Entertainment Stars

       Entertainment comes in many forms, from music, to acting, to even authors or radio hosts. All become big stars for different talents and get famous and make big bucks. But there is a problem with all of them, they only run in small circles and rarely do they venture out to meet, people not associated with their craft. Sad isn’t it, if you don’t believe me take a look online and see if you can e-mail a star or chat with one, or approach one in anyway to give them an idea, a song, a book or just to say hello and be friendly. Not going to happen folks, doesn’t matter what you write online, or how you try not a one will see it or respond to you.

              Yet go to any online Social program or service and the big stars are there,but it is only a way way thing. They blog, they write stories and talk to the public in one way conversations. We hear how much fun they had, or what they did for special things to do, or when they fall in love, or create something. are they all self-centered and stuck up, or afraid to talk to everyday people out here? Good question right? Maybe it’s they fear for their safety, so they hide and don’t allow many to say hello. The sad thing is, isn’t it scary to be so famous, people scare you? I know it would be for me, but all that fame, doesn’t buy them happiness, nor does all the money they make, yet you will never see one listen to an ordinary fan, or person online or off the street will you? How that old song go, Parionia will destroy ya. This is why so many famous people die early, they hesitate to meet now people and enjoy themselves like normal human beings, they kill a part of themselves, so they can have the fame and money, and ultimately, end up isolated, surrounded by money grubbing agents and such, in the end, committing suicide or dying from overdoses. It is a sad cycle for actors,/singers, song writers,even authors, check history on it, you shall see.

            So many climb the mountains and reach the peaks in the entertainment fields, only to burn out, or fall off, because of depression and being alone, no one to talk to is a problem for all of them. They all need a window or place to touch the real world and real everyday people, or they won’t survive. They don’t get the common touches needed, no advice from friends, no caring, no loving, they end up lost and desperate to feel needed.Can they overcome it, sure, but only if they make an effort to find someone who will forget their celebrity and treat them as regular people. They need someone to tell them just because they can sing, or act, or write, they are still normal people,and not let them get all tangled up in themselves, so they hurt themselves. and to pin prick their inflated heads, so they don’t get too big for normal humanity to talk to.



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