into my Amazon Account and changed the prices on my books, to something I can make a profit off of without killing the customer or myself. The .99 cent price point or free giveaways will get you noticed but people take advantage of it all, like the four I mentioned here. All I wanted to do, was make a few bucks and sell a few books and get noticed, I had no idea, people out there would pay the .99 cents for my book and then reprice it 10 times higher than I did and sell it on E-bay. Sadly that is what happened! I shall survive it of course but the shock of it, was intense for a bit of a while. Interesting enough, right? So if you write and sell your books online in Amazon or any other site like it, make sure, you price them right, and keep an eye open, for what others may do.

Keep writing and journeying through the spaces and places of your mind, make them believe the world, take places and people from history and talk about them, write about them and give people a place in your books to lose themselves, to enjoy themselves and make it all intriguing, unique and sometimes even wild. When you walk through my mind, you will find all of the above, for I am a writer. I see things I remember then, incorporate them into my stories and books and use them in such a way, people want to know what is next. That is what it is all about folks, write, entice,, and write some more, then go back and read what you wrote, edit it, take out what doesn’t work, and replae it or just remove it for good. It is all up to that imagination you have and the life you live.

A Walk through my mind is different than a walk through Stephen Kings, or Robert Ludlums or anyone else’s mind. For the thoughts, colors and characters we write about came from somewhere in our lives and are changed by way of our perceptions of them. And no two people perceive things the same do there? Writing is bleeding your emotions and heart and soul onto a page by way of pencil and paper or a computer keyboard, matters not which you use, but it does matter if you do it. The world is full of people who can’t read or write, or don’t know how to voice their stories or tales, a writer’s job, is basically making those heard, whether they come from them or someone else.

So if you take a walk through a writers mind, remember the colors, the sights, the scenes, the conversations and actions all are colored by something in our lives. We convey it all to you by words, and that is a writer’s job too. We correct language, spelling, punctuation and more as we go along,  we are walking word dictionaries! Our thoughts will get jumbled at times like yours folks, but when they do, we have a method to sort it all out, we write it down and reread it and edit it. Writing is not as easy as you may think, try it and see and you will learn, communication through writing can be much more harder than communication through speech. Yet it can be so much more rewarding, when people buy your works or read them and give you good comments or reviews, it’s amazing. Believe me !!!

William M. McCurrach




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