Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets

My Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets, can be found on Here is the Preamble to it folks:

The House at the Corner of Danger and Trouble Streets



In 1969, there was a home on the corner of Danger and Trouble Streets, a mansion, built of solid brick all red with green awnings over its doorways and windows. A rich family lived there by the name of  Hermane, with both parents, and three sons. Paul and Patty Hermane met in high school in their teens and grew up and got married at 18 years old, and Paul became a broker who hit the market at the right time, he made millions within 3 years. The children came two years apart, all three in 6 years of course and all boys. By 27 years old the Hermanes were a piece of the town so ingrained that their neighbors knew all five of them on a first name basis and all people would say is they were generous and friendly and kind they shared their wealth by helping others and made donations to everything they could to help their town. They were loved by all, and no one would say a bad word about them.

                                        Part 1


On July 4th, 1969 the Hermanes home went quiet, deadly quiet, and no one saw the Hermanes anymore. The Police waited a while, a period of thirty days before they went looking for the Hermanes, as they searched their home and property, not one clue was found to locate them or as to where they did go, they just suddenly disappeared, vanished. None of the parents’ families had any idea where they were or heard from them, nor did any friends of the family. It seems, a mystery, became of what happened to the Hermanes.

I hope some will buy and read it, it’s actually a short story based on a real life one!

Thank You,

William McCurrach




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